Mariana Lopez de Waard | Three actions to gain time, productivity and motivation
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Three actions to gain time, productivity and motivation

To start, I want to say something very important: success does not always depend on a high level of productivity, and still, being productive is not always the same as being busy all day.

When I say that success does not always depend on a high degree of productivity, I mean that there are many more successes in life, both professionally and personally, that will not depend on you doing 50 or 100 things, in a certain time. Success is sometimes just taking a step forward, changing the way you do things, saving yourself a little time or freedom.

The thought that a successful person was a person who had no time for his personal and family life has been left behind. That he had to sacrifice important parts of his life for it.

But at the moment when you are building something new and important, such as your business, it is true that you need a meticulous balance between production and time. The more you progress in the shortest time possible, the closer you will be to that kind of success that allows you to live freely, with time for yourself and yours.

In the search for that balance you can make mistakes and develop habits that can make anyone lose control.

Today I want to talk to you about three concrete actions that make a big difference at that moment in which you are building, because they will allow you to focus, have a high level of productivity without wearing out.

Have a plan.

Lack of planning is excessively dangerous. Even if you think everything is very clear in your mind and you know where you are going, you are making everything much more difficult than it should be. You don’t need anything complicated, just mark the long, medium and short-term goals, and carry a simple list of daily tasks.

Work well and rest better.

The excitement of a personal project will make you want to work long hours each day and end late. I even recognize that the emotion of seeing great progress can push you to want to take advantage of every minute of the day and even at night to take a step further. What happens is that this emotion will not be able to prevent your body from starting to need its rest, and it will leave you very soon when you are tired and something does not go well. Fatigue, in addition, in a short time will make you more clumsy and it will cost you more time to do less. It is much better to work with your head, reserve hours of the day for yourself or to be with family and sleep the necessary hours. This, believe me, will ultimately be a powerful source of motivation.

Make good use of meetings.

All your meetings must have a goal and, when saying goodbye, you have to be clear that the goal has been met. If the objective is to get to know the other person more, to publicize your business, to establish a work plan for the following week, to clarify doubts … Whatever the reason for your meeting, try to ensure that it is met. Don’t let hours of talking about other things get away and there is no progress. Sharing time with others is always beneficial, but we all have a tendency to get carried away by distractions and lose track.

These are three very simple tips, but keep in mind that the vast majority of people think that being busy all day will pay off; that if you do a lot of meetings and very long, a lot of progress is being made …

With just those three actions you create a huge difference between hard work that doesn’t pay and smart work that pays off. But above all, it gives a good life.

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