Mariana Lopez de Waard | Starting strong: an extra help for a new member
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Starting strong: an extra help for a new member

Speaking from the point of view of an experienced leader, I know there is an astronomical difference between letting new members of your team be very clear from the start, or not.

It is the responsibility of a leader to give information, advice, teach the system and train. But besides that, being a friendly and expert hand can be extended widely, more often and better as soon as possible. It is not a matter of treating anyone as a helpless child, but we have all come to this business once as absolute newbies and understand what to do.

That is, in equal parts, the grace and inconvenience of network marketing; It is a career that you must learn from scratch while exercising it.

And here is how we can all become more than leaders, more than uplines, that is when we become mentors.

Welcoming someone new to this industry, with enthusiasm, although with bewilderment, and being sure that you understand what their priorities, their dreams, their goals, their ambitions are … and give them the time it takes for that person to put themselves in the right way to accomplish all of this. As a leader, that can never be a hassle, it should be seen as the greatest opportunity you have in your life to leave a mark and a legacy. It doesn’t matter what your ambition is, what your goals are. The important thing is that you will make that person happy doing what they want, helping their family, discovering a new world full of so many possibilities.

While we all do our best to see these new associates shine their own light, there is always an «extra mile» we can go to make sure we do.

My advice, to give even more support to new members and to get them off to a stronger start is as follows:

When that new and inexperienced associate makes their contact list, have a meeting to go over it together and talk about who would be most likely to join the team and why. Although you will still need practice when it comes to contacting and prospecting, this session will be very useful for you to begin to see the true essence of the business: understanding people and knowing who can really benefit from the opportunity.
You really understand your goals. Don’t settle for a vague answer because you risk that even that person doesn’t really know. From the beginning, speak very clearly about what you want to achieve and if necessary help him see the necessary steps to achieve it. Teach him to plan his goals.
Don’t underestimate any goal. Don’t make the mistake of making someone understand that their dreams are little to you or they will lose whatever motivation they have. You do not have to pretend interest, what you have to do is open your mind, understand that each of us has different dreams and each and every one of them are valid and worthy of respect. Understanding that, you will know that there may be colleagues who need your help for a little more time, but everyone will need it.
Encourage them to “jump in” as soon as possible. In addition to hosting your own private group meetings and presentations, invite them to an event of yours and make them known, face fear and overcome it.

The important thing is to know where the top is for your team and help each one to be clear from the beginning how the path should be to reach their particular top.

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