Women of Success: Your success is my success.

Women of Success: Your success is my success.

Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day and especially on the issue of women in the workplace, I want to dedicate an entry to ALL women. And I would like to say the following: All of you, whatever your job, profession or passion in life, deserve success and to be recognized.
And I say this because even nowadays, it doesn’t happen as much as we would like it to. Sometimes, even among us women, we tend to ignore the achievements of a colleague nor celebrate them with the same joy as if they were our achievements. Which they actually are.

We have great invisible enemies among business women, which are the following:

– High competitiveness between peers.
– The fact that women in the business world is a relatively recent phenomenon and it’s seen as an exception.
– Insecurity and the impostor syndrome.
– Believing that you have already achieved everything possible and ignoring the small progress that you’re still making or will be making.

Perhaps, it’s not a complete analysis, but I think I covered the most important points.
High competitiveness between peers and the fact that women are still recent in the business world are closely related.

We have to begin to understand that “a woman is a wolf to another woman” is just a myth, and that, by our nature, we are not more competitive than men. All humans are competitive, but we must learn to stop being it. It is something that is becoming more and more clear in my profession. But in working environment, where there are few women, it’s normal to experience that feeling, when your woman colleague gets a higher position, achieves the success that you were looking for and that she is so unique or one of the very few ones among men, occupying the position that you wanted. It’s a negative feeling, and it doesn’t help anything.

We could work because our achievements count, that our colleagues’ achievements count. More and more women see the business world as an opportunity for self development. We need to start doing it now. We cannot change the fact that it’s only been a few decades of the notion of a successful business woman, but we can keep working on it and create a better future.

Not long ago, I read an article about a study that showed that from school age, girls learned to underestimate their talents while boys overestimated theirs. I remembered that some time ago, I wrote about a similar phenomenon among adults. At a work meeting, you sometimes find women who seem to be afraid to talk. And then there are those who, despite doing everything well, think that it’s just a matter of luck, and that one day, their colleagues will realize that you occupy a position that should belong to a person more capable, more talented than you. To someone truly worthy. This insecurity affects many successful women (and also men, but to a much lesser extent). It’s called the impostor syndrome. You feel like all your life, your achievements and your work don’t belong to you.

These things in the business world, where we are still trying to gain ground, are devastating. All this is the result of the same thing: we women are still not enough here to realize that it’s something natural, we are still “earning” the right to be here. We still have to talk about “women in business”. I would really love to stop writing about it, because it shouldn’t be something remarkable any more.

You may think that it’s ALREADY not like that. But when you see the numbers, you realize that something doesn’t fit. More and more girls are taking up studies normally thought for men, looking for business-oriented careers. More and more of them graduate with high marks. But then they don’t reach high positions, even though they are supposed to be in equal conditions and to have the same skills as their fellow men.

I am happy to say that network marketing is one of business industries where there are hardly any distinctions or inequality, at least when it comes to personal goals. Here you can earn the same or more than your partner because of your skills and work, not because of your gender. And yet there is a long way to go.
The solution:

Recognize the achievements of women around you, become a coach for other women. Don’t compete with them, join them, make up a team, sincerely congratulate your colleagues when they reach a higher position. It is a big step for all of us, in the present and in the future. It’s your success, too.


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