A Blue Diamond, a hot hard fight to achieve it

A Blue Diamond, a hot hard fight to achieve it

When I got to become a Diamond it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t express it with words. I had worked so hard to get it and I finally was there. And not only that, I had managed to become the first woman in the company to reach that rank. A double honor.

Many things have happened since then and I’ve congratulated many colleagues who reached that rank. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies …. but I still was the Diamond, every success of a member of my team was my pride. At some point I decided to take some time for myself, lowering the pace of events and doing some personal training of my body and mind. Because my goal was very clear ahead, but a part of me didn’t allow me to move forward as effective as I needed.

When you discover things like that the best is to take necessary measures as soon as possible, and fortunately, I did so.

After my period of thinking, education, training … I reappeared in August, feeling like a new version of myself, an improved one, more prepared, more focused. And you know what? It wasn’t just a feeling. I had actually managed to reach a new level of myself, a new version of myself. And now, after what happened in August and September, I realize that it was the right decision.

All the work, both on the Web and in myself, has paid off and I know it will give more in the future because I know that almost nothing can turn me away from what I really care about.


I am very happy to announce that I am finally a Blue Diamond. And if reaching a Diamond was amazing… it’s very hard to describe what I’m feeling right now. I have been focused on this goal for a long time and it’s simply amazing.

It is important to focus on a rank, to have the next one as a goal and to have plan to reach it. It’s very important! Because, if you see it clearly in your mind, you can get it.

I am very happy and very proud. And now, to the next goal! Black Diamond!


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