The energy of duplication.

The energy of duplication.

If you are already part of this fantastic industry of Network Marketing, you are already familiar with the notion of duplication. But if you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand it well enough, let me explain it here.

Duplication is the act of teaching new distributors about the network marketing mechanisms and tools and showing them how to work. And when those distributors get trained enough, they will also be able to transmit this knowledge to newcomers. You duplicate the technique, the system, but in the end, each person will put it into practice with their own special touch. Because, although we all learn the same things, we can do it in different ways so as to stand out and to take the liberty of being who we really want to be in this business, which makes it possible.

The art and power of duplication lie in your sincere desire to create new careers, to empower people, to help them discover and increase their talents. You should really care about them feeling as happy and comfortable as possible when they first come into the industry. Starting in network marketing may be hard and frustrating at an early stage, so it’s very important that we, the leaders, the mentors, the sponsors, don’t make it even harder with unproductive training or lack of interest.

What we need is the power of good duplication loaded with a lot of positive energy.

If you are a mentor, what can you do for effective and positive duplication?
You begin by planning a meeting at which to teach the basics. Either in person or per Skype, if you and your students cannot go to the same place. It’s necessary to dedicate time to people, so that from the first day, they get a general idea about the work they are going to do and the product they are going to deal with.

Don’t wait too long to organize the first training, either individually or in groups. Once you start taking action, don’t hesitate. During your first training sessions, you can set some tasks, or challenges, if you prefer to call them that way (it’s more stimulating than “homework”), so that your students begin to put into practice what you have taught. Practice is the only way to master any technique.

Duplication doesn’t end after just having explained to new people what they should do and how to do it. You should carry out continual follow-up, encourage them to go to your events or to organize their own, which you should attend. Keep providing training sessions even when your distributors have already set up their businesses.


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