The digital age is something very human.

The digital age is something very human.

We live in an increasingly digitized world, but that doesn’t mean it’s colder or less human. And, in fact, it’s necessary to recognize the value of the human factor in technological progress.

Technology is a tool created by people to make work easier, to learn and communicate more easily. Companies employ technology, not to replace staff, but to make their work more productive and with less difficulty; at the same time new staff is required to create, improve, manage and supervise that new technology.

And with the digital age, new forms of business arise, new forms of entertainment, communication, payments… New ways of living, in general. From the very beginning, human beings have been living in a constant change, evolution of culture, language and tools, so the change we have in front of us is nothing but a natural part of human life. We are creators of technology since our inception, and through it, we move to the next level.

But sometimes we forget it: we see everything known and familiar, everything we live with every day as natural, and then new things impress us maybe too much. But if we were not able to adapt to those changes, we would still be writing on stone. The greatest effort to adapt is made by organizations, institutions and businesses, whereas individuals simply embrace those changes when they see how they improve their lives and make them easier.

How businesses get prepared for the evolution of the digital age?

1. Adapting.
They change the way the company works. To be digital, you must develop and foster new skills. Create and encourage new ways of working, grow and improve in tune with the new era.
2. Observation and information.
Collect and study data to change or improve decision making.
3. Accept that disruption is the new standard.
Understand the new needs of society and markets and how emerging technology can supply or help with those needs. They realize the need for change and inspire people to accept that change. Disruption is caused by the needs of people in search of new solutions.
4. Accept that breaking new ground implies some risks.
Moving the business world to a digital environment means exploring new ground and therefore taking unknown risks. But be willing to face those risks and improve through experience.


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