Thank you, Madrid of the dreamers!

Thank you, Madrid of the dreamers!

Sunday, November 26:

A few days before the main Spanish cities would begin to illuminate their streets with magical Christmas lights, Madrid was brightened up with its own very special gloss: that of the dreams of the people who are determined to make them a reality.

Yesterday, at the Hotel NH Madrid, Principe de Vergara, we met with leaders from Spain and Latin America (Jose Gordo, Quini Amores, Rocio Magan and Wilmar Cardona from Colombia were present), as well as with a good number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and people eager for knowledge and freedom.


As we talked yesterday, Spain had never been a good scenario for the network marketing business: we have been brought up without entrepreneurial spirit; we culturally tend to stick to the known, safe and easy. But now, more and more people are breaking that model and dare to dream beyond.

Nowadays, more and more people are putting Spain on the global network marketing map, leaving that limited mental box that we all have been taught to appreciate. Going beyond these limitations, changing mindsets and embracing a new way of working and living.

With their actions and results, all these dreamers are changing not only their lives, but the reality itself, the mentality of a country that is still learning to dream bigger.

And that’s why I have to thank them. Thank you for being the spearhead in this business in Spain. Thank you for spreading the importance of financial education, for promoting the revolutionary idea that if you really want something, you should go for it.

And also thanks for the gift I received: a beautiful “dream box”. A precious symbol of what has been achieved and what is still to be done.

But even a greater gift is to know that I inspire people to do something like this. It is a unique and very strong feeling of being in the right place and doing the right thing: working with dreamers like you.

We will see each other again, Madrid, as well as other cities of my beloved land that are snapping out of the lethargy in order to dream with their eyes and minds open and their sights set on a brighter future.


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