Thank you London!

Thank you London!

Previously I wrote about the importance of speaking other languages when you’re working on a job like this, network marketing. This is one of the most evident examples I can show you. But I’m not going to focus on that because there’s more important things to say about it besides the languages issue.

Well, yes, speaking English gave me this opportunity of being among other international partners, doing a presentation in United Kingdom, in London.

But the thing is that the event attracted attention of a great multitude of participants interested on OneLife, a full and receptive audience that made my job a lot easier and comfortable. Even if my job that day was, maybe, a little boring. Well… is not really boring at all! But compared with other parts more attractive such as the OneLife products, explaining the new ethics & compliance and the new branding are too technical and handbook stuff not everybody is equally excited about.

However, I was gifted with a very enviable audience! Entrepreneurs and future leaders without any doubt, with a great grade of love and attention for details.

Is a real privilege to do your job in friendly and welcoming circumstances like that.
The rest of the event and the labour made by my partners deserves a special mention too, because I share profession with authentic professional, leaders capable of inspiring day to day in a way I hope I’m inspiring too, as the first Diamond woman of OneLife to many people and specially women, to make a decision to hold their destiny in their hands and transform it into the shape they want.

It has been a remarkable event in London and I know many more magic moments are to be lived.

Here are some pics of that lovely day:


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