Successful women: Rhonda Byrne.

Successful women: Rhonda Byrne.

Among all stories of success and inspiration that we could tell about women who have made a difference in history, that have changed industries and lives and whose names have resounded in history (or not), she is, for me, one of the most important. This is because Rhonda Byrnes is one of my personal inspirations who, indirectly, has given me part of who I am at the present by revealing a great secret.

That is, Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, a woman who has given wings to millions by understanding how they could achieve their dreams only by changing the way they thought about their lives and goals.

Before finding out about the secret herself, she worked as a TV producer and took part in the production of several Australian TV shows and documentaries.

But in 2004 a series of personal circumstances took her to a bad financial and mental situation. It was then when through a book that her daughter had lent her she started to discover a reality she had never seen before. The book was called The Science of Becoming Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, and it talked about a ‘certain way of thinking’. Rhonda found inspiration in that book, not only to change her own mindset, but also to look for more examples of this secret and she found that, under many different names, many other people from many different moments in history and cultural backgrounds had experienced what happens if one changes one’s mindset.

That’s how The Secret started, which brought us The Law of Attraction and that’s how Rhonda Byrne devoted the rest of her career right up to the present day, to explore this secret hidden in plain view throughout history, and grant us access to a fuller and happier way of thinking and living.

Success came to her when she shared The Secret with the world, in her quest for making it less secret and more accessible for everybody.


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