Success and peace of mind.

Success and peace of mind.

Seeking success and working toward it can usually be seen as a stressful process. It can be so, without a doubt, if we do it in a way in which we focus only on some results forgetting everything else.

As I have said on numerous occasions, happiness is not the goal but the way. That is why achieving success while maintaining a good peace of mind is not only possible, but also can be the best way to reach it for real.

That peace of mind that we need to have so as to achieve our goals in a much healthier and also a much more permanent way can be obtained through meditation, working on a positive mindset, but it’s also a process in which we have to take certain weight away from our minds. Think of that weight as rocks stored in your backpack or a bag that you’re carrying uphill, together with other things we really need, such as knowledge, techniques, planning… But those rocks slow us down, it’s tiring, they make us waste more time when looking for what we really need in that bag.

We must get rid of those rocks and lighten our weight. This is how we find that peace of mind.

Rock number 1: Fear.

There have been times when fear might have been useful, but it’s only getting in the way. It holds you back, paralyzes you and makes you take decisions that, in the long run, you realize were the worst and the least thoughtful. The thing about fear is that no matter how many times you throw that rock away, it can always reappear. But you must learn to recognize it and get rid of it on time.

Rock number 2: Anger.

This feeling appears with frustration. And the frustration easily appears with all those contacts who are dragging their feet, who didn’t return your calls, with the hours you have wasted this week or this month without getting enough results. And very soon, anger makes you want to give up or simply makes it difficult to keep working, because it comes up in the conversations you have and scares people away. You should avoid it. Remember that not everything has to go well all the time, but the more negativity you collect, the more it affects your business.

Rock number 3: Comparisons.

This is a very heavy one. You want to be like that networker, or you want to have better business cards than others, or you think your presentations are not as good as someone else’s. This just tosses you off. It prevents you from really seeing how good you are, your own merits and what is special about the way you do things.

Rock number 4: Judgment.

Judgements or prejudices. That pushes us to assume things about others instead of listening to them and putting ourselves in their place. To be successful in this industry, you have to be open minded, not only for new business models, but also for people, for their situations, their lives, their needs. You must forget everything that you think you know about the people in your mind and open yourself to getting to know them before you believe that you know anything about them. This will not only help you in your business, but also in personal relationships and in having a peace of mind clear of that noise generated by your assumptions.

Rock number 5: Competition.

You don’t have to compete against anyone or against anything, maybe only against your own limitations. It’s team work, and competitions and egos do more harm than good in this environment.

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy each day, meditate and keep a diary of appreciation in which you reflect all the good things you have gained or experienced throughout the day. Your path to success will be lighter, happier and more peaceful.


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