If you’re not going to help me fly, clear the track

If you’re not going to help me fly, clear the track

It can be a relative, it can be a friend, it can be a partner or a neighbor who you always meet in the lift and who looks very nice but always has a very strong opinion about something that shouldn’t concern them. It’s always someone with good intentions, in principle, perhaps without any malice, but , even not on purpose, they always produce a shadow of doubt. A sentence with a slightly odd tone, a kind of a judging look when they listen to you talk about your plans. I’m sure you have experienced that.

You’ve got an idea, a goal, determination and your heart beats faster any time you think about it, you feel more alive than ever, driven by this purpose. And then that well-meaning friend comes with their “Are you sure? I wouldn’t do it”

Well … and who asked them?

Sometimes, the mistake of good people is in failing to recognize that we all can make mistakes, and an opinion, despite of our right to have one, is pretty useless except for destroying dreams. And also an opinion may be erroneous.

Really, think about it. Think about it thoroughly. An opinion is just that – an opinion. It can be used for fun in a discussion with some friends, mark what you like or what you don’t, what you feel comfortable with or what you don’t. But in important issues, an opinion without any base is no more than a shadow.

When someone decides to undertake something it’s normal that this side of someone very close flourishes, because human beings sometimes tend to comment on the life plans of those whom they know, especially if those plans are out of the norm. We maintain connections that are pleasant for us because we voluntarily or involuntarily want that those close to us who have had the audacity to sort out a problem, which we don’t want to have either, to be there for us.

Is it stable? Is it risky? Are you ready for that responsibility? Aren’t you going to bite off more than you can chew?

I find it much worse to chain you to a life where nothing exceptional awaits you, nothing exciting, nothing big … and even worse that only because of the fact that you see no way out now you make other people be afraid to try new things and look for different ways and bigger life plans.

However, well … we could say that those people don’t do it with malice. They are afraid. They are afraid for you, too. So  they must learn that a life of one is for one to live, and that protecting you from a failure will not do you any good, it will only turn you into a person with less experience and less preparation … It’s okay that they have their own decisions and opinions, that they decide to live their lives as they will, although not the one I would choose for me. But what is not ok is to get in the way of another person with dreams and plans and to say “uhm … I do not know, what if it goes wrong?”

If it doesn’t work, I will still have done more than that person who raised an eyebrow while listening to me talk about my plans, and I will be prepared to continue doing and living much more than that person. I will always be grateful to those willing to support me, whether or not they share my ideas. And those who judge me for what I do and try to get me into their fears zones… Well can only tell you this: “If you’re not going to help me fly, clear the track.”


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