Set a goal!

Set a goal!

All the great results you can get in life, all your big and small achievements start with something small but powerful: a decision. And before that decision, there is something that changes everything: a goal.

Setting a goal is when you realize that there is something you want, crave, or something you know you lack in your life. Whatever it is: a small goal, a big goal. But in order to take right decisions that will lead you to that goal, you have to know something very important about goals: if you don’t define them well, you will never reach them.
That’s right, you may have a vague idea of what you want, but it won’t be more than a far-off dream until you decide to put it in writing and realize that getting there is possible. People who fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals are mostly those who write down and plan their goals, shape them and mark them as a challenge.

Have you set a goal?

If you haven’t managed to define your goal yet, try this method of mine, in which, step by step, you will plan your
goals and achieve what you want in life.
Step one. What exactly do you want?

Analyse well what you really want to achieve, what your goals would be right now. Think about what matters most to you, what cheers you up, what makes your heart go faster. Or simply, what you want your life to be in two, three or five years?

Step two. Check where you are now.
Take a detailed account of the things that have made you happy and those that haven’t over the last couple of years. Once you have at least three or four important things in each column, think how to have more of what makes you happy and how to remove or deal better with what makes you unhappy. Maybe, your biggest goals hide behind those thoughts.

Step three. Several small goals.
Having passed through the previous step, you may have already defined several things you want to change in your life. Out of these goals, choose the smallest ones for each area of your life, for example: work, family, health, etc. That will be the beginning of a complete turn in your life.

Step four. Write everything down.
Write down your goal, write how you want to achieve it and the steps you have decided to take. And most importantly, keep track of what you have done every day and what you still can do to move towards your goal. Remember that every goal can be divided into as many steps as it takes to reach it, so specify them carefully in your plan, make a list and then cross them out or tick them done every time you get a result.

Step five. Celebrate your success.
Every step towards your goals is an achievement. Each time you get a little closer to your objective. Celebrate every achievement, and it will be easier for you to start with the next one.

Step six. The biggest goals.
You surely have more great dreams in your mind. Keep setting goals and challenging yourself and follow the steps above. Continue with dedication and consistency, keep marking, planning, crossing out, celebrating… And you will live an epic life.


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