Money that grows with the Community.

OneCoin isn’t just regular currency. It’s cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a digital money that doesn’t care about frontiers and is getting more and more popular due to its transparency and the savings in money transfers, as well as its ability to grow thanks to its users.


Financial Education

OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency created in Europe and, being a new concept, also one of the very few in the industry. Due to this, the growth potential is unbelievable and so is the curiosity of the people we educate daily.
We are almost 2.000.000 people trusting OneCoin for our transactions.

And this is only the beginning! Having opened in Latin America and Spain only a couple of months ago, there is a lot of unexplored ground that makes the possibilities endless.

Built with Blockchain technology, which mission is to perform transfers of transparent funds without the intervention of third parties, OneCoin is a step ahead and, unlike the well-known BitCoin, shows the face of its creator. Dra. Ruja Ignatova, experience economist who has devoted her life to fintech.
People in charge of spreading OneCoin benefit from a compensation plan which is incredibly generous and that has been able to position all people who take part in it as the highest income earners; making new millionaires each month.

If you’re interested in this project, get in touch with us or join any of the multiple events that we celebrate each day in every part of the world.