Alpha women.

Alpha women.

If you got to read my article about wolves and the leadership of the alphas, you know that being an alpha is not a privileged position of power, but a responsibility. And in humans, it should also be a position not only of responsibility, but of inspiration as well.

In the animal kingdom in general, the term “alpha” usually refers to the individual that stands out from the group, either by their strength, cleverness or survival skills. Those individuals usually lead the rest of the group in their search for shelter, water or food.

In humans, this concept changes.

When we speak of an alpha, we have usually refer to a man who is able to overwhelm others. I don’t like that concept very much. Mainly because I think an “alpha” should be someone who inspires, not intimidates. And fortunately, that concept of the alpha is changing, becoming more and more inspiring and worthy of admiration rather than daunting. The “alpha male” finally moves from being an aggressive figure to becoming a self-confident, skillful and responsible leader.

And I’m telling you all this because I want to talk about another concept which is less popular, but it exists.

The alpha woman.

An alpha woman or alpha female is noticeable for her initiative. She is the one who is willing to take a step forward to “test the ground” before her companions follow her steps.

An alpha woman doesn’t just have a plan, she has a goal that she will not give up.

If necessary, an alpha woman competes with others to achieve a desired goal, but she won’t do it just to maintain “a status.” That is, there is no such thing as a competition between alphas.

The alpha woman doesn’t need praise or approval, nor does she seek them. But she won’t reject those who seek support and inspiration in her.

If she has something important to say, she will say it straight away without being interrupted or cut off.

Alpha women are highly energetic, motivated and determined people who know what they want and that they deserve it. They know that it’s time to emerge from the shadow and stop apologizing for having goals of their own.

As you can see, we are not really different from an alpha woman, a woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, self-confident, with a great dream to fulfil and to fight for.

So how many alphas women are out there?

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