Lots of news from Delicias.

Lots of news from Delicias.

Thursday was a very fussy and exciting day for the Mexico team and for me personally.

On the one hand, we had a training session, in which the important points were the OneAcademy packages and applications and, of course, the latest catalogue unit, the MAB. It’s extremely important for us to understand all the characteristics and features of this tool, because it’s something that represents a landmark in the technological and virtual world, today and tomorrow. And it will help us grow and develop the OneLife community.

On the other hand, we celebrated the opening of a partners’ office in Delicias, Chichuaha. We have our own little IMAs corner in this city now, a place where to deal with users and to meet with members… In short, it’s our own space in Mexico, open to the public, and another home for us.


And you know what else?

Well, we were on the radio! Up to four interviews for various news programmes on the topic of the inauguration, in which we could share our vision, our plans, answer questions…

It was just frantic: one thing after another, working relentlessly. But all these things were wonderful and exciting. And radio has been a new happy experience for me.

And all this when the tour is just beginning! There remains much to be done and much to tell.

See you at the next event!


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