Much to Celebrate.

Much to Celebrate.

I have just had an exceptional experience: a very intense 6 day training session with Tony Robbins. As the next step, I will be going to the city that is the heart of all that we have set in motion: Sofia, Bulgaria. Our work continues and expands. It’s a powerful dream summoned up by many people, even without them having been aware of it until it came true.

A symbolic part of what I have just mentioned is the fact that these days we are opening a beautiful and brand new office in Sofia. The place is called “Cryptocentre”, it will be a special centre dedicated to information about the OneCoin currency and will also represent every member of the One family.

This new office is another step in our development, and it’s a very important part of our future together with the news that the year 2017 holds. And we are bound to witness many events like this in other parts of the world very soon.

But the purpose of my trip was not only visiting the new facilities. I had a very special appointment with many of my colleagues so as to celebrate many things: the opening of this office, the merchant network project, the achievements of all these previous months and, most importantly, the end of this wonderful year that we are going to say goodbye to with a lot of affection, but looking towards the future and welcoming a new year loaded with more opportunities, more new things, more achievements, more joy.

We had a meeting with a lot of leaders, it was more like a big family celebrating holidays that many people consider magical. It was the best moment to drink a toast to how lucky we are to be in this project right now. And for the magic that we have lived in this last year.

I raise my glass and offer a toast to what’s coming.


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