The pillars of financial freedom.

The pillars of financial freedom.

Do you know what financial freedom is? It’s when you don’t ever worry about money. We live in a world where we inevitably need money to cover all our needs, to have a warm house in winter, clean water and food on the table. We need health care and to be able to pay for treatments and medicines. Children’s clothing that fits and is suitable for their age. And education.

Maybe, money doesn’t bring us happiness. But the lack of it causes us many problems: the stress of not knowing how to pay for your child’s orthodontic treatment, or if your car breaks down, so you will have to find money to fix it… Those things don’t get along with happiness.

Financial freedom is to create a life situation in which these things don’t matter any more, and you can do whatever you want, without your life being an endless race to pay the bills.
In order to reach this point, there is a formula developed by Robert Kiyosaki, a very intelligent gentleman, who you may have heard of. The elements of the formula are the pillars that support your financial freedom. Here are the main and most obvious of these pillars.

1 – Financial education.
It’s a kind of education that you don’t get in schools. It will help you understand the world economic system that affects your mortgage, your credits, your savings account. You really need this information, because what you have been doing with money is what prevents you from being free to live.

2 – Personal development.
In addition to learning to manage your money, to be financially free, you have to find other sources of income. This will inevitably make you think about creating a part-time business in addition to your regular job or even start to undertake full-time. But to do this, you have to consider your fears and defeat them. You will also have to learn to deal with new things and work in areas you are not familiar with.

3 – Lead.
Kiyosaki says that in a successful business, people count more than the product. This means that, if you want to reach the top, you need a good organization, leadership skills, an extensive network of contacts and a united team, rather than just a product or a service. You need to develop your personality and your leadership skills, because you are the one who will make your brand succeed.

4 – A team, brotherhood and common dreams.
Business is a team affair. People are important, they must be united by common dreams, values and similar way of thinking. This is an unstoppable force: people you meet, work with, those who are part of your personal and professional life.

5 – Realize that you don’t create wealth, but freedom.
Don’t think about numbers and results as if your goal was just to create a fortune. What you create is a project that will allow you, in the long run, to have a life in which you have time for yourself and your family, in which you like your job, and money is not your main concern or the main reason to get up in the morning. The real wealth is knowing that you will be able to deal easily with any problem or difficulty.

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