The next generation of entrepreneurs.

The next generation of entrepreneurs.

Each person is a unity of several facets, and these facets may have different and isolated interests.

For example, as an entrepreneur and leader in Network Marketing, my main goals are to reach the next goal, to encourage my team to always release their full potential and to train more confident leaders who would have a winner personality. As a woman, I have special interest in making more and more natural and common in companies an even number of men and women working there. And as a mother, there is always a constant concern about the world we are creating for our children.

There is a general idea that unites all my facets: to prepare our children for the world of business of tomorrow.

We can educate our children so that they know that, being boys or girls, they can aspire to the same things. And though their decisions on what they want to do in the future is entirely theirs, we can give them a basis for business that we (women, especially) have had to learn on our own.

Maybe we could start to promote the entrepreneurial, adventurous spirit, leadership, confidence … in the same way in boys and girls, on a par. They will know that there are no limits, there is nothing that both cannot do, there is nothing that both cannot choose.

Let’s be an example.

We are the main inspiration for our children. What they see in us is what they will consider normal. Even as adults always having the final decision on what we do with our lives, it is undeniable that the education we have received is an important part of decisions we make. So, whether you’re a father or a mother, you are a role model. Try to be the best you can.

It’s not bad not to fit. Creativity comes from differences.

Preparing your children for a successful future doesn’t mean not letting them be who they are and suppressing their creativity and personality. In fact, while encouraging girls to have the same interest in business and entrepreneurship as their brothers, for example, a very smart move is to let them express their restless spirit. The fact that boys or girls are somewhat different from their peers, want to play other games, want to learn other things may mean that they have inquiring minds, that they will not want to conform to the world as it is but to create their own.

It’s also essential to promote the importance of our own voice, that of the children and particularly that of girls. We create a worthy exchange of ideas and confidence in using their own voice, expressing their own ideas and not trying to fit, as these qualities can be a source of the next major global company. We usually have more leeway when it comes to letting our children express themselves and create, invent, run, climb. And this is perfect. The problem is when we try to protect our daughters more, make them fit and behave themselves… And maybe that’s a big mistake. A girl running without fear of falling and hurting her knee will become a woman who is not afraid to take brave decisions. Decisions of success.

It’s ok to make a mistake, it’s even better to fall down.

In our quest to make our children confident and prepared we sometimes deprive them of necessary knowledge for the future. We must allow them to make mistakes and help them see that they can learn from them. There is a lot of pressure in trying to do everything right and perfect from the beginning which can result in developing panic about failure in the future. If we overprotect the girls they will be afraid of making decisions, scared of risk. Of life, in general. It’s very far from making them become entrepreneurs, as an entrepreneur is someone who makes decisions, takes risks, whether afraid or not. Teaching girls to never take risks and adapt to the safest solution, especially in the environment where nothing is 100% sure, makes them put up with jobs they don’t like, with conditions that don’t benefit them, all because of pure fear of risk.

We face disappointments every day and we must learn to deal with them. It’s okay if we do it as soon as possible. If the next generation learns how to fall and get up. Not to be perfect, but themselves, always.

For example, a defeat in a game doesn’t make them bad athletes, and neither need they to be the best in order to satisfy us. They must be themselves if it is really what they want. It’s a very important lesson, for boys as well as for girls. Learning to deal with their frustrations and turn them into a way to focus on their goals can make a big difference when it comes to finding a more balanced and respectful working environment and probably with much less stress.

With these small details, we are beginning to prepare our sons and daughters, equally, to have the most necessary, the most basic set of qualities to succeed in business or whatever they want: self-confidence, perseverance, originality and determination.

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