The Salmon Race and Determination.

The Salmon Race and Determination.

Humans can draw inspiration from nature, from the animal world, for example, in order to learn some things that can help us in our daily lives as entrepreneurs, leaders of Network Marketing. We can find a way to motivate ourselves by an analogy with an animal that would fill us with confidence and let us go for that goal. Or we can just draw on what we learn from these natural lessons facing a new situation which we have never dealt with before and remember that the instincts needed to win in any business are also found in the natural world.

It is clear that the goals of animals, such as salmon, for example, are different from our goals. Usually the great goal of almost all animal species is to survive as individuals or to survive as a species. Fortunately, we are now far from caring about simple survival. We have a different and a very definite idea about what is to exist and survive and what is to really live.

So, maybe it sounds strange that this example is something that can inspire us, but once we understand that the goal can vary from one person to another, we can consider the general idea

The Salmon Race.

The salmon has a very basic goal in life and it’s to breed. The salmon grows and survives with a single mission that it should strive to achieve at all costs: to grow, to survive up to breeding age and to return to the place where it was born in order to leave there the next generation.

nws-st-alaska-salmon-run-grizzly-2It is a very basic objective that has no purpose other than to perpetuate the cycle of life. However, being simple as an idea doesn’t mean being easy to achieve. The salmon has a long way ahead, full of obstacles and predators that wait for their food. Many salmon don’t reach their destination having become a bear’s lunch, many other die exhausted trying to jump and swim upstream … But if this were the end of the majority, there would hardly be any salmon left. Many salmon die but an impressive number of salmon keep coming to their ultimate goal, and these are ones that will leave a new generation of even more agile, even more determined and stronger salmon.

The most effective assets of the salmon are its high swimming speed, agility in escaping from predators and an passionate drive to reach the goal. They are able to swim thousands of kilometres and to jump over more than 3 meters high rapids.

What can we learn?

We shouldn’t sacrifice ourselves to the point of stopping eating and breathing because of deadly exhaustion when we reach the goal. But salmon’s devotion to their mission is one of the toughest but inspiring things that nature offers to us.

  • If something is really important for you you have to do your best to achieve it.
  • There are no such frightening and dangerous obstacles in your race towards your goals as those the salmon faces.
  • Adapt, persist, develop your best skills to dodge, jump or get over any obstacle that arises.
  • The winners of the salmon race create a generation of even more capable salmon. Be prepared and be part of an improved generation, more capable and better trained in business, that would teach the next generation. But first, you must achieve your goals.

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