It’s not broken, it’s being polished to shine brighter.

It’s not broken, it’s being polished to shine brighter.

There is a Japanese technique from the 15th century of repairing broken things, for example, ceramics. The main idea was to never throw broken or worn out things away. So, those things were repaired and covered with resin-based varnish to which some gold, silver or platinum dust was added. The most common material was gold, which is where its name comes from: Kintsugi – Repairation with Gold.

The important idea behind it was to recognize that each piece was something of a great value and that its use, its cracks and other defects were part of its history. As well as our scars tell the story of our experiences and that everything can be fixed.

Although the main intention was to fix something broken to bring it back to life and give it use despite its defects, a new, unique and even more beautiful thing appeared from the reparation. Everything that once was broken started glittering like gold.

In fact, the pieces repaired with this technique acquired greater value. Today, they are more valuable than other antiques that have never been broken and repaired.

And why am I telling you this?

I think it’s a wonderful analogy that we can apply to ourselves. When something goes wrong, when we fail, it’s as if we were one of those porcelain pieces and had been broken, received a small crack or a bigger hit that can break us into pieces.

And we have two options here: we can let the failure separate our pieces forever, never again be complete and let that break change us in a negative way. Or we can collect our broken and scattered pieces and put them together and learn from what happened. When we are complete again, the result will be an improved and shiny version.

The point is that nothing can prevent us from failure, but we can make a decision that this failure only makes us improve.

So, next time you feel like you’ve failed or your plan hasn’t come out as it should… think that your business is not broken, it’s in the process of being improved, in the process of being polished to shine brighter.


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