Explore your Comfort Zone.

Explore your Comfort Zone.

I can tell you that stepping outside your comfort zone is the best thing you can do for your life. On the one hand, I am telling you a great truth. But on the other hand, I’m mistaken.

The problem here is in defining the comfort zone. We say that we step outside it, as if it were a confined space, which we escaped from never to return. And even when we know well how it works, we continue using the expression “leave the area”. It’s not wrong, but it’s not complete. We must really understand what the comfort zone is and what’s not included in that phrase, which we take for granted.

Your comfort zone is what you are familiar with. It may make you happy or unhappy, doesn’t matter, because that’s what you know. And that gives you a sense of security and satisfaction with life that you value above happiness.

Although you can challenge the boundaries of that zone from time to time, you will never step outside the comfort zone completely. No, don’t be discouraged. It just means that if the comfort zone is an area of your life where you feel comfortable, the more experiences you gain and the more you learn, the bigger that area will get.

Although it seems difficult at first, once you have increased that area, you don’t want it to ever decrease. And you will have all that space to move around.

But those who don’t want to see it ever reduced, will always try to expand it a little more each time, to make sure they are not settling for less, not letting the zone retract and not getting too used to limited movement.

Yes, you have to step out of it first, so that it can get wider. But that process inevitably leads to its expansion, not to leaving it behind.

And how is your comfort zone?

We cannot measure it accurately, because each person, with their own experiences, is the only one able to notice if it’s small or has become more routine than comfortable. But there are signs and symptoms of too narrow comfort zones.

– Do you think you create your life? Or maybe you restrain yourself?
If you haven’t taken any really groundbreaking decisions in recent years, if you haven’t done anything that would challenge what you already knew, or if you have tried to do it but your lack of confidence and your fears have slowed you down, you are in a very narrow comfort zone.

– Are you aware of what makes up your comfort zone?
You may not have analysed it yet. You have to reassess things that are easy or comfortable, whether you like them or not, what you would like to do, or what experiences you would like to have but have never dared. I’m not talking about things that are too strange or risky. It may be learning a language, making a trip…

– Are you afraid of new things? Does that fear stop you or do you try to overcome it?

– Are you completely free to choose or feel that your environment, your education and your problems have to do with the way you live?

Plan carefully. Realizing our desires and our thoughts helps us understand how we take our decisions.

This is the way we can analyse our comfort zone and understand if we have ever tried to expand it or let it limit our development.


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