Enormous power that keeps growing.

Enormous power that keeps growing.

A month ago, I was returning from an intense and magical weekend in Colombia, still with goosebumps from all the emotion, amazed by everything we had achieved.

Just a month ago, I shared with you on this blog my feelings about that weekend. That very week, I was well aware that it wouldn’t take long to return to visit this land so full of talent and so focused on our project, and I was not mistaken.

Today, it was announced that Colombia, Cali in particular, will once again become the continental home of leadership and the capital of change towards the future. Some stunning weekend in May! It will happen in two months, but I already know that I won’t miss it for anything in the world. Very few things could come up between me and this exciting date. And if this date didn’t yet exist, I would still be planning a visit to Colombia so as to meet the members of my Colombian team and those from the nearby countries, to keep growing together and creating something that is already making a difference.


The invitation applies to leaders from all over Latin America, and therefore I hope to find there a number of familiar faces, teammates and, of course, I hope to meet many more new people interested in the vision of the future that we have in OneLife. Among the special guests we will see Christian Steinkeller, Mr. Jose Gordo, my mentor, as well as my great colleagues Igor E. Alberts y Andreea Cimbala.

On May 19, Friday there will be a conference in Cali held by John Maxwell, a well-known leader coach, who we can learn a lot from. And that conference is only an introduction to the great event in Cali on May 20, which will be the largest and most attended event in Latin America so far.

Are you coming? Remember, on Saturday, May 20 in Cali.

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