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The United Kingdom is a place that has reborn for us. It has had the second significant, very important momentum in recent months. The teams were transformed, restructured and grew to be even bigger and unstoppable!

And now, this last event that we celebrated on Sunday, July 16, is a great proof of how far the vision of OneLife and the financial education project has gone and how involved the leaders and the users are in the UK are.

We had a training that included Diamonds from all over the UK. The Copthorne Tara Hotel in London was filled with real professionals, committed to the business and with a truly amazing vision. Thanks to all of them, the UK is now one of the European countries with the largest number of users of financial education.


This can be achieved because these leaders know how to send the right message, because they have fully understood the vision of the company, of the OneLife project, and are selling the most important product of all: a kind of education that makes us all a little freer and a little more powerful in this world today.

It has been a very satisfying day. Both those who came to get trained as those who came to train have learned a lot from each other. We have all ended up recharged, encouraged, motivated and very happy to see how the dream comes true, with unbeatable proof. The theory becomes a tangible truth that makes the world a little better, person to person.

What also makes this Sunday a great day is simply to have shared the day with so many incredible and wonderful people, as are all these committed teammates of the British team.

From here, the sky is no longer the limit, the sky falls short for a team that has its goals so clear and are 100% in harmony with the spirit of the company itself. They are already doing a great job, but from this training, we will have more great things we’ll see soon. The United Kingdom is now destined to give us the biggest and most pleasant surprises and exemplary leadership.




Dear Member,

We are starting the new week with a great surprise for all our members!

The OneLife team is cooking something new for all of you and with the Ask Dr. Ruja webinar, coming up in 3 weeks, the first months of Summer will definitely be eventful and will bring a wave of many new developments. Don’t forget to submit your questions at!


Along with this great news starts the last week of UNLIMITED UPGRADES of your package. If you intend to upgrade to a higher educational level, make sure you do it by 02.07.2017!

Keep on reading to find out more!


The MONTHLY LEADERSHIP RANK CALCULATION EXTENSION is available once again for all members!

Until July 15, 2017 all members will be able to take advantage of this great opportunity. To all leaders who want to grow – now you have an extra 3 weeks to take your teams to the next level!

Be sure to visit your backoffice now and check your LEADERSHIP RANK qualification! Contact your upline or visit the Information center in your Backoffice to download and read all introductory, marketing and informational materials that might help you enhance your understanding.

Inspire, develop, make a change! GOOD LUCK! Together for more!


Did you hear? Now everyone gets the opportunity to upgrade regardless of the 2 package limitation and thus take a step forward towards a higher educational level!

Until July 2, 2017 you will be able to activate ALL THE PACKAGES you couldn’t get access to after June 1, 2017. You will also be able to combine the upgrades with the Wonder Wheel promo and increase the amount of promotional tokens you receive with your education levels.

So, if you aim to advance further with your education – don’t hesitate, because after July 2nd the limitation to upgrades will be restored and no more than 2 upgrades will be available per account!


THE POWER PACK – the OneLife promotion that everybody loves, would like once again to remind about itself. In case you haven’t gotten the chance to take advantage of one of the most successful package deals yet, check out what it has to offer:

With the +1 EXTRA split promotion, if you upgrade to the POWER PACK, you will receive 8 SPLITS depending on your choice between the two options – either Infinity or Infinity+All our members will receive the opportunity to maximize their Promotional Token count. This is valid for all Packages above the Power Pack – you get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE! This will be valid for Power Packs and above which are activated BEFORE THE NEXT SPLIT.

There is also a special bulk Package promotion listed – purchase 6, get 1 FREE!


The Wonder Wheel is, without a doubt, one of the hottest OneLife promotions this summer!

If you activate your package, you will get the chance to join all successful members.

If you wish to take your education to the next level, you will have the opportunity to receive extra promotional tokens with your packages – a 25, 50 % or 100% of the tokens will be obtained directly with the activation of the chosen packages!


In addition to our comic books and video lessons, we are proud to present The Adventures of Super Ted Game. It is an educational game, designed to teach children basic financial terms and skills. It was established for children above 7 years old and also for anyone who wishes to take a dive in the exciting world of money and finance.

The Adventures of Super Ted was designed as a board game, where the player has to roll two dices in order to move on a board. The goal of the game is to be the first player who collects 100 points of money or 100 points of happiness. All players start with 10 points of each category at the beginning of the game. The player can choose his/her own currency which can be different from the other players’ currencies. During the game, special macro-economic events take place that might change the balance of points for each player. Of course, the game involves luck but the good strategy is also really important – it can influence the end result and make you the winner.

What makes the game unique is that financial concepts are presented in a fun and easy way so children can enjoy playing the game while learning the most important things about the financial world.

You can play the game together with your kids or recommend it to friends and family as well. For safety reasons, we have developed special protection mechanisms and we do not collect any personal information whatsoever.

The game can be downloaded from the Play and App Stores or OWF’s website >> Kids Corner >> Super Ted Game >> Download!

We wish you good luck while playing The Adventures of Super Ted! Share with your family and friends, learn while having fun!