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We talk, debate, read, analyze and write about the qualities of a leader. But from my point of view, one of the best ever is the balance between humanity and the leadership skills.

In the skills we can include many of the qualities which we speak about generally, those focused on business, organizational abilities. Those that make you have solutions even before a problem appears. And humanity is what we also can call empathy, compassion, personal involvement… It definitely is an important factor.

My opinion is that both components, the rational one and the emotional one, are complementary and necessary, with no exceptions. You must want to be a trustful leader, with the most sincere affection for the people you work with. And yet, you also want respect and your ideas to be useful for everyone and to be taken into account. You also must be competent, not just a friend. But being that without trust is not authentic leadership, it’s simply an imposed authority. And trust and affection without the skills and ambition is not leadership, if you don’t get success. Simple, right?

Well, true, but the issue is even more complicated. Or rather, more complex.

You see. Not only is the balance between both sides is necessary, but also the order in which we begin to build up you leadership with regard to relationships with members of your organization. While strength, skills and ambition are elements that help us to prove that we are capable of doing the job, we should not express them too much when making new contacts and especially when dealing with our teams. You may actually seem to be over-controlling or disinterested in people’s needs. Influence begins with human relationships, and human relationships are not based on numbers or results … they are based on understanding and humanity. This is a kind of business where the greatest force that moves everything is human relationships. That is, people.

Focus on connecting with people first, on taking care about relationships, on proving yourself trustful, showing honesty and listening to others. It’s not too complicated, but if it’s something you think you cannot do, then you’re probably working in the wrong industry. Consider other people’s needs and never forget them, create solid and long-term relationships with these people.

Then, once you have created stable relationships, then your skills, strength and leadership abilities come into play, so that the people you work with feel, apart from happy, sure to be working with the right person, a person who knows what to do and how it should be done.

Those who first show their skills and leave behind human relationships become threatening, authoritarian figures, people who, in the long run, even though they are very skillful, produce mistrust and lack and comfort. They make people around feel unhappy to work on their own team, have fear each time their leader wants to talk to them. Or those people just dont’t find anything useful in your words, because they may sound like an automatic lesson, empty of honesty.

In short, now that you know the “why”: build up relationships first, then use your knowledge and your leadership skills to lead the team. And keep a healthy balance between business and human relationships throughout the whole story. That could be the best quality a leader can develop.

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I could say that this is an especially important topic in Network Marketing, but I think it would be far more accurate to say that it’s an important issue in life in general. Think Network Marketing is a business whose main foundation and primary skill  is knowing how to develop human relationships, and human relationships in turn are also the essential basis of everything else in our lives, or at least everything that really matters.

And to develop good relationships, you have to take into account that, while looking for the best for yourself and getting rid of negative relationships is always good, thinking only and exclusively in your own benefit is what destroys everything good.

Our teams have a truly immeasurable value in our work as networkers, as well as in our life in general because of what they can contribute to our personal development. And our responsibility as both team leaders and colleagues is to foster and encourage the spirit of teamwork, to develop a sense of “us” that counteracts the noxious feeling of “ego”, which spoils relationships and projects.


I won’t analyse the use of this term in psychology, but the effect of the phenomenon of “ego” and “selfishness” on human relationships.

The ego is a false feeling of being different from other people in a way that you consider yourself superior to them. This thought also leads you to think that everything negative that happens to you is always the fault of others, since “it cannot be me, because I make no mistakes.” The problem with this mindset is that, if you cannot recognize your mistakes, you will never learn from them or overcome them, and you will always get on badly with people around you. It’s a type of mentality that encourages aggressive competitiveness without principles. Something that can never go together with teamwork.

The ego leads to jealousy and selfishness. To never being able to rejoice at the achievements of others. But it’s also the fastest way to self-sabotage, since the ego pushes you to get isolated from others and to bring back the mistakes of the past.

I don’t want you to confuse each one’s individuality and solitary races with the ego, because the ego is a mentality in which only one person is important over others.


It’s not necessary to leave your own identity aside and neglect your own individual needs so as to understand the mentality of the US. You only need to understand that you are not alone in this world and that the way to success is not a solitary path. What links us to each other has always been a necessary force for survival, for living a full and active life, as well as for today’s business. The model of competition and stomping is obsolete, and it’s something that we should be happy about. Collaboration is what leads to greatness.

The US concept means valuing friendship and forgiveness, knowing how to create unity among people with similar dreams and needs. It’s being able to feel happy about the success of your colleague. It’s exchanging gratitude and mutual happiness among several people. You don’t lose your importance or power, because we all matter, and together we have more power than separately. We live in the present and we hope for a better tomorrow, which we know we can create together.

In Network Marketing, the team is much more important than any of us individually, and that is something we must process and accept to embrace the “US”. We together are wonderful and unstoppable.


When I got to become a Diamond it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t express it with words. I had worked so hard to get it and I finally was there. And not only that, I had managed to become the first woman in the company to reach that rank. A double honor.

Many things have happened since then and I’ve congratulated many colleagues who reached that rank. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies …. but I still was the Diamond, every success of a member of my team was my pride. At some point I decided to take some time for myself, lowering the pace of events and doing some personal training of my body and mind. Because my goal was very clear ahead, but a part of me didn’t allow me to move forward as effective as I needed.

When you discover things like that the best is to take necessary measures as soon as possible, and fortunately, I did so.

After my period of thinking, education, training … I reappeared in August, feeling like a new version of myself, an improved one, more prepared, more focused. And you know what? It wasn’t just a feeling. I had actually managed to reach a new level of myself, a new version of myself. And now, after what happened in August and September, I realize that it was the right decision.

All the work, both on the Web and in myself, has paid off and I know it will give more in the future because I know that almost nothing can turn me away from what I really care about.


I am very happy to announce that I am finally a Blue Diamond. And if reaching a Diamond was amazing… it’s very hard to describe what I’m feeling right now. I have been focused on this goal for a long time and it’s simply amazing.

It is important to focus on a rank, to have the next one as a goal and to have plan to reach it. It’s very important! Because, if you see it clearly in your mind, you can get it.

I am very happy and very proud. And now, to the next goal! Black Diamond!


Esto no te lo esperabas, ¿verdad? En este capítulo de “Aprendiendo negocios de la naturaleza” hablaremos de los suricatos. Estos son unos animales bastante desconocidos que ganaron algo de popularidad con la película El Rey León (¿recuerdas a Timón y Pumba?) y que poco a poco se han abierto un rincón en el corazón de los enamorados de la naturaleza.

Son pequeños, adorables y parecen realmente frágiles, aunque viven en terrenos peligrosos, rodeados de depredadores. Nadie se atrevería a apostar que son capaces de sobrevivir a los terribles peligros del desierto del Kalahari, ¡pero lo hacen!

¿Y cómo lo hacen?

Gracias a la confianza.

meerkat_watcher_by_motherblessing-d542t4a (1)Los suricatos son animales con un sistema social complejo basado completamente en la cooperación. En una colonia de suricatos podemos distinguir a un grupo de individuos que se dedican a tareas concretas, como la vigilancia y alimentación de las crías.

Solo algunos primates y elefantes asiáticos son capaces de identificar a un compañero por su voz, ¡pero ellos también lo hacen! Y tienen llamadas especiales que solo usan en el desarrollo de éstas tareas.

Pero esto no es todo y es que, mientras sus compañeros se alimentan, un miembro de la colonia, conocido como centinela, está atento a cualquier señal de peligro y ellos confían ciegamente en él, que les alerta si hay alguna para que puedan ponerse a salvo.

Antes de salir de caza (son animales carnívoros) se reúnen para asearse los unos a los otros. Ésta muestra de cordialidad suele durar media hora o más hasta que parten.

Cuando el alimento escasea, el grupo se mantiene unido y se marcha a una nueva zona, donde construyen juntos un nuevo refugio para todos.

Aprendiendo negocios de los suricatos

Seas un tiburón de los negocios o alguien que está empezando y se siente aún débil y perdido, lo más importante es que puedas confiar en tu equipo. Que cada uno tenga claras sus habilidades y su papel dentro del grupo.

Y, si eres un tiburón de los negocios, ¡protege a tu equipo! Incluso los más débiles, juntos pueden ser un equipo fuerte y estarán ahí para ti con total confianza si les demuestras que eres digno de ella.

La motivación y la comunicación con tu equipo es esencial para trabajar y, 30 minutos de ánimos entre compañeros, pueden convertir un grupo de suricatos en tiburones del desierto.

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Ver como crecen dentro de la organización líderes a los que hemos presentado la oportunidad OneCoin y se catapultan hacia lo más alto nos llena de orgullo. Xianjun Yang, del equipo de Mariana Lopez de Waard empezó hace solo unos meses y, en tan poco tiempo, ya está posicionado en OneCoin como un gran líder. ¡No podemos esperar a ver lo que le depara el destino!