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Yesterday, the Dealshaker shopping section finally opened. We had been talking about it for a month, full of emotion and expectations, well, now we can visit its sections, look through the categories and choose some offers…
There is a diverse range of products and services: you can book a hotel room, buy some coffee or perfumes… It will all contribute to the growth and the expansion of the OneLife community and provide greater value to our coins.



It has just started, but I’m sure that over the coming months, the platform will be reaching more and more people around the world. And who knows, it may become a new Groupon or have the same the global presence as Ebay.
For the moment, I’m going to check out the offers and see if I can treat myself to something special.


The mastery of network marketers like Mariana López de Waard is clear in moments like this training, where she demonstrates the importance of relationships in Network Marketing and explains how to start your contact list. If you want this Blue Diamond to be a part of your professional relationships all you need is to fill this form:


Thursday was a very fussy and exciting day for the Mexico team and for me personally.

On the one hand, we had a training session, in which the important points were the OneAcademy packages and applications and, of course, the latest catalogue unit, the MAB. It’s extremely important for us to understand all the characteristics and features of this tool, because it’s something that represents a landmark in the technological and virtual world, today and tomorrow. And it will help us grow and develop the OneLife community.

On the other hand, we celebrated the opening of a partners’ office in Delicias, Chichuaha. We have our own little IMAs corner in this city now, a place where to deal with users and to meet with members… In short, it’s our own space in Mexico, open to the public, and another home for us.


And you know what else?

Well, we were on the radio! Up to four interviews for various news programmes on the topic of the inauguration, in which we could share our vision, our plans, answer questions…

It was just frantic: one thing after another, working relentlessly. But all these things were wonderful and exciting. And radio has been a new happy experience for me.

And all this when the tour is just beginning! There remains much to be done and much to tell.

See you at the next event!


“Like” Mariana Lopez de Waard’s page on Facebook in order not to miss anything! And if you want to be part of a strong and united team, please send a private message with your details, and she will contact you.


When I got to become a Diamond it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t express it with words. I had worked so hard to get it and I finally was there. And not only that, I had managed to become the first woman in the company to reach that rank. A double honor.

Many things have happened since then and I’ve congratulated many colleagues who reached that rank. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies …. but I still was the Diamond, every success of a member of my team was my pride. At some point I decided to take some time for myself, lowering the pace of events and doing some personal training of my body and mind. Because my goal was very clear ahead, but a part of me didn’t allow me to move forward as effective as I needed.

When you discover things like that the best is to take necessary measures as soon as possible, and fortunately, I did so.

After my period of thinking, education, training … I reappeared in August, feeling like a new version of myself, an improved one, more prepared, more focused. And you know what? It wasn’t just a feeling. I had actually managed to reach a new level of myself, a new version of myself. And now, after what happened in August and September, I realize that it was the right decision.

All the work, both on the Web and in myself, has paid off and I know it will give more in the future because I know that almost nothing can turn me away from what I really care about.


I am very happy to announce that I am finally a Blue Diamond. And if reaching a Diamond was amazing… it’s very hard to describe what I’m feeling right now. I have been focused on this goal for a long time and it’s simply amazing.

It is important to focus on a rank, to have the next one as a goal and to have plan to reach it. It’s very important! Because, if you see it clearly in your mind, you can get it.

I am very happy and very proud. And now, to the next goal! Black Diamond!