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Read below how Business For Home addresses the issue of Vietnam documents. You can also see the original article here.


OneCoin has send out an official statement as a fake document in which “OneCoin was officially licensed in Vietnam” circulated:


“Due to recent media publications, concerning the distribution of false documents in Vietnam, related to the OneLife Network and its partnering companies – OneCoin and DealShaker, the OneLife team would like to emphasize on the following:

Official documents related to the company, IMA responsibilities and/or OneCoin operational, legal and auditing activities are available to the OneLife Network Members ONLY through accessing the Information Center in your OneLife BackOffice.

We remind you that important documents that are related to the activity of any of the above stated companies will and can be disseminated ONLY through the official corporate channels of the company and any other documents distributed through any other channels, individuals or media are FALSE, misleading and in breach of our corporate policies.

Our company is transparent and responsible and will cooperate with any local authorities in identifying any contradicting actions and attempts to misrepresent the company’s activities and operations.

Any unauthorized and intentional actions that harm the company’s reputation will result in immediate sanctions in accordance with the applicable internal sanction policy”


Read below the article published by FT Reporter, an online magazine about technology and financial news. And if you want to see the online portal, click here.

OneCoin is known to be one of the top leading cryptocurencies in the world and, additionally, it has the fastest growing network. The constant expanding of the brand leads to the launch of 3 entirely new websites – apart from OneCoin itself, there are now OneLife Network and OneAcademy. Recently there have been launched an internet-based shopping platform, called DealShaker, which approves OneCoin as a payment method and aims at connecting all the shopping lovers at one online space.

But what is each of the new websites all about? Read the short review of the new brands in the OneCoin ecosystem below.

OneLife Network

OneLife –, is the online hub for the network of the millions of people who choose to improve their lifestyle by expanding their financial knowledge. The OneLife Network (OLN) website provides information about new products, such as the first physical OneCoin product – the OneTablet, the DealShaker Merchant platform, the OneAcademy educational packages and much more. The OLN is an expanding global network, part of a digital platform with a one of kind ecosystem of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members are provided with access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice. This allows them to understand, mine and trade cryptocurrency, and make safer and cheaper cross-border transactions. OLN’s aim is to provide alternative payment solutions and equal access to financial education to people worldwide.


The focus of the OneAcademy –, is different. It is the new website for OneCoin’s most successful product – a large collection of innovative finance and cryptocurrency educational materials on trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and many more. The 7-training courses are contemporary ways to learn and educate, reflecting the latest financial trends in the industry. In the courses some of the most successful international business experts explain the basics of finance and cryptocurrency by providing OneAcademy students with in-depth lessons on complex matter that are made easy to understand at the same time. The Academy’s aim is to provide its students with the guidance and educational materials they need to achieve financial literacy. OneAcademy has been continuously expanding its portfolio of educational materials in different languages, with the latest additions of Portuguese and Arabic. This way it aims to make another step forward to spreading the knowledge and providing more of its members with the opportunity to learn and grow.

OneCoin – Where everything started

The new brand identities for the three pages – OneCoin, the OneLife Network and OneAcademy, were created by some of the most reputable global design companies. “We built a billion-euro company that is present in over 190 countries and 6 continents, and we’re showing the world we are much more than just a cryptocurrency”, said OneCoin founder and visionary Dr. Ruja Ignatova. “We are extremely proud of our new developments and will continue to innovate, improve and develop.”, added Dr. Ignatova.


One of the most successful projects yet and the first ever platform to use OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) as a payment method – The DealShaker, was successfully launched on the 16th January this year. Its official start was given by opening the shopping section for merchant registrations. The OLN members are able to access the platform and thus become a part of an unique experience – buying and selling products or services using the OneCoin cryptocurrency. The merchants who have already registered receive the opportunity to promote their deals to a multi-million network of people. All members that have joined The DealShaker can pay and get paid in a combination of OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE) and Cash (Euro).

The DealShaker e-commerce platform is an important part of the company’s development and therefore a valuable addition to the OneCoin Ecosystem. As trust and transparency are the leading characteristics of OneCoin’s business, KYC/KYB compliance also applies to all merchants with DealShaker registrations, requiring that they provide information about themselves and their activities.


Those who currently work with the OneCoin cryptocurrency know what it is and the potential it has. But there are always some negative and unsubstantial comments. This piece of news will make them lose any influence they may have. This is the official statement:

The Swedish Gaming Authority has confirmed that an enquiry by the Swedish Police into the
OneCoin cryptocurrency and its associated multi-level marketing business, OneLife, has now
been closed.

The Swedish Police issued an official decision on the case on February 6th 2017, stating that the
preliminary investigation has been discontinued. The Police statement indicated that there was
no basis upon which to continue the investigation as there was no reason to believe that an
offense had been committed. The Police confirmed its decision to the Gaming Authority on
March 1st 2017.

OneCoin stated: “We have been aware for some time of unfair competition practices against
OneCoin and OneLife, which have included serious though demonstrably false allegations which
have raised understandable concerns. Where these have resulted in formal enquiries or
investigations, we have been happy to cooperate fully with the authorities concerned, confident
in the knowledge that the facts would prevail. This is the second such occurrence in which an
investigation by a regulatory authority has confirmed there to be no findings of illegitimate
dealings in our business, and of course we welcome the prompt and professional manner in
which the Swedish Police have conducted their enquiry”.

OneCoin is a digital currency, based on cryptography and created through a process called
‘mining’. Just like the serial number on a paper bill, each digital coin is unique. Unlike money
issued by governments, there is a finite number of OneCoins, ensuring they cannot be affected
by inflation and are impossible to counterfeit. Because cryptocurrencies are not tied to any
particular country or central bank, the value of the coin depends on factors such as usability,
demand and supply.

You have the original article available here:


Yesterday, the Dealshaker shopping section finally opened. We had been talking about it for a month, full of emotion and expectations, well, now we can visit its sections, look through the categories and choose some offers…
There is a diverse range of products and services: you can book a hotel room, buy some coffee or perfumes… It will all contribute to the growth and the expansion of the OneLife community and provide greater value to our coins.



It has just started, but I’m sure that over the coming months, the platform will be reaching more and more people around the world. And who knows, it may become a new Groupon or have the same the global presence as Ebay.
For the moment, I’m going to check out the offers and see if I can treat myself to something special.


Thursday was a very fussy and exciting day for the Mexico team and for me personally.

On the one hand, we had a training session, in which the important points were the OneAcademy packages and applications and, of course, the latest catalogue unit, the MAB. It’s extremely important for us to understand all the characteristics and features of this tool, because it’s something that represents a landmark in the technological and virtual world, today and tomorrow. And it will help us grow and develop the OneLife community.

On the other hand, we celebrated the opening of a partners’ office in Delicias, Chichuaha. We have our own little IMAs corner in this city now, a place where to deal with users and to meet with members… In short, it’s our own space in Mexico, open to the public, and another home for us.


And you know what else?

Well, we were on the radio! Up to four interviews for various news programmes on the topic of the inauguration, in which we could share our vision, our plans, answer questions…

It was just frantic: one thing after another, working relentlessly. But all these things were wonderful and exciting. And radio has been a new happy experience for me.

And all this when the tour is just beginning! There remains much to be done and much to tell.

See you at the next event!


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I collected a series of unique and special moments for me more than a week ago but now the euphoria is still present. Even if I have to get ready to go back. Because I know this hasn’t been but the beginning of an even more magical time.

The days at the resort were a little relaxation that prepared me for this new stage with much more force. So I finished my vacations and set to work immediately, because on September 30 I was going to hold a presentation for experienced leaders.

It is a huge responsibility and therefore it is a great honor to be chosen to present some things to people who are not exactly beginners, so I can be happy with my work in that regard. On the other hand, from the point of view of a leader, conforming is never an option … so I always have various dates of this month in my mind.

As for the yesterday event, I was almost speechless …

It was really exciting just to be there surrounded by so many fellow peers and having that experience. We were not just witnesses, we were living a key moment in the history of the company. I don’t remember any other event, show, festival or anything in which I felt so excited and amazed about the things we were sharing. It was a very powerful moment and I was there, that’s all I can say.

In addition to the moment when the company set this milestone in their own history and everything we felt at that moment, I can say I had a great time with my colleagues. I enjoyed the presentations and even the musical performance. All that without having met those people before. I would like to mention Dr. Ruja Ignatova, because it is always a pleasure to hear her talk about the company and her vision.

And after the fun, it’s time to arrange agendas … so I see you soon!


Desde hace unas cuantas décadas en las que algunas valientes emprendedoras comenzaran a liderar sus negocios, el número de mujeres en los negocios ha ascendido de manera imparable. Tanto que hoy día somos ya un 47% de nuestro entorno de trabajo y se ha demostrado que las mujeres tenemos un impacto positivo en el resultado final de muchos negocios.

Sin embargo, resulta que aun queda mucho por hacer.

Mientras que la sociedad por fin empieza a reconocer la importancia de las mujeres en el entorno laboral, los estudios no dejan de señalar que todavía quedan muchos cabos por atar y es que aún estado más preparadas que nuestros compañeros para la misma posición, lo normal es que cobremos menos.
Y en cuanto a liderazgo, seguimos teniendo poca representación con alrededor de un 30% de compañías lideradas por mujeres, pero sólo un 5% de las mas grandes.

Que aún queden pequeñas batallas por ganar, no quiere decir que no podamos admirar lo que hemos conseguido e inspirarnos para seguir adelante, cambiando el mundo de los negocios a mejor.

De hecho, estamos en un momento en que nuevos modelos de negocio se abren camino, en una época de innovación y tecnología. Y las mujeres emprendedoras están empezando a romper el techo ce cristal, creando sus propios proyectos en los que pueden ser muy capaces de ganar más que sus compañeros masculinos en los mismos sectores.

Es precisamente en torno a redes sociales, comercio electrónico y negocios que implican a la vez innovación, la ruptura de modelos tradicionales y contacto social los que empiezan a estar cada vez más poblados de emprendedoras femeninas.

Y es en ese área donde podríamos decir que se encuentra el network marketing y en especial el network marketing orientado a productos poco comunes o que estén relacionados con la tecnología. Dónde se encuentra lo que hago yo. Incluso si en apariencia parece un modelo de negocio típicamente masculino ya que implica finanzas y nuevas tecnologías, no podemos olvidarnos de que la fundadora de OneCoin y creadora su tecnología es una mujer.

Las estadísticas nos muestran un cambio lento pero progresivo, y poco a poco, podremos hacer de ese cambio algo más evidente en todas las cifras. Después de todo, el network marketing es uno de los pocos modelos de negocio en los que una mujer es capaz de ganar lo mismo que sus compañeros.