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If you are already part of this fantastic industry of Network Marketing, you are already familiar with the notion of duplication. But if you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand it well enough, let me explain it here.

Duplication is the act of teaching new distributors about the network marketing mechanisms and tools and showing them how to work. And when those distributors get trained enough, they will also be able to transmit this knowledge to newcomers. You duplicate the technique, the system, but in the end, each person will put it into practice with their own special touch. Because, although we all learn the same things, we can do it in different ways so as to stand out and to take the liberty of being who we really want to be in this business, which makes it possible.

The art and power of duplication lie in your sincere desire to create new careers, to empower people, to help them discover and increase their talents. You should really care about them feeling as happy and comfortable as possible when they first come into the industry. Starting in network marketing may be hard and frustrating at an early stage, so it’s very important that we, the leaders, the mentors, the sponsors, don’t make it even harder with unproductive training or lack of interest.

What we need is the power of good duplication loaded with a lot of positive energy.

If you are a mentor, what can you do for effective and positive duplication?
You begin by planning a meeting at which to teach the basics. Either in person or per Skype, if you and your students cannot go to the same place. It’s necessary to dedicate time to people, so that from the first day, they get a general idea about the work they are going to do and the product they are going to deal with.

Don’t wait too long to organize the first training, either individually or in groups. Once you start taking action, don’t hesitate. During your first training sessions, you can set some tasks, or challenges, if you prefer to call them that way (it’s more stimulating than “homework”), so that your students begin to put into practice what you have taught. Practice is the only way to master any technique.

Duplication doesn’t end after just having explained to new people what they should do and how to do it. You should carry out continual follow-up, encourage them to go to your events or to organize their own, which you should attend. Keep providing training sessions even when your distributors have already set up their businesses.


Do you know what financial freedom is? It’s when you don’t ever worry about money. We live in a world where we inevitably need money to cover all our needs, to have a warm house in winter, clean water and food on the table. We need health care and to be able to pay for treatments and medicines. Children’s clothing that fits and is suitable for their age. And education.

Maybe, money doesn’t bring us happiness. But the lack of it causes us many problems: the stress of not knowing how to pay for your child’s orthodontic treatment, or if your car breaks down, so you will have to find money to fix it… Those things don’t get along with happiness.

Financial freedom is to create a life situation in which these things don’t matter any more, and you can do whatever you want, without your life being an endless race to pay the bills.
In order to reach this point, there is a formula developed by Robert Kiyosaki, a very intelligent gentleman, who you may have heard of. The elements of the formula are the pillars that support your financial freedom. Here are the main and most obvious of these pillars.

1 – Financial education.
It’s a kind of education that you don’t get in schools. It will help you understand the world economic system that affects your mortgage, your credits, your savings account. You really need this information, because what you have been doing with money is what prevents you from being free to live.

2 – Personal development.
In addition to learning to manage your money, to be financially free, you have to find other sources of income. This will inevitably make you think about creating a part-time business in addition to your regular job or even start to undertake full-time. But to do this, you have to consider your fears and defeat them. You will also have to learn to deal with new things and work in areas you are not familiar with.

3 – Lead.
Kiyosaki says that in a successful business, people count more than the product. This means that, if you want to reach the top, you need a good organization, leadership skills, an extensive network of contacts and a united team, rather than just a product or a service. You need to develop your personality and your leadership skills, because you are the one who will make your brand succeed.

4 – A team, brotherhood and common dreams.
Business is a team affair. People are important, they must be united by common dreams, values and similar way of thinking. This is an unstoppable force: people you meet, work with, those who are part of your personal and professional life.

5 – Realize that you don’t create wealth, but freedom.
Don’t think about numbers and results as if your goal was just to create a fortune. What you create is a project that will allow you, in the long run, to have a life in which you have time for yourself and your family, in which you like your job, and money is not your main concern or the main reason to get up in the morning. The real wealth is knowing that you will be able to deal easily with any problem or difficulty.

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Surely, you have done some of these things without knowing they are the quickest and the easiest ways to waste money.

1. Spending more than you earn.
Your income doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, and you are not doing anything about it. So, you should start saving, or that lifestyle will lead you to…
2. Getting into debt with loans.
You borrow money or pay for things in instalments that later you will have to pay with interest and commissions, making everything much more expensive.
3. Not saving.
You spend it all and you are on the brink of going bankrupt. You have to learn about the importance of having savings or creating a fund for the future or for emergencies.
4. Everyone knows how much you earn and how much you spend.
It’s not necessary to tell everyone what you do with your money. It exposes you and makes you vulnerable.
5. Letting you impulsiveness out to pick up the credit card.
Pretty clothes, a watch, that new iPhone… You’re using your credit card without even checking the inflow and outflow of money. And this rush of joy will turn into trouble next month. Instead, budget for a month and, if you have enough money, afford a small gift for yourself from time to time.
6. Refusing financial education.
Financial education helps you manage your money and get more out of it. Which brings us to the next point:
7. Paying someone to take your finances.
Unless you have large incomes and very little time to devote to your own finances, you should be able to take care of yourself. With a bit of financial education and a real interest in having control of your economy, you can manage to keep your accounts and also save money every month.


If you got to read my article about wolves and the leadership of the alphas, you know that being an alpha is not a privileged position of power, but a responsibility. And in humans, it should also be a position not only of responsibility, but of inspiration as well.

In the animal kingdom in general, the term “alpha” usually refers to the individual that stands out from the group, either by their strength, cleverness or survival skills. Those individuals usually lead the rest of the group in their search for shelter, water or food.

In humans, this concept changes.

When we speak of an alpha, we have usually refer to a man who is able to overwhelm others. I don’t like that concept very much. Mainly because I think an “alpha” should be someone who inspires, not intimidates. And fortunately, that concept of the alpha is changing, becoming more and more inspiring and worthy of admiration rather than daunting. The “alpha male” finally moves from being an aggressive figure to becoming a self-confident, skillful and responsible leader.

And I’m telling you all this because I want to talk about another concept which is less popular, but it exists.

The alpha woman.

An alpha woman or alpha female is noticeable for her initiative. She is the one who is willing to take a step forward to “test the ground” before her companions follow her steps.

An alpha woman doesn’t just have a plan, she has a goal that she will not give up.

If necessary, an alpha woman competes with others to achieve a desired goal, but she won’t do it just to maintain “a status.” That is, there is no such thing as a competition between alphas.

The alpha woman doesn’t need praise or approval, nor does she seek them. But she won’t reject those who seek support and inspiration in her.

If she has something important to say, she will say it straight away without being interrupted or cut off.

Alpha women are highly energetic, motivated and determined people who know what they want and that they deserve it. They know that it’s time to emerge from the shadow and stop apologizing for having goals of their own.

As you can see, we are not really different from an alpha woman, a woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, self-confident, with a great dream to fulfil and to fight for.

So how many alphas women are out there?

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When I got to become a Diamond it was an amazing feeling. I couldn’t express it with words. I had worked so hard to get it and I finally was there. And not only that, I had managed to become the first woman in the company to reach that rank. A double honor.

Many things have happened since then and I’ve congratulated many colleagues who reached that rank. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies …. but I still was the Diamond, every success of a member of my team was my pride. At some point I decided to take some time for myself, lowering the pace of events and doing some personal training of my body and mind. Because my goal was very clear ahead, but a part of me didn’t allow me to move forward as effective as I needed.

When you discover things like that the best is to take necessary measures as soon as possible, and fortunately, I did so.

After my period of thinking, education, training … I reappeared in August, feeling like a new version of myself, an improved one, more prepared, more focused. And you know what? It wasn’t just a feeling. I had actually managed to reach a new level of myself, a new version of myself. And now, after what happened in August and September, I realize that it was the right decision.

All the work, both on the Web and in myself, has paid off and I know it will give more in the future because I know that almost nothing can turn me away from what I really care about.


I am very happy to announce that I am finally a Blue Diamond. And if reaching a Diamond was amazing… it’s very hard to describe what I’m feeling right now. I have been focused on this goal for a long time and it’s simply amazing.

It is important to focus on a rank, to have the next one as a goal and to have plan to reach it. It’s very important! Because, if you see it clearly in your mind, you can get it.

I am very happy and very proud. And now, to the next goal! Black Diamond!


We all know the expression “alpha male” but we always use it in a wrong way. The term “alpha male” comes from wolf packs, but we apply it to people who actually don’t look like a real alpha male at all.

In our imagination, the alpha male is always an aggressive man who imposes his ideas on others and establishes his leadership by force, doing everything only in his own benefit, stepping over everything else. But the true alpha male is something different.

In wolf packs, leadership is carried out together with a partner: both the male and the female of a couple of power are authority figures. It’s a shame that we have such a violent and irrational image of wolves whereas they are creatures from which we could learn a lot.

The real Alfa.

The alpha male in a pack of wolves doesn’t impose his leadership upon the pack violently. Alpha, either male or female, is an individual who inspires confidence in its pack mates. If you are a wolf you can be born in a pack and be promoted to alpha because of your personality and your leadership skills. You can leave the pack, find a female and start your own pack, or you can join another pack as beta. Although it has long been speculated about how the packs are structured, it seems that in the end it doesn’t have much to do with power struggles but with being the most suitable individual for the job and having the respect of the pack. If “you’re” an alpha, the pack will follow you, not because they must, but because they want.

It’s interesting that we can find a social system based on trust, respect and responsibility in wild nature, within a species that we have always considered criminals.


Although the change of the leader can be made through a “ritual battle”, it’s not a real fight in which wolves measure their physical strength, as the leadership in a pack of wolves always depends on the personality. An ambitious wolf that tries to challenge the current leader without being supported by the pack won’t get the job, even if it’s bigger, stronger and more ferocious.

The mission of an alpha is mainly to keep the pack safe, united and well fed. So, for example, an alpha can be very active and aggressive while hunting and even take the first bites of the prey, but it will step back immediately and ensure that the whole pack is eating. It takes special care about the youngsters, either its own or those of the rest of the pack. An alpha never shows aggression to the rest of the pack or subdue them by force or threats. However, it shows its tough side in order to defend a member of the pack from external threats. Alpha is a true authority in all aspects and it is vital that the whole pack feels safe in presence of its alpha, adults as well as youngsters.

The couple of alphas doesn’t usually have a lot of privileges above the pack, but if they do, the privileges are first of all the right to choose the territory and start the hunt and breeding preference, but little else. Although the leaders of the pack may sometimes sleep at a higher spot, the rest of the pack “at its feet”, it is not really a superiority mark because in this way alpha can have a broader view of the surroundings, keeping the pack protected from possible rivals or other threats.

Although we don’t usually talk about it, the decisions of the alpha female are as important for the pack as those of the alpha male. In fact the alpha female can influence the whole pack as well as the male alpha would do.

What can we learn from the wolves?

This example is very clear and can be easily summarized. The leader of a team, as well as that of a pack, is primarily the one who knows how to gain support of the team, to be trusted by everyone. And how to keep that trust through responsible leadership when the best for the team is the goal.

Leadership is not a privilege but a responsibility, and those who know it best so far are not the humans, but the wolves.

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Esto no te lo esperabas, ¿verdad? En este capítulo de “Aprendiendo negocios de la naturaleza” hablaremos de los suricatos. Estos son unos animales bastante desconocidos que ganaron algo de popularidad con la película El Rey León (¿recuerdas a Timón y Pumba?) y que poco a poco se han abierto un rincón en el corazón de los enamorados de la naturaleza.

Son pequeños, adorables y parecen realmente frágiles, aunque viven en terrenos peligrosos, rodeados de depredadores. Nadie se atrevería a apostar que son capaces de sobrevivir a los terribles peligros del desierto del Kalahari, ¡pero lo hacen!

¿Y cómo lo hacen?

Gracias a la confianza.

meerkat_watcher_by_motherblessing-d542t4a (1)Los suricatos son animales con un sistema social complejo basado completamente en la cooperación. En una colonia de suricatos podemos distinguir a un grupo de individuos que se dedican a tareas concretas, como la vigilancia y alimentación de las crías.

Solo algunos primates y elefantes asiáticos son capaces de identificar a un compañero por su voz, ¡pero ellos también lo hacen! Y tienen llamadas especiales que solo usan en el desarrollo de éstas tareas.

Pero esto no es todo y es que, mientras sus compañeros se alimentan, un miembro de la colonia, conocido como centinela, está atento a cualquier señal de peligro y ellos confían ciegamente en él, que les alerta si hay alguna para que puedan ponerse a salvo.

Antes de salir de caza (son animales carnívoros) se reúnen para asearse los unos a los otros. Ésta muestra de cordialidad suele durar media hora o más hasta que parten.

Cuando el alimento escasea, el grupo se mantiene unido y se marcha a una nueva zona, donde construyen juntos un nuevo refugio para todos.

Aprendiendo negocios de los suricatos

Seas un tiburón de los negocios o alguien que está empezando y se siente aún débil y perdido, lo más importante es que puedas confiar en tu equipo. Que cada uno tenga claras sus habilidades y su papel dentro del grupo.

Y, si eres un tiburón de los negocios, ¡protege a tu equipo! Incluso los más débiles, juntos pueden ser un equipo fuerte y estarán ahí para ti con total confianza si les demuestras que eres digno de ella.

La motivación y la comunicación con tu equipo es esencial para trabajar y, 30 minutos de ánimos entre compañeros, pueden convertir un grupo de suricatos en tiburones del desierto.

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Ya os hablé de la importancia de buscar pequeños trucos que nos mantuvieran motivados para trabaja cuando toca trabajar, no dejarnos llevar por la falta de horarios y crearnos una serie de hábitos sanos que se transformen en parte de nuestra rutina natural.

Pues aquí traigo otro puñado de consejos para mejorar la motivación, que el tiempo de trabajo nos cunda más y seamos aún más felices desarrollándolo.

¡Tu Banda Sonora!
Ya sea de camino a una reunión, mientras repasas tu lista de tareas, organizas tu agenda y los datos de tus contactos, o simplemente te pones un café por la mañana para arrancar, ponte algo de música. Música que te guste, claro, alguno de tus artistas favoritos. Pero además, lo ideal es que sea música que te recargue de energía que te ayude a la concentración y te ponga de buen humor.

Ayuda a otros.
Comparte tu experiencia y se de utilidad para tus compañeros o para quien quiera empezar aprendiendo de ti. No sólo estarás contribuyendo, sino que además, el impacto positivo que tengas en los demás, también tiene un impacto positivo en ti mismo. Eso mejora tu confianza y te das cuenta de que el trabajo que haces tiene un valor y tienes buenas capacidades y habilidades que son de inspiración para otros.

Su algo va mal, piensa.
Las cosas no te salen, y tienes que asumir que hacer lo mismo mil veces de la misma manera, dará mil veces el mismo resultado, salvo algún golpe de suerte muy extraño. Así que si estás atascado, párate y piensa. A lo mejor sólo tienes que respirar, enfocarlo de otro modo y probar otra manera, y lo demás, ya fluirá.

No olvides tus metas.
Tienes tus metas a corto y a largo plazo en tu mente. Pues sácalas de tu mente y ponlas a la vista. Ya sea una frase, una foto, o un dibujo que simbolice esa meta concreta que te anima todos los días a seguir adelante, úsalo. Pon esa meta, ese símbolo de esa meta, cerca de dónde sueles organizarte, o llévala contigo.

Imagínate el éxito.
Imagina que el plan en el que estás trabajando ahora mismo… ¡hasta sale bien! Aunque probablemente esté bien que estés preparado para adaptarte a que no todo ha de salir como esperas, no hacemos las cosas para que salgan mal ¿verdad? Mantener una idea de que vamos a conseguir lo que queremos con un proyecto, o que esta reunión o este evento que tenemos planificado va a ir como la seda, es un pensamiento de lo más normal y sano. Pensar que voy a lograr mi meta más inmediata y tal como yo quería, me ayuda a seguir trabajando en ella. Pensar en que todas mis metas acabarán cumpliéndose y lograré el éxito. No se trata de pensamiento positivo vacío, no estoy ignorando que pueda haber problemas, simplemente asumo que todo este trabajo que hago es con un fin concreto y ese fin concreto va a ser magnífico. Además esos momentos en los que te ves a ti mismo lográndolo te dan un subidón, justo el que necesitabas ahora.

Y, por supuesto, ¡celebra tus éxitos!
Cada logro es importante. Cada pequeño logro es en si mismo un éxito total, además de un pequeño paso a un éxito mayor. Simplemente por lo lejos que has llegado ya, y cada día, tras ver lo que has logrado hacer ese mismo día… anímate, felicítate y cuéntate a ti mismo que estás hoy un poquito más cerca de la cima que ayer.


Vivir sin preocuparnos por las facturas, las deudas, sin pensar si podremos tener la nevera llena y los libros y la ropa de los niños para el cole. Vivir sin hacer números constantemente y recortar de aquí para poder pagar aquello. Poder encender la calefacción en invierno sin pensar si eso va a hacer que no puedas pagar la hipoteca o el alquiler. Todo eso es un tipo de libertad muy concreto, es la libertad para vivir sin preocupaciones sobre lo material, para vivir solamente pensando en lo importante que es tu desarrollo, tu vida, y la de tu familia. Eso es lo que llamamos libertad financiera.

Aunque siendo más concretos, hay quien mide la libertad financiera dependiendo del siguiente factor: Si mañana mismo dejaras tu trabajo, ¿Cuánto tiempo podrías mantener tus necesidades cubiertas?

No se trata de riqueza. La libertad financiera no tiene nada que ver lujos y excesos, si no con la libertad de vivir bien. Es una riqueza, si, en tiempo, en bienestar, en salud, en amor… Es tener la capacidad de disfrutar de la vida tal como es. Así que por otro lado, la libertad financiera significa que tus ganancias para cubrir gastos y necesidades no requieren un elevado coste en tu tiempo.

Tener libertad financiera también significa saber administrarte, ya que tener un buen colchón de ingresos o ahorros no significa que empieces a derrochar. Una buena gestión de tus ahorros puede darte una libertad mayor y una libertad mayor significará una mejor calidad de vida.

¿Cómo conseguirla?
Pues la respuesta es muy sencilla. Necesitas un trabajo nuevo. Necesitas un trabajo que te permita ser persona y no un simple engranaje de la maquinaria y que te genere ingresos aun cuando estés tomándote un día libre con tu familia. Por eso el network marketing es un buen ejemplo de un trabajo que da libertad financiera, ya que puedes dedicarle el tiempo que tu quieras dedicarle. Es un trabajo muy social y agradecido para la mente y el ánimo en el que puedes tomarte tiempo para conocer a tus clientes o tus posibles asociados y despreocuparte por hacer determinadas ventas o no. Al final, las cosas irán marchando, los productos irán fluyendo y tu estarás viendo los frutos de tu trabajo mientras tomas un café, mientras disfrutas del tiempo en familia, o mientras descubres nuevas amistades.

Además, hablemos de trabajos y trabajos. No es lo mismo un trabajo que te pida un horario estricto, una serie de horas inflexibles y constantes, haciendo algo que ni siquiera te gusta, en un entorno que not e agrada, con compañeros que no soportas. Y pensando en llegar a casa, en coger vacaciones y olvidarte del trabajo por un tiempo. No es lo mismo que hacer un trabajo en el que tu decides cómo repartir tus horas, con quien hablar, con quien trabajar, dónde trabajar y cómo hacerlo. Tu tienes un producto, o una idea, o un proyecto y tienes que darle salida, ponerlo en movimiento y que se venda o se comparta. Pero tu escoges cómo, no desde una oficina, una tienda física, no de tal hora a tal hora y con un descansito para comer.

Esto también forma parte de la libertad financiera. No debe ser sólo la capacidad de poder vivir sin trabajar, si no poder trabajar sin dejar de vivir. La libertad financiera también puede significar trabajar bajo tus condiciones y ganar dinero sin sacrificar tu vida personal, y trabajando de forma en que adores tu trabajo. Que disfrutes haciéndolo. Ese es un detalle importante, uno pequeño, pero que lo puede cambiar todo.