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I could say that this is an especially important topic in Network Marketing, but I think it would be far more accurate to say that it’s an important issue in life in general. Think Network Marketing is a business whose main foundation and primary skill  is knowing how to develop human relationships, and human relationships in turn are also the essential basis of everything else in our lives, or at least everything that really matters.

And to develop good relationships, you have to take into account that, while looking for the best for yourself and getting rid of negative relationships is always good, thinking only and exclusively in your own benefit is what destroys everything good.

Our teams have a truly immeasurable value in our work as networkers, as well as in our life in general because of what they can contribute to our personal development. And our responsibility as both team leaders and colleagues is to foster and encourage the spirit of teamwork, to develop a sense of “us” that counteracts the noxious feeling of “ego”, which spoils relationships and projects.


I won’t analyse the use of this term in psychology, but the effect of the phenomenon of “ego” and “selfishness” on human relationships.

The ego is a false feeling of being different from other people in a way that you consider yourself superior to them. This thought also leads you to think that everything negative that happens to you is always the fault of others, since “it cannot be me, because I make no mistakes.” The problem with this mindset is that, if you cannot recognize your mistakes, you will never learn from them or overcome them, and you will always get on badly with people around you. It’s a type of mentality that encourages aggressive competitiveness without principles. Something that can never go together with teamwork.

The ego leads to jealousy and selfishness. To never being able to rejoice at the achievements of others. But it’s also the fastest way to self-sabotage, since the ego pushes you to get isolated from others and to bring back the mistakes of the past.

I don’t want you to confuse each one’s individuality and solitary races with the ego, because the ego is a mentality in which only one person is important over others.


It’s not necessary to leave your own identity aside and neglect your own individual needs so as to understand the mentality of the US. You only need to understand that you are not alone in this world and that the way to success is not a solitary path. What links us to each other has always been a necessary force for survival, for living a full and active life, as well as for today’s business. The model of competition and stomping is obsolete, and it’s something that we should be happy about. Collaboration is what leads to greatness.

The US concept means valuing friendship and forgiveness, knowing how to create unity among people with similar dreams and needs. It’s being able to feel happy about the success of your colleague. It’s exchanging gratitude and mutual happiness among several people. You don’t lose your importance or power, because we all matter, and together we have more power than separately. We live in the present and we hope for a better tomorrow, which we know we can create together.

In Network Marketing, the team is much more important than any of us individually, and that is something we must process and accept to embrace the “US”. We together are wonderful and unstoppable.


This slogan can be applied just as well to any type of business or any organizational structure. The concept is very simple: if your team is happy, everything works better.

However, that shouldn’t be the only reason for you to want your team to be happy. Working with people requires being in touch with the most human side of ourselves, the most social and empathic one.
So, you want a happy team that loves their work more and more every day, and as a consequence you will also have a more successful team. But to achieve that, what should we do?

1. Get to know them. Get to know the members of your team personally, show a sincere interest and desire to understand how they are and what motivates them. Find out about their reasons and the challenges they have had to overcome.

2. You need to understand that everybody learns in a different way, and even if you have a simple and easily duplicable training system, you should always be willing to adapt so as to reach everyone.

3. Show your human side. Convey to your team that you are a human, that you understand them and that you have also had failures. Allow yourself to be a person with feelings and don’t limit your interaction with the team to a cold professional relationship. A team has to be a great family. Be someone they can trust and who they can talk to without fear of being judged.

4. Always recognize achievements and give constructive criticism. Celebrate the achievements of your team members and encourage them to move forward. This is important for two reasons: Firstly, because we all need to feel that our work is valued, and it’s fair to do so. Secondly, because to lead them in their learning, you will have to point out their mistakes. It’s necessary to keep growing, and you should do it in a professional and constructive way. No one will feel happy with their work if they are only spoken to to say what is wrong.

5. Encourage personal growth and development. Give advice on personal development, organize special trainings and encourage your team members to invest time in creating themselves.

6. Always be clear. Ask clearly and guide clearly. Express yourself appropriately and don’t give vague or loaded guidelines and recommendations. It’s not worth letting things slide waiting for someone to understand them, it’s not fair leadership. Tell them in person what you expect from them and what you see for them in the future.

7. Build a team and create links. Take every opportunity you have to meet with several members of your team at the same time and create a true connection between all of you.

There can be many more ways to bring happiness to a team, but starting with these, from the leader’s responsibility, we can surely create a good environment for a united, happy and unstoppable team.

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Let’s talk for a moment about our habits as networkers and how we ourselves can make the industry a little better. Sometimes we may lose our enthusiasm, and there are habits that don’t benefit us personally as networkers, as well as other colleagues or ours.
This goes about how we convey what Network Marketing means in our own words and or with our actions. And I say this because it’s true that your colleagues in the industry may at some point have said something not very beneficial for encouraging people to take the business seriously. Even I probably made some mistakes at the beginning, like everyone else. You may as well.

– Don’t overpraise.
Network Marketing is wonderful, I know. I know it because I live with it every day, and it is one of the best decisions I could ever make. It changed my life completely, and now I have a life that I couldn’t not even have dared to dream about.
But I didn’t achieve it in the first month. Neither in the second. Neither in the third… What I mean is that you shouldn’t say that it’s easy, because it’s not. Network Marketing is something wonderful, but for those who are willing to invest time, patience, a lot of effort and desire to learn for months. It may be worth speaking about the harsh reality and to frighten those who won’t be able to cope with it so as not to keep discouraging people who don’t realize that they are only in the process of learning, that they are not doing badly or this business is not for them.

– Meet people, but don’t chase them.
You must be open to meeting many people, creating contacts and building relationships. But both you and the person should be open to it. So if you see that someone is reluctant to the idea, it’s better not to insist. It may be difficult for you at first to distinguish between someone who has really been busy the last three times you were to talk and someone who don’t want to talk. A clue: if you are really interested in something, you’re never busy enough to dedicate it a few minutes of your time. In addition, we must differentiate between being persevering and being annoying, which is something we don’t want to be.

– Don’t argue, it doesn’t work.
You know that your business works. When you find someone who, besides not having any interest, insists that it’s not a real job or that it’s not a legitimate business, it’s better to turn away and spend your time doing something more productive. Because that person will not change their mind, no matter how much information you give them.
This type of narrow-minded people focused only on their own opinion exist in almost any subject. There are people who can deny that gravity exists, even if you keep dropping things to the ground in front of their own eyes. You’re not going to get them to change, but you might lose your temper, which doesn’t suit you at all. You know that they are wrong, so that’s all, keep living your life and building your business.

– Online and Offline Control.
Basic manners: Don’t enter into arguments, don’t disqualify or rage against another company of the same sector. And don’t post things on the Internet without control and in a massive and invasive way. I know you want to make contacts, but that will only scare them.

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If you are already part of this fantastic industry of Network Marketing, you are already familiar with the notion of duplication. But if you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand it well enough, let me explain it here.

Duplication is the act of teaching new distributors about the network marketing mechanisms and tools and showing them how to work. And when those distributors get trained enough, they will also be able to transmit this knowledge to newcomers. You duplicate the technique, the system, but in the end, each person will put it into practice with their own special touch. Because, although we all learn the same things, we can do it in different ways so as to stand out and to take the liberty of being who we really want to be in this business, which makes it possible.

The art and power of duplication lie in your sincere desire to create new careers, to empower people, to help them discover and increase their talents. You should really care about them feeling as happy and comfortable as possible when they first come into the industry. Starting in network marketing may be hard and frustrating at an early stage, so it’s very important that we, the leaders, the mentors, the sponsors, don’t make it even harder with unproductive training or lack of interest.

What we need is the power of good duplication loaded with a lot of positive energy.

If you are a mentor, what can you do for effective and positive duplication?
You begin by planning a meeting at which to teach the basics. Either in person or per Skype, if you and your students cannot go to the same place. It’s necessary to dedicate time to people, so that from the first day, they get a general idea about the work they are going to do and the product they are going to deal with.

Don’t wait too long to organize the first training, either individually or in groups. Once you start taking action, don’t hesitate. During your first training sessions, you can set some tasks, or challenges, if you prefer to call them that way (it’s more stimulating than “homework”), so that your students begin to put into practice what you have taught. Practice is the only way to master any technique.

Duplication doesn’t end after just having explained to new people what they should do and how to do it. You should carry out continual follow-up, encourage them to go to your events or to organize their own, which you should attend. Keep providing training sessions even when your distributors have already set up their businesses.


Do you know what financial freedom is? It’s when you don’t ever worry about money. We live in a world where we inevitably need money to cover all our needs, to have a warm house in winter, clean water and food on the table. We need health care and to be able to pay for treatments and medicines. Children’s clothing that fits and is suitable for their age. And education.

Maybe, money doesn’t bring us happiness. But the lack of it causes us many problems: the stress of not knowing how to pay for your child’s orthodontic treatment, or if your car breaks down, so you will have to find money to fix it… Those things don’t get along with happiness.

Financial freedom is to create a life situation in which these things don’t matter any more, and you can do whatever you want, without your life being an endless race to pay the bills.
In order to reach this point, there is a formula developed by Robert Kiyosaki, a very intelligent gentleman, who you may have heard of. The elements of the formula are the pillars that support your financial freedom. Here are the main and most obvious of these pillars.

1 – Financial education.
It’s a kind of education that you don’t get in schools. It will help you understand the world economic system that affects your mortgage, your credits, your savings account. You really need this information, because what you have been doing with money is what prevents you from being free to live.

2 – Personal development.
In addition to learning to manage your money, to be financially free, you have to find other sources of income. This will inevitably make you think about creating a part-time business in addition to your regular job or even start to undertake full-time. But to do this, you have to consider your fears and defeat them. You will also have to learn to deal with new things and work in areas you are not familiar with.

3 – Lead.
Kiyosaki says that in a successful business, people count more than the product. This means that, if you want to reach the top, you need a good organization, leadership skills, an extensive network of contacts and a united team, rather than just a product or a service. You need to develop your personality and your leadership skills, because you are the one who will make your brand succeed.

4 – A team, brotherhood and common dreams.
Business is a team affair. People are important, they must be united by common dreams, values and similar way of thinking. This is an unstoppable force: people you meet, work with, those who are part of your personal and professional life.

5 – Realize that you don’t create wealth, but freedom.
Don’t think about numbers and results as if your goal was just to create a fortune. What you create is a project that will allow you, in the long run, to have a life in which you have time for yourself and your family, in which you like your job, and money is not your main concern or the main reason to get up in the morning. The real wealth is knowing that you will be able to deal easily with any problem or difficulty.

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Surely, you have done some of these things without knowing they are the quickest and the easiest ways to waste money.

1. Spending more than you earn.
Your income doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, and you are not doing anything about it. So, you should start saving, or that lifestyle will lead you to…
2. Getting into debt with loans.
You borrow money or pay for things in instalments that later you will have to pay with interest and commissions, making everything much more expensive.
3. Not saving.
You spend it all and you are on the brink of going bankrupt. You have to learn about the importance of having savings or creating a fund for the future or for emergencies.
4. Everyone knows how much you earn and how much you spend.
It’s not necessary to tell everyone what you do with your money. It exposes you and makes you vulnerable.
5. Letting you impulsiveness out to pick up the credit card.
Pretty clothes, a watch, that new iPhone… You’re using your credit card without even checking the inflow and outflow of money. And this rush of joy will turn into trouble next month. Instead, budget for a month and, if you have enough money, afford a small gift for yourself from time to time.
6. Refusing financial education.
Financial education helps you manage your money and get more out of it. Which brings us to the next point:
7. Paying someone to take your finances.
Unless you have large incomes and very little time to devote to your own finances, you should be able to take care of yourself. With a bit of financial education and a real interest in having control of your economy, you can manage to keep your accounts and also save money every month.


If you got to read my article about wolves and the leadership of the alphas, you know that being an alpha is not a privileged position of power, but a responsibility. And in humans, it should also be a position not only of responsibility, but of inspiration as well.

In the animal kingdom in general, the term “alpha” usually refers to the individual that stands out from the group, either by their strength, cleverness or survival skills. Those individuals usually lead the rest of the group in their search for shelter, water or food.

In humans, this concept changes.

When we speak of an alpha, we have usually refer to a man who is able to overwhelm others. I don’t like that concept very much. Mainly because I think an “alpha” should be someone who inspires, not intimidates. And fortunately, that concept of the alpha is changing, becoming more and more inspiring and worthy of admiration rather than daunting. The “alpha male” finally moves from being an aggressive figure to becoming a self-confident, skillful and responsible leader.

And I’m telling you all this because I want to talk about another concept which is less popular, but it exists.

The alpha woman.

An alpha woman or alpha female is noticeable for her initiative. She is the one who is willing to take a step forward to “test the ground” before her companions follow her steps.

An alpha woman doesn’t just have a plan, she has a goal that she will not give up.

If necessary, an alpha woman competes with others to achieve a desired goal, but she won’t do it just to maintain “a status.” That is, there is no such thing as a competition between alphas.

The alpha woman doesn’t need praise or approval, nor does she seek them. But she won’t reject those who seek support and inspiration in her.

If she has something important to say, she will say it straight away without being interrupted or cut off.

Alpha women are highly energetic, motivated and determined people who know what they want and that they deserve it. They know that it’s time to emerge from the shadow and stop apologizing for having goals of their own.

As you can see, we are not really different from an alpha woman, a woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, self-confident, with a great dream to fulfil and to fight for.

So how many alphas women are out there?

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