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Last Saturday, November 12, I said goodbye to Mexico and promised to come back. The last stop in this wonderful trip was San Juan del Rio, in Querétaro.

The meeting with the attendees took place in a hotel called “Hotel Hacienda La Venta”, a place that for centuries has been a luxurious private house, a “hacienda”. The place had a special charm, old and modern things were mixed up. It was a place that adapted to the time and continued there. And that is something that inspires me, especially when it comes to concepts so important for me at this point in my life.

We made the presentation in a small but cosy room. A warm environment was created both by the walls that surrounded us and by the people who came and participated.

That event was the last of a series of small but important events. And, considering all the events, I can say that I have reached a thousand people. I have spoken in front of about a thousand people and I have interacted with more than a thousand people in these two frantic but wonderful weeks.

Many cities, many memorable places and many kilometres between one place and the next. And all those kilometres have been for good. I would drive each and every one of those kilometres again. Moreover, I’m sure that I will return soon.

Now it’s time to go home and have some rest, before the work continues.


The first half of the Mexican tour has already passed, and there is another half to enjoy. Although it’s being a very intense tour, full of events, activities, trips, and I hardly have time to slow down and have rest, it really isn’t a big deal. This tour is a great motivation, I’m in very high spirits and looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

I still have to cover half of the Mexican territory and I’m very excited to visit all those places that are still to tick in my list.

The most recent point on the map was Guadalajara, a big interior city where everyone can feel a wonderful atmosphere of friendliness and familiarity.

One of the most important and most representative monuments of Guadalajara is the statue of the goddess Minerva (O Athena, in Greek mythology). Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, is the symbol of intellect and wisdom. It’s a powerful figure of a brave woman, which guards this city (as the engraving at her feet indicates).

I mention this classical mythology goddess, who is wise, noble, strong, just, she is a strategist. This image represents sensibility and courage. It also seems to represent the people of Guadalajara, who are brave, daring, curious, ambitious and resolute. Those people accompanied me in this most recent event and shared with me this wonderful feeling. All those people who have decided to take a step forward in their lives. I’m very thankful to them for their time and I congratulate them for all the great decisions they are going to take from now on.

And now, on the way to Ciudad del Carmen, full of excitement and surprisingly full of energies.



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Thursday was a very fussy and exciting day for the Mexico team and for me personally.

On the one hand, we had a training session, in which the important points were the OneAcademy packages and applications and, of course, the latest catalogue unit, the MAB. It’s extremely important for us to understand all the characteristics and features of this tool, because it’s something that represents a landmark in the technological and virtual world, today and tomorrow. And it will help us grow and develop the OneLife community.

On the other hand, we celebrated the opening of a partners’ office in Delicias, Chichuaha. We have our own little IMAs corner in this city now, a place where to deal with users and to meet with members… In short, it’s our own space in Mexico, open to the public, and another home for us.


And you know what else?

Well, we were on the radio! Up to four interviews for various news programmes on the topic of the inauguration, in which we could share our vision, our plans, answer questions…

It was just frantic: one thing after another, working relentlessly. But all these things were wonderful and exciting. And radio has been a new happy experience for me.

And all this when the tour is just beginning! There remains much to be done and much to tell.

See you at the next event!


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Paris is a city with its own unique charm. It’s a fusion of many different and diverse cultures which all together make a spectacular and surprising impression in all the senses. It’s a place I could visit every month without getting tired the least, but becoming more eager for it and more motivated. And not only because France in general and Paris in particular are places that conquer once you walk their streets, but also because here I can feel the incredible potential of their people, especially young people, who are willing to give their best, to take on the world, to change everything.

France is still an unexplored market, and yet we find here a highly qualified team, experienced leaders and a strong motivation for working together in order to make our digital currency gain more value and become a strong and globally prevailing reserve cryptocurrency.

It was at Saturday’s event when I realized the real scope of Parisian leadership. We organized an intense training session in two languages ​​(French and Chinese) for local leaders. They were very excited, motivated and full of energy, doing their best to absorb the knowledge and to improve. Those leaders showed great commitment to OneLife and our global cryptocurrency project. Therefore, these people have my full support in their work. My commitment to people like that is absolute, even more – 101%.

During the training session we were able to share different views and different lines of work. That brainstorm was necessary to discover good ideas, which we could study and develop in a constructive discussion, always with utmost professionalism and at the same time in a friendly family atmosphere. It was an incredible feeling produced by people with so much potential. And the best part is that all these ideas and all these lines always end up adopting a common direction: the growth of OneLife and of the OneCoins value.

There is nothing else to be said, I would like to send best regards and many thanks to the whole team and to Paris for everything we are achieving.

Next time I go to Paris, it will surely shine even more with sparkles of all those diamonds that are still rough.


¡Atento México! ¡Una quincena de network marketing sin descanso! Mariana López de Waard te trae su oportunidad y su liderazgo en una serie de fechas por todo el país mexicano. ¡Mira el vídeo y toma nota porque hay fechas nuevas!


We are still in Athens concluding this epic saga of inspiration and success.

The day was dedicated to extensive leadership training. Take a look at the photos and you will see how many Greek leaders were striving to become even better leaders. Look at them taking notes and asking right questions.

What’s more, many of these leaders celebrated some new achievements of theirs today, which is a good reason to be proud of themselves while staying focused and motivated, thinking about the next goal. I would like to congratulate all these leaders and I also have to say that I feel proud to be part of this event at which I can see and enjoy the achievements as if they were my own.

I have to continue my tour and leave Greece. I have seen strong leadership in this land and it boosts me to continue my journey.

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