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Health, happiness and success are completely intertwined in our lives. By boosting some areas of your daily life, you will reinforce others as well. So, on your way to success, never forget to do it in a healthy way, in a positive way…

It is as simple as to pick up habits so as to make you healthier, happier and more productive… And in general, more successful.

  • Always eat breakfast and avoid bingeing or snacking on unhealthy things. Begin the morning with energy and with a good balance.
  • Eat healthier, your body and your mind will thank you. There are too many toxic things we eat that make us feel more tired, even though you think they are richer.
  • Drink more water. Are you able to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? More hydration also means more vitality and more concentration.
  • Laugh whenever you can and smile at others.
  • Seize the day from early in the morning and go for a walk with the first light in the street. It is a natural and healthy way to “charge the batteries”.
  • Try new things; get out of your comfort zone more often.
  • You are never really too busy so as not to be able to stop to eat something healthy, to pay attention to your loved ones or to talk to someone who needs your help.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. You are not like anyone else, and no one else is like you.
  • Be organized and tidy. Well-organized spaces help clear your mind, and being able to find something in a few seconds helps save time.
  • Sleep well: not too much, not too little. And learn to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock, after a few regular hours of sleep. It will take you much less to be active and clear every day once you get it right.
  • Worry less about the things you cannot fix, and even less about the things you can fix, just fix them.
  • Try to listen more and never interrupt others.
  • There are times when you have to turn off the phone.
  • And enjoy more small moments and daily joys.
  • Treat yourself to something you like once in a while, give yourself a present at special moments.
  • Think positive and speak positive.
  • Don’t be cruel to others, nor judge them.
  • Do something for your goal every day, and the earlier you do the most important things or the hardest, the better.
  • And above all, never stop dreaming.

If you are already working to change your life and you are in the process of going for your goal, these rules will be much more than useful; they will be vital.

These are the rules that you must self-impose so as to keep the wind blowing in the sales of your boat, to keep running the engine that drives you on the road to success.

Rule number 1: Work without stopping.

Well, of course you can stop, have rest, and take time for your family. But one of the most important things to boost your business is that you spend many hours working and put lots of perseverance in the first few months. This is the part where you are building yourself as a networker and where you are discovering what you are like in the business. Massive action may seem exhausting, but it is necessary in the process and will help you have results as soon as possible.

Rule number 2: If you are confident and believe in yourself, there is at least one person who already does.

It shouldn’t matter too much if they tell you that you don’t have what it takes or that you have your head in the clouds. Trust yourself; believe that if you’re not good at something, it is because you still have to learn more; and that if you’re good at something, you can improve it even more. Believe in yourself, and others will open their eyes. In addition, your confidence in yourself will make things much easier: your confidence will reflect on how other people see you and will open more doors.

Rule number 3: Farewell to negativity, and negative people.

This rule has a lot to do with the previous one. You must let go negative thoughts, pessimism and listening to people who only tell you negative things. Replace it with educational and self-improvement activities, things that make you happy, more prepared and confident to continue the journey.

Rule number 4: Don’t be afraid of failure.

The fear of failure can become an obsession that prevents you from taking the most important steps. Instead, failure is a natural thing in the process of growing better. Allow yourself to fail, and you will act knowing that you are going to get it right… or you will learn.

Rule number 5: Break some rules!

Not these, of course. It is about relaxing from time to time, not wanting to do everything strictly according to the textbook and giving yourself some free time to discover other ways.


Happiness is not the end of the road; it’s not the final prize we must win. Happiness is, in fact, the mood that should be natural in all people. And it is also one of the best tools to fulfil your dreams, plans and make other people happy too.

Happiness is a raw material that we use to create thousands of wonderful things in life. But as a material, it needs space. It needs a lot of space where to be able to grow, to be able to create. But we are constantly stuffing that space with other things that don’t do us any good.

If you want to make more room for happiness to grow and help you grow, you have to set yourself free…

From the opinions of other people.

Constantly trying to meet the expectations of others and not your own ones is a very suffocating way of living. It doesn’t leave room for your dreams, nor even to breathe calmly in your own skin. Break free from the need to live according to the opinions of others, so you can be free to discover how you really want to live your life.

From the past.

The past has already happened. It had its good things and its bad things, but you shouldn’t live those good past things again and again so as not to face the control of your future. Nor can you constantly avoid negative memories to keep yourself from making decisions or moving forward. The past is there to know where we come from, to see the way travelled, to learn from the good and from the bad, but always looking forward, not backward.

From fear.

The fear of “what if I’m wrong?” The fear of “what if I’m not good enough?” And all those fears that become anxiety about the future. If you’re wrong, you’ll learn something. If you’re not good enough, it is because you were not fully prepared, not because you will never achieve it. All those questions have their answer, and the answer is that it’s ok. Because no matter what happens, there will always be another opportunity, another day, and any setback only makes you stronger. Stop fearing and you will begin to experience, to grow and to live.

From criticism.

You cannot have a positive and happy life if you have negative and destructive behaviour towards others. Stop judging and criticizing and save that energy to create positive changes in your life and in that of those around you.

From excuses.

There is no excuse, be responsible for what you do and what you don’t do. If you can change something, change it.

From mourning.

If you have time to complain about it, you have time to find a solution. Activate the most positive part of your brain, always look for solutions and your problems will cease to exist because they will no longer be problems, just puzzles to solve.

From the restrictions.

Not only the limits that you set mentally with your insecurities, but also the bonds that you create when you decide to make a plan that has no room for change. From those walls that you create around yourself when you want everything to work out in a very strict way and you are not flexible, when you are not open to change. You restrict your path to a single straight line when life is something larger and full of infinite paths and intersections.

Get rid of all that and you will be able to enjoy life much more and able to make any project a reality. You will stop seeing the negative side in situations and in people; you will have a more creative and resolute mind. You will see the world full of infinite possibilities. And you will be happier and, consequently, much more successful.


Jorge Bucay is an Argentinean writer and therapist. He defines himself as a “professional helper”, and through his lectures as well as with his books and his short stories, he offers some tools for us to help ourselves, heal and fly high.

One of his best known stories is called “The Wings Are For Flying”, and it is about the risks we must take in life and points out that when we back down is when we are most likely to fail. But… I better share it.


When he got older, his father said to him:

-My son: not everyone is born with wings. No one is forcing you to fly, but I think it would be a shame for you to limit yourself to walking when God gave you wings.

-But I don’t know how to fly – replied the son.

-True… – said the father. And so he led his son on foot up a mountain to the edge of an abyss.

-Do you see, my son? It’s empty. When you want to fly, come here, take a deep breath and jump. Once in the air, you’ll spread your wings and fly.

The son had doubts.

-What if I fall?

-Although you will fall, you won’t die. When your cuts and bruises heal, you will be stronger for the next attempt.- the father answered.

The son went back to town to see his friends, whom he had walked with all his life.

The most close-minded ones said to him: Are you crazy? Why? Your father has gone half-mad… Why do you need to fly? What’s it good for? Forget it…

His best friend tried to reason with him: Even if your father is right, it’s too dangerous! Wouldn’t it be better to start more slowly? …from the top of the stairs or from up on a tree, but… from a cliff?

This advice made sense to him, so he climbed a tree and summoning all of his courage, he jumped. He spread his wings, and beat them with all his might but fell awkwardly to the ground.

Walking along with a big bump on his forehead, he saw his father.

-You lied to me! – he said- I can’t fly. I tried, and look what happened. Look at this bruise! I’m not like you. My wings are just for decoration.

-My son – said the father – In order to fly you have to create space in the open air so that your wings can really spread out. It’s like a parachute. They only work from a high altitude.

To fly you have to begin taking risks.

If you don’t want to, maybe the best thing is just to give up, and keep walking forever.


In this story, we see how the worst thing the son could do was to listen to those who told him he wouldn’t be able to fly, so he took a very low risk without really believing. Here Bucay also speaks to us about the fear of the new, the changes and how people transmit that fear to others.

In the end, if you want to fly you have to spread your wings, trust your possibilities and be yourself, make our own decisions and not let fears of those who have never tried invade you.



I’m pretty sure that you, whoever you are and whatever the age is, who is reading my article right now, have tried at least a couple of diets throughout your life. And it’s likely that you still have the temptation to try some new one for the sake of your health, or maybe even your shape.

As for that, I can tell you that the true diet that can best come to your body is simply one in which you pay attention to what you are really eating and what it brings to your body and your health. It is always about avoiding that which is toxic to us in one way or another.

But in our life in general, we could also do something similar.

What if I put my whole life on a diet? You may experience a radical change in it.

How can I put my life on a diet? It’s very easy, we just have to reach a balance between things that suit us and make us feel good and those that don’t’ suit us. There are toxic elements that we can avoid in our lives, just as we would avoid those we know to be bad for our health.

– Negative thoughts:
Stop feeding your brain with bad thoughts. Negativity has a big and horrible impact on your life. It takes away your energy, then make yourself believe that everything is worse than it seems and doesn’t let you enjoy the achievements and good things about your everyday life. Negative thoughts also make you lose focus or even undermine your plans!

– Negative people:
Nothing is more toxic to your new vital state than the people who are going to fill your head with their negativity, criticizing everything you do and scuttering your dreams. There are people who will never let you fly high and who try to keep you within a false and grey reality. The worst thing is that they do it because they think they should. And there are also people who are simply toxic by themselves.
You have to put an end to that, call the attention of those who want to change their “intake of bad thoughts,” and if they don’t want to change… you will be better off without listening to their negative comments every day.

– Insecurity:
It’s difficult to get rid of the insecurity since it’s something that lies within us, that is implanted deeply and always accompanies us. It’s a negative part of us that doesn’t let us be who we are meant to be, because we think we don’t deserve it. Learn to value yourself more, to believe more in your talents and in what you already have to offer.

What we can add to our diet of life:

– Knowledge:
Adds new skills and experiences that will also help keep insecurities away and our self-esteem well up. Besides that, it will give us a possibility to be better at our work and will bring positive results in the long term.

– Positivity:
Positivity is not thinking that everything will turn out well without having to do anything, or ignore problems or conflicts. Positivity is to be able to focus on the solution rather than the problem itself.

– Gratitude:
Add a few hints of gratitude every day. Be thankful for what you have today and the people who support you, for every night and day, for what has gone well during the day. And you will see that it will always outnumber what may not have worked out so well. We must stop putting the whole focus always on the wrong side.

Try this diet without skipping a single day for at least a month, and you will see how your life will change drastically. And not only that, it will be the only diet that will never leave once you have tried it!


You can do a lot in Network Marketing, even if you think you don’t have enough time to dedicate it your business.
It’s an obstacle we often find, but it doesn’t have to be such. You can start networking while having a traditional job and only a few free hours. Whatever your situation, even if you don’t have a traditional job, you may think you don’t have as much time for your business as you would like.

Well, that’s no problem. It’s more of a challenge, and it’s a challenge we can meet and overcome.

– Every minute counts.
If you have little time, simply make the most of it. Focus on this time, dedicate it to networking, thinking not about how much time you have, but about how to take advantage of it.
In addition, you can always make use of spare moments at work or while travelling. Make contacts wherever you are and go.

– Take action.
Even with little time, but with good motivation, strong ambition and a massive action you can make great progress. But for this, you need to stop wasting your time on distractions and excuses, instead of using it to develop your business. If you still don’t have good business cards, etc., none of that matters as long as you stay motivated. Then everything will come.
It can be exhausting, if you have to dedicate your time to other jobs or looking after small children. Then you realize that your network marketing business is not progressing, you feel pessimistic. But keep working on it, with more ambition, more eagerness. Only acting massively you can find the way to make everything fit and begin to see some progress. Even if you can only do that for three hours a day. Those three hours have to give you at least some progress each day, either in the form of results or your personal development.

– No excuses.
If you really want results, don’t pay attention to all the small details that can slow you down every day. And don’t use them as excuses. It may get too complicated for you one day, and you cannot do anything about it, not even contact somebody about a schedule issue. It means that the next day you’ll have to catch up.

– More time.
No matter how little time you have, you can get more time with better organization. You can get rid of distractions, maximize the productivity of your working hours, save minutes between hours and use them to develop your business. Or to motivate yourself through education, training and personal development.