Author: Mariana Lopez de Waard

An important part of your planning is visualization. It’s also part of the law of attraction that you can use so as to create a more positive and successful life.

But to visualize is much more than to imagine something briefly. To visualize is to SEE it in your mind, to really see it, to actually be in that image, to study it and to assimilate it.

So, practice with these tips how to get a more complete and useful visualization.

The first thing is to find a quiet place.

It can be in your own room, whenever you are alone, or any other corner of the house. But it is important that there is no noise and nobody disturbs you. Try doing it outdoors, if you can, for example, in the garden or in a park. That mixture of tranquillity and nature will inspire you even more.


You must sit in a position where you are comfortable and don’t get distracted or want to move. You will need to be in that position for a while, so it must be one that you forget right away and get relaxed, because the next step is to empty your mind.

Close your eyes, relax and clear your mind. One way to do this is by concentrating only on the rhythm of your breathing, which must be slow and deep.


Not only will you see it as a concept, you will see it as a clear memory of something that is yet to come. Visualize the moment when you reach your goal in all the details. Where does it happen? How are you feeling? What people are there with you? You can visualize much more, even the clothes you’re wearing, if there is music or there are people talking, how you react to that moment, etc…

You can write down your visualization in your diary and resume or expand it the next day. That visualization helps you to follow the plan in more detail and with more determination, in addition to attracting a very positive energy that will be the impeller of your plans.

Come on, visualize!



Happiness is not the end of the road; it’s not the final prize we must win. Happiness is, in fact, the mood that should be natural in all people. And it is also one of the best tools to fulfil your dreams, plans and make other people happy too.

Happiness is a raw material that we use to create thousands of wonderful things in life. But as a material, it needs space. It needs a lot of space where to be able to grow, to be able to create. But we are constantly stuffing that space with other things that don’t do us any good.

If you want to make more room for happiness to grow and help you grow, you have to set yourself free…

From the opinions of other people.

Constantly trying to meet the expectations of others and not your own ones is a very suffocating way of living. It doesn’t leave room for your dreams, nor even to breathe calmly in your own skin. Break free from the need to live according to the opinions of others, so you can be free to discover how you really want to live your life.

From the past.

The past has already happened. It had its good things and its bad things, but you shouldn’t live those good past things again and again so as not to face the control of your future. Nor can you constantly avoid negative memories to keep yourself from making decisions or moving forward. The past is there to know where we come from, to see the way travelled, to learn from the good and from the bad, but always looking forward, not backward.

From fear.

The fear of “what if I’m wrong?” The fear of “what if I’m not good enough?” And all those fears that become anxiety about the future. If you’re wrong, you’ll learn something. If you’re not good enough, it is because you were not fully prepared, not because you will never achieve it. All those questions have their answer, and the answer is that it’s ok. Because no matter what happens, there will always be another opportunity, another day, and any setback only makes you stronger. Stop fearing and you will begin to experience, to grow and to live.

From criticism.

You cannot have a positive and happy life if you have negative and destructive behaviour towards others. Stop judging and criticizing and save that energy to create positive changes in your life and in that of those around you.

From excuses.

There is no excuse, be responsible for what you do and what you don’t do. If you can change something, change it.

From mourning.

If you have time to complain about it, you have time to find a solution. Activate the most positive part of your brain, always look for solutions and your problems will cease to exist because they will no longer be problems, just puzzles to solve.

From the restrictions.

Not only the limits that you set mentally with your insecurities, but also the bonds that you create when you decide to make a plan that has no room for change. From those walls that you create around yourself when you want everything to work out in a very strict way and you are not flexible, when you are not open to change. You restrict your path to a single straight line when life is something larger and full of infinite paths and intersections.

Get rid of all that and you will be able to enjoy life much more and able to make any project a reality. You will stop seeing the negative side in situations and in people; you will have a more creative and resolute mind. You will see the world full of infinite possibilities. And you will be happier and, consequently, much more successful.


I’m telling you this whether you are learning or are about to teach someone else: there is no better way to teach than to encourage action.

The first phase is when you explain, the second when you show… but the one that really will get deep into people is when they have to put it into practice themselves.

So, if you are taking your first steps in network marketing, you are probably trying to gather all the possible information. You will be reading blogs, like this one, and you will be watching videos, attending talks, trainings…

And you know? You’re doing it right. I’m not going to tell you not get education or more information, you have to do it. You have to read a lot, you have to work on both knowledge and mental state, and you have to learn to absorb and assimilate new concepts, because you must know that to run this business you have to leave behind all those ideas you took in to prepare yourself as a salaried employee.

That is all very well.

But you must be willing to understand and accept that when you get to the street and put into practice what you have learned in theory, you will feel that you didn’t understand anything.

Do not worry, it’s normal … and it’s not exactly like that.

Do you know how little children spend time before learning how to handle their hands or feet? And they train every minute of the day. They know that they want to go from one point to another… They know how one walks… one foot after another … but it’s not until they have fallen several times that they succeed.

It’s a bit what happens when you start in network marketing. You know what you have to do, in theory… But there are things you will not be able to handle until you put it into practice. It may be your non-verbal language, or it may be that you lack confidence. There can be a thousand things and all of them are corrected after having seen it live.

And it’s fine, it’s natural.

Allow yourself with no more reprimand than to take note of what has happened to learn from it, fall and stumble, like a child who begins to walk and hasn’t yet developed the strength of his legs. For that little boy, the only way to develop that strength is to force himself to try again, to fall over and try again.

If it’s so simple for all of us when we are so small and apparently so fragile… Why is it hard for us to see it when we grow up? None of us could walk without that stubbornness and determination. If we had just sat on the floor, crying because we haven’t been able to make the full run through the hall.

There is no teacher like experience, if we are completely open to learning from it.

Go out, get it wrong and try again.


For such a social profession, where the personal connections we make are fundamental to the development of the business, it is true that you may find it somehow difficult to follow up with all your contacts.

But like everything else, the trick is in the habit. None of us have such a good memory for this, so a little organization and methodology is what will help you get out of the chaos and remember people, appointments or dates.

Use your phone as a “personal assistant”

We have all learned the trick of the card, but not everyone has it and it may not be enough. However, your mobile phone has a lot of features that will help you keep track with that person you’ve just met.

You can add notes to your phone’s contact’s entry, add an e-mail and some useful information. You can also set an alarm to remind you to call back or arrange a meeting.

A paper diary so you don’t forget anything.

In addition to everything you can do on your phone, you could use a diary where to organize contacts, appointments, and where to have the planning for the next day and several days ahead. Note down when you spoke to that person last, for example, and what you did.

There are a thousand ways to keep a diary, but the important thing is that you pay attention to details, because when you have 10 or 20 different conversations a day and no matter how much effort you make to remember everything, sometimes you simply cannot trust your memory. After a busy day and you can get confusing something.

It is just a matter of habit, and over time, it will become much easier.

Calling again.

A hard part of following up is the time when you have to get back in touch with people who were not sure but who you think could sign up.

Of course, this is not something that many people like: you know that many of the answers will be negative or much worse: they tell you that they haven’t been able to look at it because they were busy but they will in three or four days, definitely. A “no” is much better because at least neither is wasting their time…

But, inevitably, this is something you have to do, because there will also be positive answers. It’s part of the process and you learn to identify the “I don’t know, maybe later”, which really means “it’s a no, but I find it hard to say it straight away.”

Put your diary and notes in front of you on the desk, grab a pencil or a pen and start calling. Use whatever news you have about the product or any story you have collected in the last event you took part in. It might help that person to look at it differently, something that might interest them in addition to what they already know. Give them something else besides that typical call of “well, I was wondering if you’ve already decided something.” Don’t just ask, but get excited, enthusiastic, encourage them.

You will see that with time and a little practice, this part becomes much easier and more enjoyable


The United Kingdom is a place that has reborn for us. It has had the second significant, very important momentum in recent months. The teams were transformed, restructured and grew to be even bigger and unstoppable!

And now, this last event that we celebrated on Sunday, July 16, is a great proof of how far the vision of OneLife and the financial education project has gone and how involved the leaders and the users are in the UK are.

We had a training that included Diamonds from all over the UK. The Copthorne Tara Hotel in London was filled with real professionals, committed to the business and with a truly amazing vision. Thanks to all of them, the UK is now one of the European countries with the largest number of users of financial education.


This can be achieved because these leaders know how to send the right message, because they have fully understood the vision of the company, of the OneLife project, and are selling the most important product of all: a kind of education that makes us all a little freer and a little more powerful in this world today.

It has been a very satisfying day. Both those who came to get trained as those who came to train have learned a lot from each other. We have all ended up recharged, encouraged, motivated and very happy to see how the dream comes true, with unbeatable proof. The theory becomes a tangible truth that makes the world a little better, person to person.

What also makes this Sunday a great day is simply to have shared the day with so many incredible and wonderful people, as are all these committed teammates of the British team.

From here, the sky is no longer the limit, the sky falls short for a team that has its goals so clear and are 100% in harmony with the spirit of the company itself. They are already doing a great job, but from this training, we will have more great things we’ll see soon. The United Kingdom is now destined to give us the biggest and most pleasant surprises and exemplary leadership.