Author: Mariana Lopez de Waard

We don’t have an official date yet, but the work is already underway for this new project to enter into operation soon.

We will surely see the progress of this new tool over the coming months, as we are preparing for the next stage of the ONE currency and the OneLife Network. And, of course, we will announce the news as soon as we have them.

But what is OneForex?

To begin with, we must understand what Forex is.

Forex is the acronym for Foreign Exchange market. Or what is the same, the currency market.

It is an international market that operates 24 hours a day and where foreign currencies are traded. That’s right, what you do at Forex is, for example, buying Euros with Dollars or British Pounds with Japanese Yen…

However, these operations are not made as a simple currency exchange, but they involve commissions that are earned by those who perform transactions. The commissions are based on the difference in exchange rates of purchase and sale of those currencies, which can also generate value for the currencies that are traded

Originally, Forex was created as a tool for big central banks, laying a simple bridge to connect monetary flows at the international level. Soon, it became a form of investment available to companies and large investors. And today, it is a platform that anyone can access with a very low investment.

But be careful! The fact that you can access it easily doesn’t mean that it is also easy to generate profits. You need to acquire certain knowledge, have an open attitude and be ready to learn so as to understand this complex international market full of fluctuations.

And what will OneForex do?

As you might have guessed, it is a currency trading platform. You can trade ONEs and exchange them for other digital or fiduciary currencies from around the world.

And the most important thing is that OneForex will be connected directly to the Forex market.

You still have time to get up to date. With OneAcademy educational packages, you can acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out trade operations. Meanwhile, we expect more news and updates of this exciting new tool.


Sometimes, there happen things that you didn’t expect or want to happen. I’m not talking about great tragedies or an irrecoverable personal loss. No preparation is near enough for such things, nor can we avoid them completely.

But there are also much less important things that we constantly let affect us.

Inconveniences, plans gone wrong, planes delayed, a traffic jam on the road, the phone runs out of battery, someone lost the document you needed…

Little troubles. Almost always with a solution.

And they go from the most insignificant to the most frustrating ones. But they are still insignificant things.

Let me explain why you should drastically change your vision of these small events.

Every time you give it more importance than normal, every time you get obsessed or cannot stop thinking that something insignificant went wrong, you create a turbid and negative energy around you. You create a perfect environment for more things to go wrong: not only do you lose focus, but you also get in a bad mood, rude to those around you… and you attract more negativity.

But if think about what has just happened and the consequences with cold head, not even from a positive point of view, you’ll see that in reality, it is something that can be sorted out later or already had an easy solution at the time.

Things not going well the first time doesn’t mean that they will never work out, only that you should try another approach.

But facing life with a positive approach is not only to realize that it wasn’t really a bid deal, but also to be open to the fact that not everything will always come out millimetre-wise as we have planned. Be able to adapt and not to lose your smile and your motivation.

Enjoy every day and don’t let small disruptions in your plans ruin it all. In addition to living joyfully and in a good mood, you will be attracting more positivity to your life.

Therefore, remember: life is only a small part of what happens, and a greater part is how you react to it.

I’m leaving here a really inspiring video for you to understand where the law of attraction comes from.


How fast your team grows, develops, gets to the next level and generates sales, depends on you. You are going to establish the speed, but also its power and capacity.

It can be a relaxed bike ride, or it can be a high-speed train travelling across a whole country in a matter of hours: you can create a slow or a quick takeoff for your new members. And whatever pace you choose, it will be fine as long as you keep the following in mind: the movement shouldn’t stop. And for that, you must not stop.

Your team looks up to you, you are their main role model and inspiration, and it is your responsibility to keep the pace for the rest of the team. Keep the movement going starting with yourself.

However, when dealing with your team, you should always remember that you are not a boss or an authoritarian figure who should demand to keep the pace by imposing. It is also your responsibility to be there to help the team at the beginning. You should make an extra effort to push them forward until they acquire their own speed. But you will also be there for them later, as a companion, as someone the team can count on at all times.

From the higher to the lower ranks, your entire team will need your help at one time or another.

As a leader, you shouldn’t relax too much and get away from the team or let others under your charge do so. Although personal ambitions might vary from one leader to another, which is perfectly normal and understandable, what must always be the same is the level of commitment we have with the members of our team.

Each person you help achieve results is a powerful member of an increasingly powerful team.

You must also remember that a leader never stops learning. The new knowledge you gain will help you always maintain an active and successful team. What you learn is transmitted, and you always keep your mind open and provide a fresh and updated vision of everything.

In the end, being always there for your team doesn’t mean that your team depends on you in everything. It means that you can build a strong team, whose members, however, don’t hesitate to ask you for help, always knowing where to resort, but needing you less every time. A team of leaders able to do for others what you have done for them. Let them fly high and succeed… But without ever abandoning them.

After all, you will keep setting the pace for everyone, and being someone close, accessible and active is the best way to lead forward and non-stop.


I’m telling you this, and you may respond that you already know it. It’s obvious. But, do you know what it really means?

What I mean is that a leader, as a human being he or she is, is not perfect. And that imperfection is natural, normal and acceptable.

You must abandon the idea that in order to become a good leader, you must be someone who you are not, for starters, or someone nobody is.

As a leader, you must also feel free to be yourself. An increasingly improved version over time, through development and experience, but always yourself. Without repressing your feelings and without ignoring the fact of having your bad days and your good days. Simply accept your responsibility to improve what you can, or give yourself time to recharge your batteries.

As a leader, you have a vision and goals. But it’s even more valuable and realistic to be able to adapt to changes in plans or to analyze your progress “on the fly” and understand if you have to change something. If you’re wrong about something, it’s alright. No one asks you to know the answers to everything from the beginning.

You are not infallible. Nobody is infallible. And you will be able to achieve many more things if you open your mind to it, if you stop worrying thinking you cannot fail at a single step.

Whatever happens, whatever you do, there will always be someone who would have done it differently. You might do it better or worse, you might find a better way… But you will do it YOUR WAY.

You are a real person. With faults, feelings, opinions, experience… You are a person with dreams, a person willing to challenge yourself. As a leader, you don’t need to be perfect; you just need to do things from the heart and a genuine intention to keep learning.


One Dream Team original article.

The second great convention we were holding in October happened just a few hours ago in Panama, and has left us with a lot of emotions.

The official start was set by the OneWorld Foundation gala dinner, an occasion that brought a special magic for the rest of the weekend. And it was a solidarity celebration where the central topic had to be the dreams of children. And part of that magical, creative and optimistic children’s imagery was very present in the room. The biggest donation recorded at that dinner was around fifty thousand Ones, in other words, almost eight hundred thousand euros. And it was only one of many donations made for the sake of the education for children.

Saturday was exclusively dedicated to the education of the leaders. Speakers from all over Latin America and other corners of the world delivered a number of intensive and impressive trainings.

But the big day, the date we all had been waiting for, was Sunday. And the reality went far beyond all our expectations.

The event began with a fantasy performance: a young woman with large butterfly wings appeared in the centre of the stage. A beautiful symbol of transformation and growth, of our project finally unfolding its mighty wings. A fairy tale beginning for a truly magical day.

The event was presented by the illusionist Frank Nicols, who showed us some moments of magic and humour throughout the event, and by the leaders Diane Mendivelso and Alejandra Chica, who proved to be formidable, energetic and dynamic presenters. Throughout the event, together with Jose Gordo, they cheered up the audience by raffled several tickets for two for a Caribbean cruise trip.

As for the speakers that day, we had a really spectacular selection.

The first one was Simon Le, a Crown Diamond from Vietnam, who shared his story and his strategy to create a team like his. Understanding success from the point of view of someone like Simon Le is really revealing, since he is a man who had never worked in this industry until he learned about OneLife. What he really knew were finances and how markets change, mutate or become extinct.

Simon is a financial analyst and has worked in places like Silicon Valley. He has also experienced the effects of an economic crisis and has struggled to set up his own business. When Simon found out about the OneCoin project, there were barely 3,000 people registered, and he immediately wanted to be one of the pioneers, especially after having missed the opportunity of Bitcoin. His family wasn’t very happy about that decision. But here you see him today: one of the most successful people in the company, who has created and led great teams across Asia.

Mr. Le leaves us the most important guidelines to follow his steps: recognition, simple presentations, knowledge and duplication.

After Simon Le, our Argentine colleague Alejandro Taylor brought magic to the stage when he proposed to his girlfriend in front of us all. An exciting moment. She said yes, fascinated and really delighted.

The next speaker was the founder of OneDreamTeam, Staffan Liback.

Liback talked about the need of giving up excuses. He compared a successful person to one who has failed; both may have had the same starting material to work with, and the difference was in what they decided to do with it.

Liback pointed out that network marketing may not be easy, but it is really simple, and we hardly need much more than our will and discipline to do things as simple as three meetings a day.

There was also a moment to talk about the future: within one year, one of the biggest changes in the company will take place when the ONE currency becomes fully independent, goes public and grows by itself with the demand. Products and models will change, and we will simply have to adapt and keep offering more innovation and more education… It will be different, but it will be wonderful.

During the event, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds were recognized… and when it was time for the recognition of Diamonds, something surprising happened. Two leaders advanced from the back of the room to the stage, dressed as Roman soldiers, or perhaps Spartans, and shouting out cheering slogans for all those willing to become the company’s new Diamonds.

Those leaders were Esteban Merizalde and Rodolfo Rodríguez.

Their mission was not only to recognize new Diamonds – they did it later – but to encourage the creation of 500 new Diamonds in Latin America.

The next speaker in the afternoon was a special guest and a great last-minute surprise. Omar Villalobos himself, a coach and motivational speaker, well known in Latin America and one of the most powerful and energetic ones in the world.

With his particular vitality and sense of humour, he left us a very important message: we must recognize the power of our mind, our decisions and dominate the fears that could prevent us from living the life to the fullest. Not to leave the fears behind, not to ignore them, but to dominate them, because fear makes you stronger.

Omar also reminded us of the importance of being filled with love. Self-love doesn’t have to be arrogant, it’s not a joke.

When Omar left the stage, we really felt a very powerful sense of courage inside, we felt that we were capable of achieving anything. Apart from that, it was one of the funniest moments of the weekend. It is always a great gift to witness such presentations.

After that, another emotional moment came along. Staffan Liback brought a personal gift for Jose Gordo, the OneLife ambassador in Latin America, and gave way to recognition of the Blue and Black Diamonds.

Each of the recognized leaders said a few words of thanks. Emotions filled the room with each of them. A great moment that many will remember.

But there was still an event ahead and surprises to unveil.

Jose Gordo, the OneLife ambassador in Latin America, spoke about how some people want to damage “our kingdom” and our “castle.” And how we defend ourselves, not with bows and arrows, but with information.

Jose came not only to cheer us up, but also to bring some surprises. He also announced the opening of new offices in Quito, Guadalajara, Bogotá, and Buenos Aires, with customer service, support, meeting rooms and many more services.

And Jose also announced one of the most important changes. When the currency goes public, its official name will be ONE.

Before leaving the stage, Jose got surprised by an unexpected recognition of his great work in OneLife and everything he has done for Latin America to take off with such great force. It was an emotional moment when Jose was given all the thanks from his team mates and the audience, and yet he ended up thanking everyone himself, especially Staffan Liback.

And the final touch was given by two Black Diamonds that have recently become the highest-earning people in the industry, according to the Business For Home ranking.

First, Andreea Cimbala, who spoke about her process of becoming one of the most powerful people in network marketing and who gave us valuable advice from her experience.

She encouraged us to observe the leaders around us, and not only those we like, those who attract attention, but everyone. We must value the experience of those who have already walked the way before us.

Andreea also reminded us that inspiration and motivation are not enough if there is no action. You must do something, you must do everything possible.

Igor E. Alberts, really excited and astonished by everything he had seen that weekend, brought us some of his wisdom, with his unique personal touch.

Igor has been in the industry for 30 years. He has much to share, but he also wanted to put a special emphasis on the importance of education, and above all, financial education. Something that you are not taught at school.

Igor also almost missed the OneLife opportunity at the beginning. He was given three chances to say yes. And the third time was the charm. And the rest is history.

Really magical moments.


The great vision of Pierre Arens when he joined the company! Read here the translated interview he gave to Paperjam, a Luxembourg business magazine. The original article is here.


Pierre Pitt Arens, The former Luxembourg banker surprised everyone by becoming the CEO of the controversial company OneCoin, suspected of applying the fraudulent Ponzi model. The aforementioned denies the allegations and prefers to focus on the growth potential of a technology (cryptocurrency) that is not yet recognized.

This is called a challenge, a bet that may seem a little crazy. Pitt Arens, 55, who also is a general manager of Banque Invik in Luxembourg, director of corporate finance at ING and co-director of corporate finance at Bil, is now the CEO of OneCoin, the area of ​​cryptocurrencies.

Pitt Arens started on this new job position in March this year, but was officially announced last weekend at an event organized by the OneLife group, founded by a Bulgarian entrepreneur, Ruja Ignatova (the group has no relationship with the life insurance company of Luxembourg with the same name). OneCoin, a company with about 200 employees, is headquartered in Dubai, but the main technical infrastructure is located in Bulgaria, the native country of Ignatova.

But OneCoin is also, and above all, a controversial society that, for a whole year, has had to face numerous suspicions widely spread on the Internet, accused of being nothing more than a Ponzi-type fraud (a fraudulent financial arrangement consisting in remunerating the investments of the existing clients with funds provided by new clients, a model for which Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison in the United States).

“You should know that I had studied the project thoroughly for almost four months,” says Pitt Arens in “OneCoin has simply been a victim of a vast and massive denigration campaign, very well prepared and organized mainly from Europe. We have identified the sources of these attacks, and legal proceedings are underway. For now, OneCoin has not been officially charged or convicted of any crime in any market in the world”.

This doesn’t prevent some authorities from being very suspicious. On 17 April, BaFin (a German financial sector supervisory authority) demanded the definitive cessation of OneCoin’s activities in Germany.

“I am a responsible parent, I would never have taken a risk of associating with an organization that was illegal or fraudulent,” argues Arens, who prefers to focus more on the growth potential of the cryptocurrency.

Thus, he highlights the company’s policy “that controls and audits all those who want to do business with us through a procedure called KYC (know your client) based on our own Blockchain. In each transaction, the sender and receiver are fully identified. There is no place for those who want to make transactions anonymously “.

The company OneCoin, which is not subject to the control by regulatory authorities, specializes in selling online educational materials in order to popularize the use of cryptocurrencies. Various educational packages contain “tokens”, which must then be converted into digital money used for the purchase of services or goods.

“At the moment, we have 3.3 million currency holders, while the company has only been active for two years. We expect to reach 5 million in a year. At the same, time we have already more than 30,000 merchants registered on our online trading platform DealShaker and we are aiming to attract 100,000 more by the end of the year. We have just signed a contract with a major online travel company that will soon go public”.


Small actions can lead to big changes. Be it new habits or starting using new words that create a different approach to life. Or you can visualize your goals…

Today I propose a new exercise to turn things around for good, to make you reflect and find new points of view.

Try to ask yourself these questions and find out what your answers are. You may gain a new attitude to life.


You know that life is short: Why do you do things that you don’t like? Why don’t you do those many other things you really like?

Do you think that if life were shorter (for example, the average life expectancy rate was lower than it is now), would you have lived differently?

Do you do what you want or do you just settle for whatever is happening to you?

Has there been anything you called madness, but later saw that it was useful or brilliant?

Is there anything that prevents you from doing what you want?

Think about today: If five years later you’re asked about what you did today, do you think you will remember? Will it be a good memory?

Do you think this day is like others or can you make it special?

If you know that you learn from mistakes, why do you keep avoiding them?

What do you prefer: to work less or to work more on something you love?

When was the last time you got excited about an idea you believed in?

Are you the kind of person you would like to have as a friend?

Do you feel that you have had a complete control of the course of your life?

What would you do differently, if you were not afraid of the opinions of others?

What is that really makes you feel that you live and not just exist?


If some of the answers to the questions above made you sad or you’re disappointed in some way with the result, simply add another question “What can I do to change it?” And try hard to find an answer to it.

And I’ll pose one more question to you.

What are you waiting for?