A happy team – a successful team.

A happy team – a successful team.

This slogan can be applied just as well to any type of business or any organizational structure. The concept is very simple: if your team is happy, everything works better.

However, that shouldn’t be the only reason for you to want your team to be happy. Working with people requires being in touch with the most human side of ourselves, the most social and empathic one.
So, you want a happy team that loves their work more and more every day, and as a consequence you will also have a more successful team. But to achieve that, what should we do?

1. Get to know them. Get to know the members of your team personally, show a sincere interest and desire to understand how they are and what motivates them. Find out about their reasons and the challenges they have had to overcome.

2. You need to understand that everybody learns in a different way, and even if you have a simple and easily duplicable training system, you should always be willing to adapt so as to reach everyone.

3. Show your human side. Convey to your team that you are a human, that you understand them and that you have also had failures. Allow yourself to be a person with feelings and don’t limit your interaction with the team to a cold professional relationship. A team has to be a great family. Be someone they can trust and who they can talk to without fear of being judged.

4. Always recognize achievements and give constructive criticism. Celebrate the achievements of your team members and encourage them to move forward. This is important for two reasons: Firstly, because we all need to feel that our work is valued, and it’s fair to do so. Secondly, because to lead them in their learning, you will have to point out their mistakes. It’s necessary to keep growing, and you should do it in a professional and constructive way. No one will feel happy with their work if they are only spoken to to say what is wrong.

5. Encourage personal growth and development. Give advice on personal development, organize special trainings and encourage your team members to invest time in creating themselves.

6. Always be clear. Ask clearly and guide clearly. Express yourself appropriately and don’t give vague or loaded guidelines and recommendations. It’s not worth letting things slide waiting for someone to understand them, it’s not fair leadership. Tell them in person what you expect from them and what you see for them in the future.

7. Build a team and create links. Take every opportunity you have to meet with several members of your team at the same time and create a true connection between all of you.

There can be many more ways to bring happiness to a team, but starting with these, from the leader’s responsibility, we can surely create a good environment for a united, happy and unstoppable team.

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