Day: November 22, 2017

OneLife makes a special recognition of Mariana Lopez de Waard! One of the latest posts on the company’s official Facebook page was dedicated to highlighting Mariana’s work. It talks about her example as a Black Diamond, as a powerful role model for women in network marketing and the compelling philosophy of her leadership. Read here what OneLife published.

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‘Everything is possible if you really want it! Don´t let anybody tell you something else.”, Mariana Lopez de Waard

After only five years in the Network Marketing Business, Mariana Lopez de Waard has become the ultimate example for many women in this business world, especially in the Spanish speaking market!
Mariana is proud to be a mother, a wife and at the same time an independent woman and a strong leader.

Since Mariana became a mother, her son was an inspiration for her to become a better person every day and set a good example for him. The positive attitude opened new doors and opportunities for her. She considers self development the key to reaching her goals in the OneLife Network.

When Mariana started in the Network Marketing Business her aim was simple. She wanted to become a Diamond as soon as she could. With her ambition and dedication she reached this rank in record time and now is the first Spanish speaking woman with Black Diamond rank!

Mariana owes this position to daily preparation and hard work, which includes a lots of reading and training. She strongly believes in the vision of the Dr. Ruja Ignatova and fell in love with her projects. Mariana is ambitions that she can help a lot of people worldwide and inspire many to believe that true success is possible!

One of her secrets to success is the fact that as a team you can achieve a lot more together. Mariana stays humble and is always passionate for her team to help them grow and learn together with her.

Mariana considers the strong belief in the product as the key of doing serious business. Believing in OneLife wasn’t easy at the beginning for her. But once she understood what’s behind it – the knowledge, the vision, the people and the team, she knew that this is the business of the future. As a dedicated leader Mariana believes that the best is yet to come!

‘’You need to believe in yourself to get, where you want to be. If you work hard on yourself, everything is possible and all your dreams can come true.’’, Mariana Lopez de Waard

Keep on rocking the stage, Mariana! The entire OneLife team is happy to be part of your journey and witness your growth!