Month: November 2017

Network marketing is a social and collaborative business, where the achievements  of your team belong to each and every of its members, in one way or another.

However, your success and that of your team depends on other people actually wanting to work with you. They should want to get the product from you or to become your colleague and be part of your team. Particularly, you, above any other.

Many leaders offer the same thing in your company, leaders who you appreciate and admire. But you need the candidates to choose you.

This business doesn’t admit rough competitions, and you won’t  progress, if you start to compare yourself to others looking for your faults or trying to highlight the faults of others. No, this doesn’t work like that, and if in order to progress, you have ever thought about throwing dirt at your companions, let me tell you that this is not a place for you.

Undermining your colleagues will not help you, but on the contrary, you will create a kind of a dark and poisonous cloud that will overshadow your company and the reputation of the entire industry; a reputation that many people are more than willing to tarnish with their hatred and envy.

But let’s not get negative. I have already told you what you shouldn’t do.

The key to success lies in seeing the solution and not the problem, so let’s start talking about what you can do to get out of that temporary jam.

You have to be authentic.

You have to be yourself. There will always be a technique or a trick of one of your teammates that you would like to copy. Perfect! As long as you remain yourself. Your story, your reasons, your ease or your difficulty at learning to take the first steps, your goals… Connect with people who are like you.

There is only one “you”, but there are thousands of people who will connect with your way of seeing things, of feeling and working. And among those people, you will find your best partners.

Keep in mind that it is very important that the people you are going to work with are people you really LIKE to work with. Because you’re going to spend a lot of time with them.

Express authenticity by simply being natural, letting your enthusiasm and your passion flow through you at your presentations and meetings. Feel comfortable doing what you like and show that you are “real” and not just a performance. This is very important because otherwise, you can produce a sense of deception.

What I’m trying to tell you, in a clearer and more summarized way, is that you will be tempted to change yourself to be like a leader you admire, to be successful. But you cannot be that person, just as they cannot be you. You can learn things from those leaders, their philosophy and mentality, their techniques and tips. But what will make other people choose you before other leaders is knowing that you can connect with them, understand their problems and their needs. They will see that you are the only person who can really help them.

And that will only be achieved by being honest, authentic, by not hiding who you really are, without sweetening or softening your story. And, of course, by showing your genuine interest in helping those who turn to you.

Over time, you can ask some of these people “Why me?” And you will see that the answer is very similar to what I have just explained.


Sunday, November 26:

A few days before the main Spanish cities would begin to illuminate their streets with magical Christmas lights, Madrid was brightened up with its own very special gloss: that of the dreams of the people who are determined to make them a reality.

Yesterday, at the Hotel NH Madrid, Principe de Vergara, we met with leaders from Spain and Latin America (Jose Gordo, Quini Amores, Rocio Magan and Wilmar Cardona from Colombia were present), as well as with a good number of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and people eager for knowledge and freedom.


As we talked yesterday, Spain had never been a good scenario for the network marketing business: we have been brought up without entrepreneurial spirit; we culturally tend to stick to the known, safe and easy. But now, more and more people are breaking that model and dare to dream beyond.

Nowadays, more and more people are putting Spain on the global network marketing map, leaving that limited mental box that we all have been taught to appreciate. Going beyond these limitations, changing mindsets and embracing a new way of working and living.

With their actions and results, all these dreamers are changing not only their lives, but the reality itself, the mentality of a country that is still learning to dream bigger.

And that’s why I have to thank them. Thank you for being the spearhead in this business in Spain. Thank you for spreading the importance of financial education, for promoting the revolutionary idea that if you really want something, you should go for it.

And also thanks for the gift I received: a beautiful “dream box”. A precious symbol of what has been achieved and what is still to be done.

But even a greater gift is to know that I inspire people to do something like this. It is a unique and very strong feeling of being in the right place and doing the right thing: working with dreamers like you.

We will see each other again, Madrid, as well as other cities of my beloved land that are snapping out of the lethargy in order to dream with their eyes and minds open and their sights set on a brighter future.


OneLife makes a special recognition of Mariana Lopez de Waard! One of the latest posts on the company’s official Facebook page was dedicated to highlighting Mariana’s work. It talks about her example as a Black Diamond, as a powerful role model for women in network marketing and the compelling philosophy of her leadership. Read here what OneLife published.

And you can also view and share the original article here.


‘Everything is possible if you really want it! Don´t let anybody tell you something else.”, Mariana Lopez de Waard

After only five years in the Network Marketing Business, Mariana Lopez de Waard has become the ultimate example for many women in this business world, especially in the Spanish speaking market!
Mariana is proud to be a mother, a wife and at the same time an independent woman and a strong leader.

Since Mariana became a mother, her son was an inspiration for her to become a better person every day and set a good example for him. The positive attitude opened new doors and opportunities for her. She considers self development the key to reaching her goals in the OneLife Network.

When Mariana started in the Network Marketing Business her aim was simple. She wanted to become a Diamond as soon as she could. With her ambition and dedication she reached this rank in record time and now is the first Spanish speaking woman with Black Diamond rank!

Mariana owes this position to daily preparation and hard work, which includes a lots of reading and training. She strongly believes in the vision of the Dr. Ruja Ignatova and fell in love with her projects. Mariana is ambitions that she can help a lot of people worldwide and inspire many to believe that true success is possible!

One of her secrets to success is the fact that as a team you can achieve a lot more together. Mariana stays humble and is always passionate for her team to help them grow and learn together with her.

Mariana considers the strong belief in the product as the key of doing serious business. Believing in OneLife wasn’t easy at the beginning for her. But once she understood what’s behind it – the knowledge, the vision, the people and the team, she knew that this is the business of the future. As a dedicated leader Mariana believes that the best is yet to come!

‘’You need to believe in yourself to get, where you want to be. If you work hard on yourself, everything is possible and all your dreams can come true.’’, Mariana Lopez de Waard

Keep on rocking the stage, Mariana! The entire OneLife team is happy to be part of your journey and witness your growth!


We don’t have an official date yet, but the work is already underway for this new project to enter into operation soon.

We will surely see the progress of this new tool over the coming months, as we are preparing for the next stage of the ONE currency and the OneLife Network. And, of course, we will announce the news as soon as we have them.

But what is OneForex?

To begin with, we must understand what Forex is.

Forex is the acronym for Foreign Exchange market. Or what is the same, the currency market.

It is an international market that operates 24 hours a day and where foreign currencies are traded. That’s right, what you do at Forex is, for example, buying Euros with Dollars or British Pounds with Japanese Yen…

However, these operations are not made as a simple currency exchange, but they involve commissions that are earned by those who perform transactions. The commissions are based on the difference in exchange rates of purchase and sale of those currencies, which can also generate value for the currencies that are traded

Originally, Forex was created as a tool for big central banks, laying a simple bridge to connect monetary flows at the international level. Soon, it became a form of investment available to companies and large investors. And today, it is a platform that anyone can access with a very low investment.

But be careful! The fact that you can access it easily doesn’t mean that it is also easy to generate profits. You need to acquire certain knowledge, have an open attitude and be ready to learn so as to understand this complex international market full of fluctuations.

And what will OneForex do?

As you might have guessed, it is a currency trading platform. You can trade ONEs and exchange them for other digital or fiduciary currencies from around the world.

And the most important thing is that OneForex will be connected directly to the Forex market.

You still have time to get up to date. With OneAcademy educational packages, you can acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out trade operations. Meanwhile, we expect more news and updates of this exciting new tool.


Sometimes, there happen things that you didn’t expect or want to happen. I’m not talking about great tragedies or an irrecoverable personal loss. No preparation is near enough for such things, nor can we avoid them completely.

But there are also much less important things that we constantly let affect us.

Inconveniences, plans gone wrong, planes delayed, a traffic jam on the road, the phone runs out of battery, someone lost the document you needed…

Little troubles. Almost always with a solution.

And they go from the most insignificant to the most frustrating ones. But they are still insignificant things.

Let me explain why you should drastically change your vision of these small events.

Every time you give it more importance than normal, every time you get obsessed or cannot stop thinking that something insignificant went wrong, you create a turbid and negative energy around you. You create a perfect environment for more things to go wrong: not only do you lose focus, but you also get in a bad mood, rude to those around you… and you attract more negativity.

But if think about what has just happened and the consequences with cold head, not even from a positive point of view, you’ll see that in reality, it is something that can be sorted out later or already had an easy solution at the time.

Things not going well the first time doesn’t mean that they will never work out, only that you should try another approach.

But facing life with a positive approach is not only to realize that it wasn’t really a bid deal, but also to be open to the fact that not everything will always come out millimetre-wise as we have planned. Be able to adapt and not to lose your smile and your motivation.

Enjoy every day and don’t let small disruptions in your plans ruin it all. In addition to living joyfully and in a good mood, you will be attracting more positivity to your life.

Therefore, remember: life is only a small part of what happens, and a greater part is how you react to it.

I’m leaving here a really inspiring video for you to understand where the law of attraction comes from.