Day: September 21, 2017

Small actions can lead to big changes. Be it new habits or starting using new words that create a different approach to life. Or you can visualize your goals…

Today I propose a new exercise to turn things around for good, to make you reflect and find new points of view.

Try to ask yourself these questions and find out what your answers are. You may gain a new attitude to life.


You know that life is short: Why do you do things that you don’t like? Why don’t you do those many other things you really like?

Do you think that if life were shorter (for example, the average life expectancy rate was lower than it is now), would you have lived differently?

Do you do what you want or do you just settle for whatever is happening to you?

Has there been anything you called madness, but later saw that it was useful or brilliant?

Is there anything that prevents you from doing what you want?

Think about today: If five years later you’re asked about what you did today, do you think you will remember? Will it be a good memory?

Do you think this day is like others or can you make it special?

If you know that you learn from mistakes, why do you keep avoiding them?

What do you prefer: to work less or to work more on something you love?

When was the last time you got excited about an idea you believed in?

Are you the kind of person you would like to have as a friend?

Do you feel that you have had a complete control of the course of your life?

What would you do differently, if you were not afraid of the opinions of others?

What is that really makes you feel that you live and not just exist?


If some of the answers to the questions above made you sad or you’re disappointed in some way with the result, simply add another question “What can I do to change it?” And try hard to find an answer to it.

And I’ll pose one more question to you.

What are you waiting for?