Day: August 1, 2017

I’m telling you this whether you are learning or are about to teach someone else: there is no better way to teach than to encourage action.

The first phase is when you explain, the second when you show… but the one that really will get deep into people is when they have to put it into practice themselves.

So, if you are taking your first steps in network marketing, you are probably trying to gather all the possible information. You will be reading blogs, like this one, and you will be watching videos, attending talks, trainings…

And you know? You’re doing it right. I’m not going to tell you not get education or more information, you have to do it. You have to read a lot, you have to work on both knowledge and mental state, and you have to learn to absorb and assimilate new concepts, because you must know that to run this business you have to leave behind all those ideas you took in to prepare yourself as a salaried employee.

That is all very well.

But you must be willing to understand and accept that when you get to the street and put into practice what you have learned in theory, you will feel that you didn’t understand anything.

Do not worry, it’s normal … and it’s not exactly like that.

Do you know how little children spend time before learning how to handle their hands or feet? And they train every minute of the day. They know that they want to go from one point to another… They know how one walks… one foot after another … but it’s not until they have fallen several times that they succeed.

It’s a bit what happens when you start in network marketing. You know what you have to do, in theory… But there are things you will not be able to handle until you put it into practice. It may be your non-verbal language, or it may be that you lack confidence. There can be a thousand things and all of them are corrected after having seen it live.

And it’s fine, it’s natural.

Allow yourself with no more reprimand than to take note of what has happened to learn from it, fall and stumble, like a child who begins to walk and hasn’t yet developed the strength of his legs. For that little boy, the only way to develop that strength is to force himself to try again, to fall over and try again.

If it’s so simple for all of us when we are so small and apparently so fragile… Why is it hard for us to see it when we grow up? None of us could walk without that stubbornness and determination. If we had just sat on the floor, crying because we haven’t been able to make the full run through the hall.

There is no teacher like experience, if we are completely open to learning from it.

Go out, get it wrong and try again.