Day: July 17, 2017

The United Kingdom is a place that has reborn for us. It has had the second significant, very important momentum in recent months. The teams were transformed, restructured and grew to be even bigger and unstoppable!

And now, this last event that we celebrated on Sunday, July 16, is a great proof of how far the vision of OneLife and the financial education project has gone and how involved the leaders and the users are in the UK are.

We had a training that included Diamonds from all over the UK. The Copthorne Tara Hotel in London was filled with real professionals, committed to the business and with a truly amazing vision. Thanks to all of them, the UK is now one of the European countries with the largest number of users of financial education.


This can be achieved because these leaders know how to send the right message, because they have fully understood the vision of the company, of the OneLife project, and are selling the most important product of all: a kind of education that makes us all a little freer and a little more powerful in this world today.

It has been a very satisfying day. Both those who came to get trained as those who came to train have learned a lot from each other. We have all ended up recharged, encouraged, motivated and very happy to see how the dream comes true, with unbeatable proof. The theory becomes a tangible truth that makes the world a little better, person to person.

What also makes this Sunday a great day is simply to have shared the day with so many incredible and wonderful people, as are all these committed teammates of the British team.

From here, the sky is no longer the limit, the sky falls short for a team that has its goals so clear and are 100% in harmony with the spirit of the company itself. They are already doing a great job, but from this training, we will have more great things we’ll see soon. The United Kingdom is now destined to give us the biggest and most pleasant surprises and exemplary leadership.