Day: June 29, 2017

Read below how Business For Home addresses the issue of Vietnam documents. You can also see the original article here.


OneCoin has send out an official statement as a fake document in which “OneCoin was officially licensed in Vietnam” circulated:


“Due to recent media publications, concerning the distribution of false documents in Vietnam, related to the OneLife Network and its partnering companies – OneCoin and DealShaker, the OneLife team would like to emphasize on the following:

Official documents related to the company, IMA responsibilities and/or OneCoin operational, legal and auditing activities are available to the OneLife Network Members ONLY through accessing the Information Center in your OneLife BackOffice.

We remind you that important documents that are related to the activity of any of the above stated companies will and can be disseminated ONLY through the official corporate channels of the company and any other documents distributed through any other channels, individuals or media are FALSE, misleading and in breach of our corporate policies.

Our company is transparent and responsible and will cooperate with any local authorities in identifying any contradicting actions and attempts to misrepresent the company’s activities and operations.

Any unauthorized and intentional actions that harm the company’s reputation will result in immediate sanctions in accordance with the applicable internal sanction policy”