Month: June 2017

Read below how Business For Home addresses the issue of Vietnam documents. You can also see the original article here.


OneCoin has send out an official statement as a fake document in which “OneCoin was officially licensed in Vietnam” circulated:


“Due to recent media publications, concerning the distribution of false documents in Vietnam, related to the OneLife Network and its partnering companies – OneCoin and DealShaker, the OneLife team would like to emphasize on the following:

Official documents related to the company, IMA responsibilities and/or OneCoin operational, legal and auditing activities are available to the OneLife Network Members ONLY through accessing the Information Center in your OneLife BackOffice.

We remind you that important documents that are related to the activity of any of the above stated companies will and can be disseminated ONLY through the official corporate channels of the company and any other documents distributed through any other channels, individuals or media are FALSE, misleading and in breach of our corporate policies.

Our company is transparent and responsible and will cooperate with any local authorities in identifying any contradicting actions and attempts to misrepresent the company’s activities and operations.

Any unauthorized and intentional actions that harm the company’s reputation will result in immediate sanctions in accordance with the applicable internal sanction policy”


Dear Member,

We are starting the new week with a great surprise for all our members!

The OneLife team is cooking something new for all of you and with the Ask Dr. Ruja webinar, coming up in 3 weeks, the first months of Summer will definitely be eventful and will bring a wave of many new developments. Don’t forget to submit your questions at!


Along with this great news starts the last week of UNLIMITED UPGRADES of your package. If you intend to upgrade to a higher educational level, make sure you do it by 02.07.2017!

Keep on reading to find out more!


The MONTHLY LEADERSHIP RANK CALCULATION EXTENSION is available once again for all members!

Until July 15, 2017 all members will be able to take advantage of this great opportunity. To all leaders who want to grow – now you have an extra 3 weeks to take your teams to the next level!

Be sure to visit your backoffice now and check your LEADERSHIP RANK qualification! Contact your upline or visit the Information center in your Backoffice to download and read all introductory, marketing and informational materials that might help you enhance your understanding.

Inspire, develop, make a change! GOOD LUCK! Together for more!


Did you hear? Now everyone gets the opportunity to upgrade regardless of the 2 package limitation and thus take a step forward towards a higher educational level!

Until July 2, 2017 you will be able to activate ALL THE PACKAGES you couldn’t get access to after June 1, 2017. You will also be able to combine the upgrades with the Wonder Wheel promo and increase the amount of promotional tokens you receive with your education levels.

So, if you aim to advance further with your education – don’t hesitate, because after July 2nd the limitation to upgrades will be restored and no more than 2 upgrades will be available per account!


THE POWER PACK – the OneLife promotion that everybody loves, would like once again to remind about itself. In case you haven’t gotten the chance to take advantage of one of the most successful package deals yet, check out what it has to offer:

With the +1 EXTRA split promotion, if you upgrade to the POWER PACK, you will receive 8 SPLITS depending on your choice between the two options – either Infinity or Infinity+All our members will receive the opportunity to maximize their Promotional Token count. This is valid for all Packages above the Power Pack – you get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE! This will be valid for Power Packs and above which are activated BEFORE THE NEXT SPLIT.

There is also a special bulk Package promotion listed – purchase 6, get 1 FREE!


The Wonder Wheel is, without a doubt, one of the hottest OneLife promotions this summer!

If you activate your package, you will get the chance to join all successful members.

If you wish to take your education to the next level, you will have the opportunity to receive extra promotional tokens with your packages – a 25, 50 % or 100% of the tokens will be obtained directly with the activation of the chosen packages!


In addition to our comic books and video lessons, we are proud to present The Adventures of Super Ted Game. It is an educational game, designed to teach children basic financial terms and skills. It was established for children above 7 years old and also for anyone who wishes to take a dive in the exciting world of money and finance.

The Adventures of Super Ted was designed as a board game, where the player has to roll two dices in order to move on a board. The goal of the game is to be the first player who collects 100 points of money or 100 points of happiness. All players start with 10 points of each category at the beginning of the game. The player can choose his/her own currency which can be different from the other players’ currencies. During the game, special macro-economic events take place that might change the balance of points for each player. Of course, the game involves luck but the good strategy is also really important – it can influence the end result and make you the winner.

What makes the game unique is that financial concepts are presented in a fun and easy way so children can enjoy playing the game while learning the most important things about the financial world.

You can play the game together with your kids or recommend it to friends and family as well. For safety reasons, we have developed special protection mechanisms and we do not collect any personal information whatsoever.

The game can be downloaded from the Play and App Stores or OWF’s website >> Kids Corner >> Super Ted Game >> Download!

We wish you good luck while playing The Adventures of Super Ted! Share with your family and friends, learn while having fun!


Looking in the mirror is sometimes more than just checking your clothes, hair or make-up. It’s much more than a morning or night ritual when brushing our teeth and reviewing the day. It’s a moment when we have to look at ourselves.

Sometimes, the mirror becomes a window with views at our reflections, the brightest and the most positive ones or the most worrisome and depressing. It always depends on what you really have in your head. When there are more shadows than lights, you may find yourself looking at that figure, on the other side of the reflection, and see the disappointment, anger or simply, and in most of these cases, indifference and defeatism that don’t help anything.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that at some point in your life you have experienced something like that: you look in the mirror and you cannot avoid thinking if that face reflects self-confidence or rather the opposite, if you look tired, maybe you are becoming too old to try new things, and you can see it in your eyes. And what is worse, that you have wasted the time that has passed by now. And that, my friend, is not the way to start a day. And, of course, such day cannot give you anything but disappointments because you would already have set the tone for the rest of the day.

But your enemy is not the mirror. It’s clear that in this case, your only enemy is yourself. You will have these thoughts, even if you don’t look at your reflection, but you have decided to use that moment in front of the mirror to give them a more tangible form: that version of you on the other side who you can blame for your faults.

Your inner dialogue, watch the tone.

As I told you, even before you are aware of that self-criticism in front of the mirror, you have already been whispering bad things about yourself. In such a low voice that they simply have been slipping among other thoughts, but little by little they are getting stronger. The most important thing about these words, these thoughts… is that they are a lie. They are thoughts whose purpose is to always keep us in a familiar environment, safe, without risk. But you are noticing that by paying heed to these thoughts, all you get is unhappiness. It’s easy to think that you are destined for mediocrity, it’s part of our survival system, something very primitive that stands between you and your true self.

Believe in yourself, nobody will if you don’t.

If you are not satisfied with your life so far, the solution is not to spend the rest of the coming years blaming yourself for not having done anything. What you should do is take charge, make a promise and then fulfil it. You cannot change the past, but the future doesn’t exist until you start writing it.

Love what you see in the reflection.

Use the mirror as a way of communicating with the inside of your own mind that is not yet convinced that you can make the change. Tell it that everything will be fine, it can be done. Tell it how clever it is, remind it of the talents you know you have. In other words, learn to accept the greatness that is in you. Start the morning by generating a positive and motivating dialogue with yourself.

Soon, the moment will come when you look in the mirror casually, and everything you’ll see will be the reflection of a person you admire and a life that you wanted. Everything starts with your attitude. Change the way you see yourself and change the world around you.


Jorge Bucay is an Argentinean writer and therapist. He defines himself as a “professional helper”, and through his lectures as well as with his books and his short stories, he offers some tools for us to help ourselves, heal and fly high.

One of his best known stories is called “The Wings Are For Flying”, and it is about the risks we must take in life and points out that when we back down is when we are most likely to fail. But… I better share it.


When he got older, his father said to him:

-My son: not everyone is born with wings. No one is forcing you to fly, but I think it would be a shame for you to limit yourself to walking when God gave you wings.

-But I don’t know how to fly – replied the son.

-True… – said the father. And so he led his son on foot up a mountain to the edge of an abyss.

-Do you see, my son? It’s empty. When you want to fly, come here, take a deep breath and jump. Once in the air, you’ll spread your wings and fly.

The son had doubts.

-What if I fall?

-Although you will fall, you won’t die. When your cuts and bruises heal, you will be stronger for the next attempt.- the father answered.

The son went back to town to see his friends, whom he had walked with all his life.

The most close-minded ones said to him: Are you crazy? Why? Your father has gone half-mad… Why do you need to fly? What’s it good for? Forget it…

His best friend tried to reason with him: Even if your father is right, it’s too dangerous! Wouldn’t it be better to start more slowly? …from the top of the stairs or from up on a tree, but… from a cliff?

This advice made sense to him, so he climbed a tree and summoning all of his courage, he jumped. He spread his wings, and beat them with all his might but fell awkwardly to the ground.

Walking along with a big bump on his forehead, he saw his father.

-You lied to me! – he said- I can’t fly. I tried, and look what happened. Look at this bruise! I’m not like you. My wings are just for decoration.

-My son – said the father – In order to fly you have to create space in the open air so that your wings can really spread out. It’s like a parachute. They only work from a high altitude.

To fly you have to begin taking risks.

If you don’t want to, maybe the best thing is just to give up, and keep walking forever.


In this story, we see how the worst thing the son could do was to listen to those who told him he wouldn’t be able to fly, so he took a very low risk without really believing. Here Bucay also speaks to us about the fear of the new, the changes and how people transmit that fear to others.

In the end, if you want to fly you have to spread your wings, trust your possibilities and be yourself, make our own decisions and not let fears of those who have never tried invade you.



Another interesting week is ahead of us and there are many new things, happening within the OneLife Network!

The organizers of the 3 Day Kickstart Marathon are proud to share that the event in Bucharest was an amazing experience for everyone, who managed to visit beautiful Romania during the last week!

Who doesn’t like promotions? Summer 2017 has what to offer to all the members, who want to upgrade and develop through putting up more effort in their education. You can spin the WONDER WHEEL or do a power upgrade with the POWER PACK limited packages.

Keep on reading to find out more!


The OneLife Network (OLN) is a growing global network that was born out of the OneCoin cryptocurrency brand. The Network has a digital platform with a unique portfolio of sophisticated products and social networking tools that help members achieve financial independence. Members enjoy access to an array of e-learning programs that help them apply financial theory to practice.


Education is the key to success – this is something that even the little children know.

The Wonder Wheel is one of the most successful OneLife promotions for a reason. All members who want to take their education to a higher level and upgrade, will have the chance to receive extra promotional tokens with their packages – a 25, 50 % or 100% of the tokens will be received with the activation of the package they chose!

Spin to win and see where this amazing experience will take you!


Speaking of upgrades, have you had a chance to try out the other interesting promo that is already available as a permanent package – THE POWER PACK? If you haven’t upgraded yet, you can have a look at the brief description of this promotion below:

With the +1 EXTRA split promotion, if you activate the POWER PACK, you will receive the amazing 8 SPLITS! It gives all our members the opportunity to maximize their Promotional Token count (You can choose between either the Infinity or Infinity+ options). Let us remind you that this is valid for all Packages above the Power Pack – you get ALL THE SPLITS YOU ARE ENTITLED TO AT ONCE! This will be valid for Power Packs and above activated BEFORE THE NEXT SPLIT.

There is also a special bulk Package promotion listed – purchase 6, get 1 FREE!



We have received some interesting news from the organizers of the 3 Day Kickstart Marathon in Bucharest, Romania! The first of its kind Expo was a success!

Thousands of visitors came to the Romexpo between the 2nd and 4th June to enjoy an expose of various goods and services, presented by over 150 Merchants, representing at least 35 countries worldwide.

The initial concept of the event was to combine Business Presentations, Leadership Trainings, Merchant orientation workshops within the 3 consecutive days. The event aimed to give the opportunity to merchants, who are registered on Dealshaker, to present their businesses to an even wider audience and share their experience with each other.

Mr. Kari Wahlroos – the OneLife Ambassador for Europe, made a special appearance and also attended the event. He spoke about the opportunities that DealShaker offers to both buyers and merchants and about the strategic development of the OneLife Network.

As Mr. Cristi Calina shared: “We are really proud that all the hard work during the organization of the event has shown such amazing results! Romania is the pioneer for the first Merchant expo that presents the revolutionary idea behind the DealShaker platform. The 3 Day Kickstart Marathon provides merchants with the chance to gain extra visibility and promote their products and services on spot. We have always aimed to lead by example and we know that the best is yet to come!”

The organizers also shared that their idea is to inspire members in other countries and that they hope that the 3 Day Kickstart Marathon would be multiplied in countries all over the world.

We wish the fantastic team in Romania good luck!


The amazing Team of OneLife’s most successful leaders has aired its second webinar today!

Day after day, their ambitious project to unite leaders and gather the teams worldwide is gaining increased popularity, and even more listeners continue registering for the next consecutive edition just to get the chance to hear the success stories of Mr Juha Parhiala, the amazing Crown Diamond Pehr Karlsson and OneLife’s Top Leaders Staffan Liback and Kenny Nordlund and learn from their priceless experience.

As Mr. Parhiala shared today: “I am back! And I will do everything in my power to support Dr. Ruja and help her with everything I can to take the company to the next level”.

More interesting topics are yet to be discussed LIVE during the webinar next Monday. Don’t miss it!


Have you ever wondered what exactly the level of your financial knowledge is? Well, now is the time to find out by taking our free financial test!

The test is designed to define exactly what your level of proficiency in finance is. At the end of the test we will give you the result and the platform will recommend you the courses suitable for you. It is created to help you and guide you on your path to a better education.

The test is easily accessible for every visitor of the website as OneAcademy believes that financial literacy is important to every person worldwide. Do not hesitate, start planning your financial studies now! And remember – don’t cheat!

Click here to take the test:


Here are some general, but not exhaustive compliance requirements for IMAs. Please refer to the relevant Terms and Conditions and IMA Agreement for all requirements.

(You can also save the “Say this, not that” guidelines as an image for future reference)

We would also like to remind you that according to the OneLife Terms & Conditions:

  • Cross- line sponsorship (sponsoring members from other sales group or company, soliciting members who are not directly recruited, but are part of the Network tree, cross-sponsoring encouragement) and any attempt to do the same within the OneLife Network system are prohibited. Cross-line sponsoring means the acquisition of a person or a company already an IMA in another ONELIFE NETWORK sales line or that has business relations with the Company within the last 12 months.
  • The IMA is entitled to transfer his/her account only with the prior written consent of the Company and upon presentation of the purchase and /or transfer the contract with the third party, as well as the presentation of the IMA application of the third party to the Company. The IMA is obliged to notify the Company of the intended transfer of its sales structure in writing.
  • IMAs are required to identify themselves as Independent Marketing Associates in all of their business dealings. As a rule, all websites, stationery, business cards, car labels, advertisements, promotional materials and the like shall include the words Independent Marketing Associates of ONELIFE NETWORK. The Independent Marketing Associate of OneLife Network Logo has been designed for this purpose.
  • Re-selling of gift codes at a discount price is strictly prohibited and against the Company’s policy. IMA can resell gift codes only to his/her own downline. Violation of this policy leads to this that your money will not be returned. We warn you to buy gift codes from reliable source and if you have any doubts – contact us at
  • IMAs are not allowed to sell goods and/or services for competitors of the Company. IMAs must not offer products other than ONELIFE NETWORK products at the same time, in the same place or in the immediate vicinity or on the same website, Facebook page or other social media/online platform. IMAs are also prohibited from recruiting other ONELIFE NETWORK IMAs for the sale of other Company’s products (as this is a conflict of interest).
  • IMAs are not allowed to use the logo of OneCoin in their promotional materials. They are allowed to use only OneLife Network IMA’s logo.

We would like to remind all OneLife members to strictly adhere to the provisions in our Terms and Conditions, to which all members are legally bound, concerning the dissemination of false information regarding the OneLife Network company.

Any proven violation including, but not limited to misleading information about an IMA official Leadership Rank, OneLife products and services or the company’s compensation plan may result in severe sanctions, reaching fines up to 5 100 EUR, effective immediately.

As a network marketing company, we manage to provide opportunities each day by channeling the power of collective effort. We encourage all IMAs to take individual responsibility for the stable and successful growth of the Network in 2017.

Thank you all for your efforts!


Following our successful campaigns at two educational centers in Uganda, OWF has provided computers and educational support to another center – this time in Cameroon. OneWorld Foundation will support the work of the Community Relief and Development Action Organization (COREDA).

The project aims to reduce the gap in digital literacy between Cameroonian students and their European counterparts. Over 50 children in COREDA’s educational and social center for orphans and vulnerable children will acquire basic computer skills. Computers and teaching materials will be purchased in order to facilitate the learning process in the center.

We believe that education is the fundamental human right of every child and the best tool for poverty alleviation. However, mere literacy is not enough in today’s world driven by Internet technologies. An integral approach to education is, therefore, imperative to prepare the young generation for future employment. However, computers and communication technologies are still rare resources in Cameroonian schools and homes. Only a few public secondary schools in Cameroon have a computer lab. In primary schools, the situation is even worse.

In private homes, computers can be found only in 2 out of 100 homes. Thus, there is a huge digital gap existing in the developing countries.Therefore, OWF decided to provide COREDA with 10 computers and the needed equipment, so free ICT classes can be carried out in the center.


To become the everyday essential brand for all our members and shareholders, OneLife must continue to build a successful and enduring company with the right tools and resources.

To achieve this, all OneLife members MUST PRESENT THE ONELIFE BRAND IN A CONSISTENT, UNIFIED WAY that will resonate across the Network. To achieve this, we have prepared

These guidelines have been developed to familiarize the Network with our brand identity and ensure the consistency, accuracy, confidence and purpose of all communication initiatives across all communication channels.

The OneLife brand book has one purpose – to help all OneLife members be heard globally by communicating in one voice – louder, clearer, simpler!

Read more about them HERE.



Check out our amazing promotions, and you can receive FREE PACKAGE CODES!

  • 8 + 1 INFINITY
  • 8 + 1 PREMIUM
  • 10 + 1 TYCOON
  • 10 + 1 TYCOON+

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get the free package(s), you need to be clear in your communication with the ACCOUNTING department of the company.

In order to receive your promotion, the packages must be ordered and banked all at once.