Day: May 17, 2017

A snowflake is something fragile, harmless, without any strength. It melts in the palm of our hand and disappears in a matter of seconds. It is also something unique and perfect.

The truth is that you can be wrong about that snowflake. It’s only defenceless when it’s alone, but snow is one of the most wonderful examples that nature has to show us that union is the most powerful force.

You, like that snowflake, can face a strange situation, feeling helpless, low spirits and without resources to continue advancing. It’s when you start making contacts, when you start surrounding yourself with people like you, with your same ambitions and your same dreams: this is when you start creating that first snowball.

Many snowflakes are able to stall the activity of entire cities, stop cars, close buildings. Snow can be one of the most powerful and even terrifying forces of nature. And all that is the power of many fragile snowflakes.

Snow covered cars are seen during snowfall in the city

A snowflake has no force, but the force of an avalanche is unstoppable.

But luckily, there is a big difference between us and the snowflakes: none of us is as fragile as that snowflake. Our strength is greater as individuals, and we are much more powerful together. We may not be like an avalanche, but we have the strength to do many more things and, together, have the capacity to change the world.

An avalanche can destroy everything on its way, but we can build and create. To do that, we only have to learn to get united as much as snow.

That is the true secret of the power of the snow: the ability to be not only together but united, to move as one entity with the strength of thousands and millions.