Month: March 2017

Your journey towards your dreams may have just begun, and you are taking the first steps in your own business adventure. At the moment, everything is uncertain, with a lot of emotion and a bit of fear.
But before you, many other people have gone through those first steps, and from their collective experience we can draw some conclusion: concepts, tips and ideas that can guide you happily and safely to your goal.

1. Passion. Passion for your work or passion for the reasons that motivate you to do your work, passion for the reward that you know you will get from that work. Live and work with passion, and try to enjoy every day.

2. Learning. Learning new things always keeps you motivated, fresh and in tune, away from the danger of losing heart and prepared for new challenges.

3. Practice. There is no other possible way that you can be really good at something without practice. So you shouldn’t be frustrated by a bad start, but accept that you can go better.

4. Comparison. There will always be someone who seems to have more talent than you or do things better. Try to
learn what you can from that person, but never compare yourself to them, nor allow yourself to feel bad about it. You must learn to compete with yourself and to improve without setting strict standards or striving to become another person.

5. Criticism. Criticism is necessary to improve, but you must learn to separate constructive, useful criticism from that only looking for destruction.

6. Community and the team. Success rarely comes when you seek it alone and isolate yourself from others. The diversity of thoughts, personalities, ways of dealing with situations turn teams into great creative minds with solutions for everything.

7. Balance. Defending your ideas is as important as knowing how to accept the opinions of others. Saying “yes” and being positive you can go very far, but, for your own good, learn to say “no” when necessary. Perseverance is key, but in certain situations (like when you know that you cannot reach an agreement with a person) it’s much healthier to back off.

8. Positivity. Think about what you want and not about what you don’t want. Consider the possibilities and focus on solutions. Fill your work and life with joy, desire to eat the world, and leave no room for fears.

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