Day: February 23, 2017

What happened this past weekend can only be described using such epithets that it would seem that we’re talking about cinema, about one of those spectacular films that make you dream while filling you with adrenaline.

I lived two absolutely magical days, during which everything that we could have expected to be excellent was even better. Days shared with my colleagues, time spent meeting new people who already were part of this great family. A wonderful whirlwind of events and emotions, a major launch when we heard about all those people who were wanting to participate and all who, unfortunately, weren’t able to enter because of the lack of space.

On Saturday, I would like to highlight a panel which I took part in, along with my fantastic teammates Laura Caro, Ana Flavia Bittencourt, Lilyana Rivera, Melisa Lucero and Maru Regueira. A powerful panel in which my colleagues and I talked about the changing role of women, about leadership, about how we work and discover the potential of more women to change their lives.

You know: “a good woman knows her limits; an intelligent woman knows she has none.”

On Sunday, this whirlwind continued with more stories, emotions, acknowledgments and learning from each other.

In short, it was a weekend during which we had some wonderful experiences. A new powerful wave of changes has been unleashed.