Month: February 2017

What happened this past weekend can only be described using such epithets that it would seem that we’re talking about cinema, about one of those spectacular films that make you dream while filling you with adrenaline.

I lived two absolutely magical days, during which everything that we could have expected to be excellent was even better. Days shared with my colleagues, time spent meeting new people who already were part of this great family. A wonderful whirlwind of events and emotions, a major launch when we heard about all those people who were wanting to participate and all who, unfortunately, weren’t able to enter because of the lack of space.

On Saturday, I would like to highlight a panel which I took part in, along with my fantastic teammates Laura Caro, Ana Flavia Bittencourt, Lilyana Rivera, Melisa Lucero and Maru Regueira. A powerful panel in which my colleagues and I talked about the changing role of women, about leadership, about how we work and discover the potential of more women to change their lives.

You know: “a good woman knows her limits; an intelligent woman knows she has none.”

On Sunday, this whirlwind continued with more stories, emotions, acknowledgments and learning from each other.

In short, it was a weekend during which we had some wonderful experiences. A new powerful wave of changes has been unleashed.



Yesterday, the Dealshaker shopping section finally opened. We had been talking about it for a month, full of emotion and expectations, well, now we can visit its sections, look through the categories and choose some offers…
There is a diverse range of products and services: you can book a hotel room, buy some coffee or perfumes… It will all contribute to the growth and the expansion of the OneLife community and provide greater value to our coins.



It has just started, but I’m sure that over the coming months, the platform will be reaching more and more people around the world. And who knows, it may become a new Groupon or have the same the global presence as Ebay.
For the moment, I’m going to check out the offers and see if I can treat myself to something special.


If you are already part of this fantastic industry of Network Marketing, you are already familiar with the notion of duplication. But if you still don’t know what it is or don’t understand it well enough, let me explain it here.

Duplication is the act of teaching new distributors about the network marketing mechanisms and tools and showing them how to work. And when those distributors get trained enough, they will also be able to transmit this knowledge to newcomers. You duplicate the technique, the system, but in the end, each person will put it into practice with their own special touch. Because, although we all learn the same things, we can do it in different ways so as to stand out and to take the liberty of being who we really want to be in this business, which makes it possible.

The art and power of duplication lie in your sincere desire to create new careers, to empower people, to help them discover and increase their talents. You should really care about them feeling as happy and comfortable as possible when they first come into the industry. Starting in network marketing may be hard and frustrating at an early stage, so it’s very important that we, the leaders, the mentors, the sponsors, don’t make it even harder with unproductive training or lack of interest.

What we need is the power of good duplication loaded with a lot of positive energy.

If you are a mentor, what can you do for effective and positive duplication?
You begin by planning a meeting at which to teach the basics. Either in person or per Skype, if you and your students cannot go to the same place. It’s necessary to dedicate time to people, so that from the first day, they get a general idea about the work they are going to do and the product they are going to deal with.

Don’t wait too long to organize the first training, either individually or in groups. Once you start taking action, don’t hesitate. During your first training sessions, you can set some tasks, or challenges, if you prefer to call them that way (it’s more stimulating than “homework”), so that your students begin to put into practice what you have taught. Practice is the only way to master any technique.

Duplication doesn’t end after just having explained to new people what they should do and how to do it. You should carry out continual follow-up, encourage them to go to your events or to organize their own, which you should attend. Keep providing training sessions even when your distributors have already set up their businesses.


All the great results you can get in life, all your big and small achievements start with something small but powerful: a decision. And before that decision, there is something that changes everything: a goal.

Setting a goal is when you realize that there is something you want, crave, or something you know you lack in your life. Whatever it is: a small goal, a big goal. But in order to take right decisions that will lead you to that goal, you have to know something very important about goals: if you don’t define them well, you will never reach them.
That’s right, you may have a vague idea of what you want, but it won’t be more than a far-off dream until you decide to put it in writing and realize that getting there is possible. People who fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals are mostly those who write down and plan their goals, shape them and mark them as a challenge.

Have you set a goal?

If you haven’t managed to define your goal yet, try this method of mine, in which, step by step, you will plan your
goals and achieve what you want in life.
Step one. What exactly do you want?

Analyse well what you really want to achieve, what your goals would be right now. Think about what matters most to you, what cheers you up, what makes your heart go faster. Or simply, what you want your life to be in two, three or five years?

Step two. Check where you are now.
Take a detailed account of the things that have made you happy and those that haven’t over the last couple of years. Once you have at least three or four important things in each column, think how to have more of what makes you happy and how to remove or deal better with what makes you unhappy. Maybe, your biggest goals hide behind those thoughts.

Step three. Several small goals.
Having passed through the previous step, you may have already defined several things you want to change in your life. Out of these goals, choose the smallest ones for each area of your life, for example: work, family, health, etc. That will be the beginning of a complete turn in your life.

Step four. Write everything down.
Write down your goal, write how you want to achieve it and the steps you have decided to take. And most importantly, keep track of what you have done every day and what you still can do to move towards your goal. Remember that every goal can be divided into as many steps as it takes to reach it, so specify them carefully in your plan, make a list and then cross them out or tick them done every time you get a result.

Step five. Celebrate your success.
Every step towards your goals is an achievement. Each time you get a little closer to your objective. Celebrate every achievement, and it will be easier for you to start with the next one.

Step six. The biggest goals.
You surely have more great dreams in your mind. Keep setting goals and challenging yourself and follow the steps above. Continue with dedication and consistency, keep marking, planning, crossing out, celebrating… And you will live an epic life.


Do you know what financial freedom is? It’s when you don’t ever worry about money. We live in a world where we inevitably need money to cover all our needs, to have a warm house in winter, clean water and food on the table. We need health care and to be able to pay for treatments and medicines. Children’s clothing that fits and is suitable for their age. And education.

Maybe, money doesn’t bring us happiness. But the lack of it causes us many problems: the stress of not knowing how to pay for your child’s orthodontic treatment, or if your car breaks down, so you will have to find money to fix it… Those things don’t get along with happiness.

Financial freedom is to create a life situation in which these things don’t matter any more, and you can do whatever you want, without your life being an endless race to pay the bills.
In order to reach this point, there is a formula developed by Robert Kiyosaki, a very intelligent gentleman, who you may have heard of. The elements of the formula are the pillars that support your financial freedom. Here are the main and most obvious of these pillars.

1 – Financial education.
It’s a kind of education that you don’t get in schools. It will help you understand the world economic system that affects your mortgage, your credits, your savings account. You really need this information, because what you have been doing with money is what prevents you from being free to live.

2 – Personal development.
In addition to learning to manage your money, to be financially free, you have to find other sources of income. This will inevitably make you think about creating a part-time business in addition to your regular job or even start to undertake full-time. But to do this, you have to consider your fears and defeat them. You will also have to learn to deal with new things and work in areas you are not familiar with.

3 – Lead.
Kiyosaki says that in a successful business, people count more than the product. This means that, if you want to reach the top, you need a good organization, leadership skills, an extensive network of contacts and a united team, rather than just a product or a service. You need to develop your personality and your leadership skills, because you are the one who will make your brand succeed.

4 – A team, brotherhood and common dreams.
Business is a team affair. People are important, they must be united by common dreams, values and similar way of thinking. This is an unstoppable force: people you meet, work with, those who are part of your personal and professional life.

5 – Realize that you don’t create wealth, but freedom.
Don’t think about numbers and results as if your goal was just to create a fortune. What you create is a project that will allow you, in the long run, to have a life in which you have time for yourself and your family, in which you like your job, and money is not your main concern or the main reason to get up in the morning. The real wealth is knowing that you will be able to deal easily with any problem or difficulty.

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The best thing that has happened to me in my professional life is discovering the network marketing industry.

Unfortunately, because of the general social perception of this industry, I hadn’t discovered it earlier. And right now, after 4 years here, I cannot and don’t want to imagine doing anything else.

What some of you may lack in your recipe for a massive success is that pride, that security in this industry.

When I worked as a software developer for a large IT company in Germany, people used to say “wow, what a cool job!” But I had to work within a strict schedule, doing the minimum of 40 hours a week, only go on vacation when the boss allowed me to…

How come someone who has a university degree, maybe even two, speaks several languages and works for another person for a salary is better perceived than an entrepreneur who does network marketing earning 50 times more and all for themselves?

I don’t get it.

You have to start looking up. Don’t let people wash your brain. Develop your confidence. Accept the fact that you can do this. Stop letting broken people control your thoughts. You should go for your dreams.

When people ask if what you do for a living is network marketing, don’t behave strangely or get uncomfortable, don’t hesitate or stutter or overthink it: “Well, it’s a bit like this… you know, social retail, relationship marketing, person-to-person direct sales…”

NO, my friends! It’s network marketing. We are part of an industry with a $180 billion annual turnover. You must be SUPER proud!

I’m amazed when people who are supposed to be intelligent think that what we do is weird, crazy or illogical.

Oh, I see, it’s better to ask for a loan from a bank or, god forbid, a family member to be able set up a restaurant, a clothing store or a construction business, for example. In 2017, that is pure madness to me.

Just a few examples: Main Franchise Costs.

Jimmy Johns: $ 326K- $ 555K
Hampton Hotel: $ 42- $ 14.9M
Super Cuts: $ 144K- $ 294K
Anytime Fitness: $ 80K- $ 490
Subway: $ 117K- $ 263K

How sane is anyone willing to drive for a sandwich? How many competing gyms are already in your city? How many haircuts do you need to make to earn $150,000?

In my opinion, running a traditional business in 2016 is like returning to slavery. You have to be there 24/7, because you cannot fully trust your employees. Your expense burden is crazy: rent, electricity, tools, machines, licenses, repairs, etc.

Headaches and stress every day.

In our industry, paying 150€, 500 € or even 1000€ in some cases is cheap, considering our salaries. You have access to great mentors. Champions, really… People who really have time, money, freedom. They are ready to train you and help you achieve what they have achieved. No rent, no employees, no highly expensive equipment. Wow! Here you have to spend 100€/150€ a month for products or services that make you healthier or bring you benefits. And this is when a company has a physical product. In FinTechs, like OneLife, not even that!

Now, this really is outrageous.

This industry is the simplest way for the average person to create wealth. I challenge you to show me something better. Please.

It’s 2017, and we can reach 60 different people in 60 countries in 60 seconds with our smartphones. Start thinking about the present rather than about the past. Remember, if you do what everyone else does, you are probably lost.

And if you win the rat race, you’re still in the maze.

Many government people in a privileged situation and with control would rather we’d not deviate from the scripts they gave us, those patterns and unwritten rules about how to live our life. The education we receive at school only makes us better employees. Getting special training and challenging our own way of thinking is the first step to truly understand freedom. Leave the labyrinth. Discover that there is another way to work, to live and to enjoy life. And little by little, we are achieving it.

The history books our children will use in 2020 or 2030 will talk about this industry: the industry which millions of people work in and which changed their lives.


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The Blockchain, the technology behind the OneCoin operation, began its existence being the account book of Bitcoin.
And apart from Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies, like the already mentioned OneCoin, and also many other usages.

This invention clearly has a great technological potential for the future, and it’s not surprising that everyone wants to have a piece of it and patent any discoveries that can be added.

There is a long course of innovations, improvements and experimentation from the original blockchain to what it will become in a few years. The core of the technology was made public, supposedly, by its creator. However, every change, every user has been adding some signatures, authorship and patents to it, although there are also many open-source improvements.

This means that in the near future, the blockchain technology may perhaps benefit from the race between various investigations to become the first to discover a new way of using it. But it can also be damaged, because all of those patents can slow down the progress or usability of certain new features. Whatever the case, in the near future, we will be seeing the blockchain developing, hopefully for the better, used globally by different entities and by millions of people. The technology will probably become a little part of everybody. A result of ambition, in part, of the lust for innovation and of the desire to come first to where the world is already going.

There could currently be hundreds of patents related to Blockchain improvements waiting to be accepted. And big financial companies, including banks, are not far behind, as they may become obsolete, if the use of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies becomes public and massive. So, they are looking for new ways to adapt the technology to their own services so as not be replaced.

This war for leaving one’s mark before others in this emerging technology is the clearest sign that the blockchain is going to be the main part of our technological and financial habits of the coming years.


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