Month: December 2016

To start I should explain, to those of you who don’t know it yet, what the Law of Attraction is. It’s a theory which claims that our thoughts have a great power over what we can and can’t do and over what we can and can’t achieve. Everything we accomplish and everything we never attain has its origin in our mind. We attract these results through our thoughts and attitudes.

Obviously, it’s not just a matter of thinking it, it is also a matter of acting. But our brain is a wonderful machine. If we know how to adjust it, it is able to change our reality, give us more energy, move us towards what we want and attract what we want towards us.

With the right mindset we can achieve anything.

First, you need to know what you want. What you really want, from your heart and with detail. Spark, feel and focus the feelings that this desire brings forth on you, focus on the energy, on the thankfulness… on all the good feelings that it gives you.
Try to cast away any negative feelings.
Feel as if you had already achieved it. Act as if it was already a fact, think that is something done. Even if you still have lots of work to do, set your body and your mind in harmony with a situation in which your efforts have already rewarded you with success.

Now, let’s see how to put this into practice in our daily life, to amplify it and obtain what we want.

When you wake up, visualise.
At the very beginning of your day take a few minutes to think how you want it to be and develop and how this will bring you closer to your goals. Do it in a positive manner, visualise yourself as being able to make the best of this day with energy and a good mood.

Immediately thereafter, set your goals
Schedule at least one thing that you want to achieve every day, even if it is a small objective. Get motivated to attain at least a small daily success, make every day a successful one by always achieving a daily feat.

While you get ready, try some positive mottos.
Stay upbeat taking only a few seconds in front of the mirror while you get ready for your day. Tell yourself that this will be a great day, that you are able to achieve everything you desire, or anything else that helps you focus your day towards your goals.

Be kind and positive
Create a kinder, fairer reality and change the world that surrounds you with small gestures of kindness. Be polite on the road, let someone have your seat on public transportation, make a gesture of goodwill for your colleagues, smile and be kind with everybody you encounter or tip generously.

Take care of yourself
At lunch time eat something healthy, nutritive and satisfying. If possible, eat fresh products. Products full of vitamins. Have a nice chat with whoever is eating with you and before you go back to work, give yourself a few minutes to reaffirm, cheer up and visualise everything positive that you will achieve during that day.

Work with a positive attitude
Think that you are taking a great step forward and don’t let yourself get carried away by distractions. After lunch, the day can get much heavier and that’s why it is important to keep a positive attitude. Cheer up your colleagues by sharing your success stories and help others visualise their own successes.

During dinner, review your developments.
Take dinner as an opportunity to share everything that went well during your day and your plans for the next one with your family or friends. Celebrate their achievements and successes too. It’s the perfect moment to be thankful and to celebrate all we’ve got.

Relax to get a good night of sleep by engaging on an activity that allows you some minutes of meditation and mental quietness. Bathing, going for a walk, drawing or making a puzzle… it’s your choice.

Write a ‘thank you’ journal
Write down everything that you achieve in a positive light. This will allow you not only to register everything you are grateful for but it will also remind you that you are making it and that you can achieve everything that you set your mind for. Write at least five things every day (no upper limit) that made you happy.
The feeling that you have when you remember each little moment of happiness is better than any pill for a good night of sleep.

And this is how we get fresh energy day by day to achieve our goals. Be happy during the path and not only at the destination. Attract even more positivity and more things to celebrate in your life.


Maybe you already have your resolutions list, personal challenges and some things that you would like to improve in your life. But this is perfectly compatible with these ideas that, not being resolutions for the new year, are good habits. If you manage to bring them in your life as something normal during 2017, you’ll be creating small achievements and you’ll make the next year and those to come more efficient, healthier and happier. And if you are more efficient, happier and healthier your goals will be closer every day with less effort.

Lets start by health.

Cold water
Drink more and hydrate. Drinking a good and healthy amount of water every day helps us face tiredness much more than coffee and makes our system feel much better. Even better if the water is cold as it gives a start up to our metabolism.

Healthy food
Fill your refrigerator with healthy food. Put bowls with fruit on the kitchen counter or on the dinning room’s table and when you feel the urge for a snack eat fruit. It’s full of vitamins and free of toxic agents.

Breakfast is important

No more hurries and no more drinking only coffee. Bring proteins to your breakfast and you will watch your energy and productivity boosting.

Some exercise

There is no need for much more than a morning walk or stretching exercises to boost your blood flow which will give you energy and clear your mind.

Mind health

Keep your loved ones close.
Even if you don’t have much time to spend with your family or visit your friends you should try to find at least a few minutes a day to keep in touch. Call that person that you miss. Talk to your family and friends, at least one person every day. Take care of your relationships and keep your spirits high.

Travel and live experiences
At least once a year you should travel to a new place that you have always wanted to visit. Every once in a while you should do something different, going camping, to a concert or making a dinner. Doing something that you really feel like doing keeps your life from becoming predictable and dull. Do something that gets you running and gain new experiences.


No distractions.
Do away with that app on your phone that keeps distracting you. Free yourself from those apps that you use to kill time and that demand more and more of your attention. Find something better to do in your travels and free time like listening to a podcast or reading books.

Rest more

It sounds odd but it’s true. Even if we have lots of ambition and a big desire to work there’s a point when our bodies need a rest. And this will take a toll. If you want to avoid unnecessary wear outs work more efficiently but don’t work longer.

Multitasking has had a better reputation than it should have. You do more than one thing at a time but nothing right and in the time that it would have taken you to do all of it. Focus, without distraction, and keep working on one thing after the other. When you realise you will have done much more and in an easier way than multitasking.

I have given you some examples. Now it’s your call. If you chose at least one habit from each and incorporate them in your life you’ll make this next year a bit more effective, healthier and, above all, happier.