Day: November 3, 2016

I opened a new book, and a new adventure has begun. This time it’s about a series of events taking place almost every day until mid-November, and all of them will happen in Mexico.

Mexico is now the very heart of the great OneLife team in Latin America. Moreover, it is the heart of all the OneLife Spanish speaking members. And that’s why I’m here, dedicating more than half a month to reach every corner of this great land.

The starting point for me was the leaders’ meeting organized by my team-mates Oscar de la Rosa and Mario Ramos in Mexico City. It was like a warming-up providing extra energy to these intense weeks that have just started.

Today we attended an event in Delicias, Chihuaha, and tomorrow there will be a training session in the same city. Training sessions are very intense events, but they are also very rewarding.

Of course, there are exciting moments in which we we meet new people who are interested in the project or the industry. And it’s even more exciting to see their personal and professional progress, it’s a very special feeling.

So, we are going to experience a little bit of everything: brainstorms, sharing among peers, future illusions, pride and joy of the present that is already formed and is developing rapidly.

I mentally prepare myself for tomorrow: a members-only training session, leadership development. And in Mexico we have a lot of outstanding leaders, who keep growing professionally.

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