Day: November 2, 2016

Since the new house rules were made public (ethics and observance standards), I have been very excited about them. It was the clearest sign that this team, which we are part of, had become so large and varied that its rules needed to be updated. Many of them concern good behaviour and professionalism of IMAs (Independent Marketing Associates) and others are about the corporate image (flyers or posters, for example).

Many people may not find it very interesting. But it’s something you should know if you work in this company, if you want to be a first division leader, because otherwise you’ll get told off or even fined.

What I like about the rules is that they force us to be direct and clear. Some colleagues of mine convey that this is an easy job. This may be due to their enthusiasm, their personal abilities or their career situations. When you do something you’re good at, you find it extremely easy. Some are guilty of giving a too friendly image of their success stories because now they only remember the achievements and not the beginning. But it’s necessary to understand that it’s not always like that, that it’s not magically easy.

As IMAs we cannot ensure that anyone who joins the network can get rich in a short time, like an IMA. The network offers great opportunities, but there are always personal characteristic features that influence the final result. Your success depends on what you contribute as a professional and what you want to achieve. More knowledge, experience, patience… Remember, I spent a whole year before I could see results. A year trying to find a way, creating myself, from scratch to the diamond. Maybe other people found it much easier, and in a matter of two or three months they already were fully fledged leaders. But those success stories can confuse and even discourage us if we are not able to do it the same way.

Other rules are about presenting products and services properly, without selling magic formulas. There is a difference between what the product is now and what we want to make out of it in the long term. A financial revolution is done by changing economic landscape from person to person, from mind to mind. And education and currencies are our tools.

And of course, the rules about the good use of our accounts as members of the network and the tools we have available there.

It’s very important to know all the rules concerning the OneLife image, designs, behaviour and promotion services if you want to become a first division IMA. And because of that I really like presentations, it’s very rewarding. In these presentations, I don’t only treat topics that fascinate me, but also those which are important for my teammates. It’s a responsibility I take with ease and an honour I accept with joy.

And if you want me to explain more, you’ll have to come and see my presentations!

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