Month: November 2016

In recent years, the technology has gained great importance. Names of companies that made technology part of daily life of millions of people are familiar to anybody, whether they know much or little about these companies and how they appeared.

The stories of great founders may sound familiar to us, even if we are not interested in studying them and understanding what makes people who change the world do so.

Maybe, you know how Steve Jobs started, or Mark Zuckerberg …

But what about the ladies? Aren’t there important women in the world of technology and more specifically in big technology companies?

As a woman in a company with a highly technological base and inspired by its founder, a woman, I ask myself if we are rare in this area. And it turns out that not really, not at all. I’ll leave you three interesting examples of women who work in big technology-related companies, who have made a revolution in technology use, but who in some way are not very much recognized.

Susan Wojcicki.

The name may not sound familiar to you, but this woman has developed a large part of Google tools we all use every day, such as Google Pictures, Google Analytics, AdSense and AdWords (the latter is for advertising in Google). And even the fun Doodles that appear on certain days. Not only that, she advised managers not to create their own video platform, considering the possibility of buying YouTube to integrate it into their services. Now Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube, the most famous and powerful Internet video platform in the world. She is currently considered one of the most important people on the internet.

Marissa Mayer

Another Google student and the first female genius to enter the Google team when it was still developing. Although she had been criticized for her administrative decisions while at Yahoo, it’s undeniable that a great part of Google tools that we know today was created using Mayer’s algorithms. She is also the developer of applications like Google maps or Gmail. So, whatever happens in her role as CEO, the fact is that Marissa Mayer has been able to change the lives of many people with those two Google services.

Weili Dai

She is the director and co-founder of Marvell Technology, a company of computer components related to connectivity. Although you may not have heard of her, just know that if you have ever had a Sony Vaio brand laptop, you were probably using the WiFi technology developed by that company. Also, if you had a first generation iPhone, or if you are currently using a Chromecast to connect your TV to the internet and make use of your Netflix account.

I have decided to speak only about those three women today so as not to extend too much, but what do you think? Would you be interested in finding out more about women who are part of our current technological habits? Maybe, next time I’ll tell you about the woman who created the first programming language.


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Last Saturday, November 12, I said goodbye to Mexico and promised to come back. The last stop in this wonderful trip was San Juan del Rio, in Querétaro.

The meeting with the attendees took place in a hotel called “Hotel Hacienda La Venta”, a place that for centuries has been a luxurious private house, a “hacienda”. The place had a special charm, old and modern things were mixed up. It was a place that adapted to the time and continued there. And that is something that inspires me, especially when it comes to concepts so important for me at this point in my life.

We made the presentation in a small but cosy room. A warm environment was created both by the walls that surrounded us and by the people who came and participated.

That event was the last of a series of small but important events. And, considering all the events, I can say that I have reached a thousand people. I have spoken in front of about a thousand people and I have interacted with more than a thousand people in these two frantic but wonderful weeks.

Many cities, many memorable places and many kilometres between one place and the next. And all those kilometres have been for good. I would drive each and every one of those kilometres again. Moreover, I’m sure that I will return soon.

Now it’s time to go home and have some rest, before the work continues.


The first half of the Mexican tour has already passed, and there is another half to enjoy. Although it’s being a very intense tour, full of events, activities, trips, and I hardly have time to slow down and have rest, it really isn’t a big deal. This tour is a great motivation, I’m in very high spirits and looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

I still have to cover half of the Mexican territory and I’m very excited to visit all those places that are still to tick in my list.

The most recent point on the map was Guadalajara, a big interior city where everyone can feel a wonderful atmosphere of friendliness and familiarity.

One of the most important and most representative monuments of Guadalajara is the statue of the goddess Minerva (O Athena, in Greek mythology). Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, is the symbol of intellect and wisdom. It’s a powerful figure of a brave woman, which guards this city (as the engraving at her feet indicates).

I mention this classical mythology goddess, who is wise, noble, strong, just, she is a strategist. This image represents sensibility and courage. It also seems to represent the people of Guadalajara, who are brave, daring, curious, ambitious and resolute. Those people accompanied me in this most recent event and shared with me this wonderful feeling. All those people who have decided to take a step forward in their lives. I’m very thankful to them for their time and I congratulate them for all the great decisions they are going to take from now on.

And now, on the way to Ciudad del Carmen, full of excitement and surprisingly full of energies.



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“Businessman” and “businesswoman” are actually simple definitions that suit, in a natural way, people who have won them. “He is a real businessman” and “She is a real businesswoman” are expressions with the same meaning. And a truly perfect thing would be that everything that these terms imply were the same for both.

However, the experience for these two cases has been very different so far.

The fact is that the term “business woman” barely sounded normal not long ago, while its male counterpart was already an institution. Although today the term “business woman” is much more common, it keeps carrying curious baggage. We still feel that we need to earn that definition, deserve it and reaffirm it, with much more force. There is a constant pressure that exists at general and personal levels. There are requirements a woman must meet in order to be successful in her career, to be valued in her work as well as in other spheres of her life.

Like many other concepts that we have learned in a wrong way, such as our ideas about money, education, work, we have also learned that women and men are so different because they are just born this way. The truth is that women and men are only different in appearance, but not in the way of thinking, working, organizing. If we have opposite things, it’s only because we have learned them like this, just like everything else.

But here is where it gets interesting: it is really useful for us to unlearn and re-learn many things. But there is something in the traditional view on women that we can take advantage of for our success in business. We have learned to be administrators, managers, caregivers, listeners, to be patient, multi-tasking, social, collaborative and non-competitive. And it turns out that all this can be useful for our business and for the company.

But even so, sometimes we need something else, a special spark to achieve more and to have more recognition.

There are more and more women in high-level positions in big companies, and you may think that you don’t need more recognition than knowing that you do your job. But don’t fool yourself, if you work hard, you deserve all the recognition, not just a part. You have to leave that mentality behind and demand what belongs to you, in the same way as any other person in your position would do.

We already know that in the business world, failures are a prelude to success. However, you can feel, as a businesswoman with that extra pressure load, that if you don’t do everything right at first (not just well, twice as well), no one will take you into account, and you need to choose another career. You can take that pressure and use it in two ways: you can let it knock you down, or you can use it to support yourself, to go further next time. How about this?

All successful people have had failures in their careers, so don’t get carried away by the pressure and admit that you also have the right to be wrong, at least once.

If you have all that in mind, you will not be “a woman in business”, but “a businesswoman” in your own right.


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Thursday was a very fussy and exciting day for the Mexico team and for me personally.

On the one hand, we had a training session, in which the important points were the OneAcademy packages and applications and, of course, the latest catalogue unit, the MAB. It’s extremely important for us to understand all the characteristics and features of this tool, because it’s something that represents a landmark in the technological and virtual world, today and tomorrow. And it will help us grow and develop the OneLife community.

On the other hand, we celebrated the opening of a partners’ office in Delicias, Chichuaha. We have our own little IMAs corner in this city now, a place where to deal with users and to meet with members… In short, it’s our own space in Mexico, open to the public, and another home for us.


And you know what else?

Well, we were on the radio! Up to four interviews for various news programmes on the topic of the inauguration, in which we could share our vision, our plans, answer questions…

It was just frantic: one thing after another, working relentlessly. But all these things were wonderful and exciting. And radio has been a new happy experience for me.

And all this when the tour is just beginning! There remains much to be done and much to tell.

See you at the next event!


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I opened a new book, and a new adventure has begun. This time it’s about a series of events taking place almost every day until mid-November, and all of them will happen in Mexico.

Mexico is now the very heart of the great OneLife team in Latin America. Moreover, it is the heart of all the OneLife Spanish speaking members. And that’s why I’m here, dedicating more than half a month to reach every corner of this great land.

The starting point for me was the leaders’ meeting organized by my team-mates Oscar de la Rosa and Mario Ramos in Mexico City. It was like a warming-up providing extra energy to these intense weeks that have just started.

Today we attended an event in Delicias, Chihuaha, and tomorrow there will be a training session in the same city. Training sessions are very intense events, but they are also very rewarding.

Of course, there are exciting moments in which we we meet new people who are interested in the project or the industry. And it’s even more exciting to see their personal and professional progress, it’s a very special feeling.

So, we are going to experience a little bit of everything: brainstorms, sharing among peers, future illusions, pride and joy of the present that is already formed and is developing rapidly.

I mentally prepare myself for tomorrow: a members-only training session, leadership development. And in Mexico we have a lot of outstanding leaders, who keep growing professionally.

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Since the new house rules were made public (ethics and observance standards), I have been very excited about them. It was the clearest sign that this team, which we are part of, had become so large and varied that its rules needed to be updated. Many of them concern good behaviour and professionalism of IMAs (Independent Marketing Associates) and others are about the corporate image (flyers or posters, for example).

Many people may not find it very interesting. But it’s something you should know if you work in this company, if you want to be a first division leader, because otherwise you’ll get told off or even fined.

What I like about the rules is that they force us to be direct and clear. Some colleagues of mine convey that this is an easy job. This may be due to their enthusiasm, their personal abilities or their career situations. When you do something you’re good at, you find it extremely easy. Some are guilty of giving a too friendly image of their success stories because now they only remember the achievements and not the beginning. But it’s necessary to understand that it’s not always like that, that it’s not magically easy.

As IMAs we cannot ensure that anyone who joins the network can get rich in a short time, like an IMA. The network offers great opportunities, but there are always personal characteristic features that influence the final result. Your success depends on what you contribute as a professional and what you want to achieve. More knowledge, experience, patience… Remember, I spent a whole year before I could see results. A year trying to find a way, creating myself, from scratch to the diamond. Maybe other people found it much easier, and in a matter of two or three months they already were fully fledged leaders. But those success stories can confuse and even discourage us if we are not able to do it the same way.

Other rules are about presenting products and services properly, without selling magic formulas. There is a difference between what the product is now and what we want to make out of it in the long term. A financial revolution is done by changing economic landscape from person to person, from mind to mind. And education and currencies are our tools.

And of course, the rules about the good use of our accounts as members of the network and the tools we have available there.

It’s very important to know all the rules concerning the OneLife image, designs, behaviour and promotion services if you want to become a first division IMA. And because of that I really like presentations, it’s very rewarding. In these presentations, I don’t only treat topics that fascinate me, but also those which are important for my teammates. It’s a responsibility I take with ease and an honour I accept with joy.

And if you want me to explain more, you’ll have to come and see my presentations!

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