Day: October 31, 2016

Paris is a city with its own unique charm. It’s a fusion of many different and diverse cultures which all together make a spectacular and surprising impression in all the senses. It’s a place I could visit every month without getting tired the least, but becoming more eager for it and more motivated. And not only because France in general and Paris in particular are places that conquer once you walk their streets, but also because here I can feel the incredible potential of their people, especially young people, who are willing to give their best, to take on the world, to change everything.

France is still an unexplored market, and yet we find here a highly qualified team, experienced leaders and a strong motivation for working together in order to make our digital currency gain more value and become a strong and globally prevailing reserve cryptocurrency.

It was at Saturday’s event when I realized the real scope of Parisian leadership. We organized an intense training session in two languages ​​(French and Chinese) for local leaders. They were very excited, motivated and full of energy, doing their best to absorb the knowledge and to improve. Those leaders showed great commitment to OneLife and our global cryptocurrency project. Therefore, these people have my full support in their work. My commitment to people like that is absolute, even more – 101%.

During the training session we were able to share different views and different lines of work. That brainstorm was necessary to discover good ideas, which we could study and develop in a constructive discussion, always with utmost professionalism and at the same time in a friendly family atmosphere. It was an incredible feeling produced by people with so much potential. And the best part is that all these ideas and all these lines always end up adopting a common direction: the growth of OneLife and of the OneCoins value.

There is nothing else to be said, I would like to send best regards and many thanks to the whole team and to Paris for everything we are achieving.

Next time I go to Paris, it will surely shine even more with sparkles of all those diamonds that are still rough.


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