Day: October 22, 2016

Greece is a very special country. Not only because of its modern cultural offer, its beauty and power of its people, but also because it is a place that calls up feelings of nobility and glory. Greece is the land of the Olympian Gods and stories in which everything was possible.

This concept seems to be at odds with the reality of the Greek people. Recent years were not kind to this great country, making it a victim of a system that’s becoming out of date.

Today we met many people in Athens, got to know many restless minds. Those who were present in that hall shared a common interest: a brighter future.

It has been a great experience to share this event with all these Greeks of the winning spirit, among them the national leaders Bakalis Konstantinos, Kehegias Konstantinos y Polychroniadis Christos, Julian Cimbala and also my mentor Jose Gordo. We also enjoyed the company of an expert economist Elena Margariti.

It was the first day and it has been a roaring success that will surely lead to many more achievements involving Greek names. And those stories in which everything is possible will finally return to the Greeks in all its glory. Not as myths, but as reality. Today was the first day, and tomorrow we’ll step up the change.

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